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LGCA Job Opportunities

Below is the list of current job opportunities  send your resume to   mailto:resume@lgca.org
 Student/EMIS User Liaison
 LGcA is looking for 1-3 years of knowledge with EMIS and/or Infinite Campus.  This is a 260 day position.

GENERAL DUTIES: Under the direction of the LGCA Director Operations, assists LGCA clients in using   State EMIS and LGCA Student software applications, improving client knowledge     about and access to all pertinent State EMIS and LGCA Student software.


1.       In coordination with the Student Services Team, directs training for district personnel in the  operation of Student and EMIS applications. 

2.       Provides help-desk support and tracking for the Student and EMIS services applications and  procedures.

3.       Investigates user complaints and trouble-shoots user problems. Maintains communication  and a working relationship with the student software developers/support group.

4.       Test on new software releases and notifies district personnel of any procedural or operating  changes required to properly implement the software.  Works with users to develop forms,  procedures, and the establishment of appropriate implementation timetables.  Develops  Student user training guides, software templates and procedures.

5.       Attends and can coordinate meetings of the LGCA Student User Groups and other pertinent  LGCA meetings.  Prepares information for group presentations and discussion.

6.       Maintains the protection and security of data under the management of the LGCA.

7.       Maintains a working knowledge of current regulations and requirements for the operation of  a school district Student and EMIS office as prescribed by the Auditor of State’s office, the  State Department of Education, and the Ohio Revised Code.  EMIS knowledge.

8.       Secures membership in appropriate state organizations.  Participates in regional and state  Student seminars, conferences, and workshops.  Serves as a liaison with organizations  providing Student continuing education opportunities related to this position.  Maintains  compliance with continuing education requirements as prescribed by the Ohio  Administrative Code.

9.       Performs all other duties as approved and assigned by the Director of Operations.

interested candidates send resume to resume@lgca.org

LGCA Job Opportunities

Software Support Staff
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