Highlights of Campus Release 1809

Attendance Wizard

The Attendance Wizard will now display a message and not allow absence entry if the user attempts to enter attendance on a date that is not an attendance day per the Calendar.

The Check-In mode will only show students available for selection who have an attendance mark with a Status of Absent, Tardy, a teacher-entered Absent, or a Teacher-entered Tardy code at some point during the day.

Calendar Grade Levels Tab

An Exclude from Online Registration Calculations has been added to the Calendar Grade Levels editor. This requires Online Registration version 5.1.

Campus Instruction Corrections

Aligning Assignments to Tasks -

Teachers are now able to align an assignment to a task even if the task was aligned to the course multiple times (with one alignment marked as post-only).

Rights to Assignments -

Teachers who have an active Section Staff History record with an End Date on their previous Primary Teacher record no longer receive an error when creating or modifying an assignment.

Grade Book Grid Lines -

The horizontal grid lines in the Grade Book will display correctly as a user scrolls through the gradebook.

Online Assessment Student Response Report -

The Student Response report now correctly displays each student’s response.

Grading Ad Hoc Updates

The following Term GPA fields have been added to the Student > Grading Term GPA folder when creating Student Data Type queries in the Filter Designer:

  • term#unweighted
  • term#weight+bonusPoints
  • term#unweighted+bonusPoints

A new view has been created called v_CompoundTermGPA. This view provides a way to report a student's GPA for multiple terms. (term1GPA + term2GPA + term3GPA, etc.). Fields for including the Term GPA and the Term Weight are available.

These fields are located in the Student Data Type list, within Grading > Term GPA. They are also available in the Data Viewer, Letter Designer, Behavior Letter Wizard, Behavior Messenger, Attendance Letters, Attendance Messenger, and Message Builder.

 Grading Rollup

Rollup logic has been updated so that a Grading Task can be selected as the parent of a Rollup setup for Course Masters and Courses.

Scores posted to child standards calculate an In Progress Grade for the parent Grading Task based on the values specified in the Rubric and Grading Scale.

Health Updates

There have been several enhancements to the medication information, vaccines and various health module reports.

The entire list of updates may be viewed via Campus Community Release Notes .1809.

Learner Planning

Several updates have been made to the Caseload Summary Report.

Online Payments via Vanco

Campus users can now use Desktop Card Readers to make Fee payments or Food Service deposits via any laptop, PC or tablet that has a USB connection and internet access.

This new feature works with your existing Vanco account.

Point of Sale

The End of Day Report will now successfully process even if a terminal session is still open.

All Point of Sale reports may now be exported in CSV format.


An Active Checkbox has been added to the Program Admin Module Flags Editor that enables the district to determine Active/Inactive Flags.


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