Highlights of Infinite Campus 1745 Release

Below are highlights of the recent 1745 Infinite Campus Enhancements:  

Form Documents

Form Documents are now referred to as Custom Forms.

Users will notice this change in terminology within the following modules: Counseling, Health, PLP, Special Education.  


FRAM Direct Cert Eligibility Import Wizard Updates

The Wizard has been enhanced to allow the user to import both Free & Reduced via a single file.

Users may also choose to extend Direct Certification to other students in the household via the Wizard.

Note: Existing import files will now be inactive and unusable. The district will need to re-create their 17-18 mapping(s) in the Eligibility Import Wizard.



In-Progress grades now display on the student grades tab along with posted percentage.


Online Payments

Convenience fees may now be a fixed percent of a transaction's total amount.

To support this new feature, the Payment Setting tab (Online Payment Settings tool) now has two radio buttons that allow users to select "Fixed Amount" OR "Fixed Percentage." 

Based on the option they choose, the user may enter a specific amount or enter a percent.

The Convenience Fee on the Portal is always presented to the payer as a flat amount.


Ohio Immunization Updates

 The vaccine rules for Polio and Meningococcal (MCV4) have been updated for Ohio.


Ohio - Homeless Tab and FD Extract Updates

The Homeless & Unaccompanied Youth Tab has been activated and is located via the following path:  Student Information > Program Participation > Homeless. 

Information previously reported via the student enrollment tab has been converted to the Homeless & Unaccompanied Youth Tab. 


Ohio - GN - High School Credit Earned

The High School Credit field logic will now pull from the Student Transcript vs the Course.  Thus, credit earned will only be included for student courses that have been transcripted.


Ohio - FN - Military Student Identifier

A new Military Student Identifier field has been added to the FN extract to report students with a guardian who has an active Military Connections record.


Ohio - Truancy Tab

The new Truancy Tab has been added for Ohio. The Tab allows the district to comply the EMIS reporting requirements for reporting via the FT record. Only one record can be created for each school in a given school year.


Districts will report the following:

A single instance/date indicating when a parent was notified their student met an excessive absence threshold. The student may meet multiple excessive absence thresholds throughout the year, but only a single occurrence of parental notification is reported via EMIS.

The date a student meets a habitually truant threshold. The student may meet multiple habitual truant thresholds but only a single occurrence/date is reported via EMIS.

The date an absence intervention plan is implemented for a student.

The dates/dates that a student that has been adjudicated an unruly child for being a habitual truant violates the court order regarding that adjudication.

This information is not expected to be reported to ODE via EMIS until the Midyear Student Reporting Period (2TRD) through the Final Student Submission (3TRD).


Ohio Special Education Updates

Several updates and fixes have been made for Ohio Special Ed. Highlights include template banks added to the Measurable Annual Goals and Profile editors of the IEP, update to the PR-05 Parent Consent Form, a new state code has been added to the Plan Service custom locked attribute for the PLP.


Ohio - HB410 Student Truancy Update

The OH State Reporting HB410 Student Truancy Report has been updated to include the 30 or more consecutive absence threshold. This includes both unexcused and unknown absences.


The Campus Release Notes and Campus Documentation may be viewed in their entirety via your Campus Community Account via the following link:  Campus 1745 Release Notes

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