Campus Release 1817 Update

Filling Scores in Control Center

Teachers are now able to fill scores in the Control Center for assignments scored with Rubrics that have numerical values.

In-Progress Composite Grades

In-Progress grades for composite parents will now automatically refresh when a factoring grade has been modified.

Ad hoc - Available GPA Fields

The following GPA fields have been added to the Student > Learner Portfolio folder when creating Student Data Type queries in the Filter Designer:

  • GPA - gpa.cumGPAbasicBonus, gpa.cumGPAunweightedBonus
  • Class Rank with Cum GPA - cumGPA.cumGPABonus
  • Class Rank with Unweighted Cum GPA - unweightedGPA.cumGPAunweightedBonus
  • Class Rank with Custom Cum GPA - customGPA.cumGPAbonus

Campus Learning

A new tool called the Progress Monitor has been added to the Campus Learning premium offering. This tool allows teachers to see students' assignments and proficiency estimates across standards in a section. Visual indicators highlight unscored assignments, assignments with submissions, students who don't currently have an assignment to be working on, and missing assignments to help teachers manage their classroom at a glance. With the Progress Monitor, teachers can score assignments, assign new work to students, and review assignments aligned to standards.

In addition to this tool is the ability to individualize the dates of assignments for individual students. Individualizing assignments allows teachers to tailor class work to individual students' needs by assigning more or less work based on student proficiency.


Health Office Visits Comments Fields Added

Observation and Intervention Comments fields have been added on the Health Office Visits.

Special Ed

A new Special Ed Preference, "Include a Draft watermark on all Plans until the Plan is locked," has been added. When this preference is marked as "Yes," the draft watermark will appear on all unlocked plans until the plan is locked.



A new Student Schedule is now available in the Student Information Counseling toolset that has an updated look and enhanced functionality. Users who have existing tool rights to the Schedule tab in Student Information > General have tool rights to the new Schedule tab. For other users, tool rights need to be turned on for them.


The Request Detail Report has had several new updates. You can see further details by going to

Ohio - Student Standing (FS) Attendance Calculation 

The attendance calculation in the FS extract has been updated so that multiple day events on a single day apply to correct student groups.

Ohio - Special Ed Updates

Several updates have been made to the Ohio Evaluation and the Ohio Service Plan. A new print format for the OH ETR 2018 and OH SP 2018 is now available to review and test to ensure that the updates are in accordance with district expectations. The formatting of the print version of the Evaluation and the Service Plan has been updated to meet the layout provided by the State. Please be advised, during the testing phase we ask that you do not use any of the new 2018 formats to create new documents for studentsunless you are in your Sandbox environment. LGCA will notify everyone when the 2018 formats are ready to be utilized in your Production environment and used to create new documents.

Ohio - Organization General Information (DN) 

The AttributeNumber field of the DN extract has been updated to correctly report if there are multiple short day events in a single day.

Ohio - Student Attributes No Date (FN) - Military Student Identifier  

The Military Student Identifier field in the FN extract has been updated to report based on the branch of the military. Refer to the FN Documentation for full details.

Ohio - Student Program Extract (GQ) Update  

The GQ extract has been updated so section do not require a Primary Teacher for a student record to report. The Employee ID field has been updated to report the most recent Primary Teacher, or the most recent teacher record of any role if no Primary Teacher is entered.

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