Highlights of Campus Release 1821.4

Support Contact Reminder

Each district has unique situations and concerns. In an effort to provide optimal support to your district and ensure information provided to each user is aligned correctly, we ask that questions are directed to LGCA via your District Campus Support Team Representatives. If you are not sure who your support team representative is LGCA staff can help direct you to your district contact.

Ad hoc Reporting Enhancements – Courses, Calendar Selection & HTML

Several enhancements are now available in Ad hoc reporting that provide additional fields and selection criteria. For details on all of the updates please visit the full set of the Release Notes in Campus Community via the following link:  1821 Release Notes

Campus Learning - Google Drive Integration Update

Previously, some districts were receiving a User Rate Limit Exceeded error when trying to upload submissions using Google Drive integration.

Campus Learning Licensing

A new Campus Learning Licensing tool has been added to System Administration. This tool allows administrators to review current Campus Learning licenses in their schools and request additional licenses.

Licenses can be requested for a district or by school.  An estimate of the yearly cost of the selected license displays in the bottom right of the screen.

When a license is requested, a 45-day provisional license begins for the selected district or school(s).  Admins must update User Group tool rights to give their teachers access to Campus Learning tools if they have not already done so during the 2017-18 free trial.  Visit https://www.infinitecampus.com/info/campus-learning for more information about the Campus Learning offering.

To view current utilization of the free 2017-18 trial of Campus Learning within your district, the Campus Learning Usage tool may be run.

System Administrators should review this report and share with the appropriate district contacts in preparation for the 2018-19 school year.


Campus Student/Parent - Expand Grades Screen by Default

The Campus Student and Parent Portal Grade Screens will now default to display courses in an expanded view.

Census - Address Physical Checkbox

A Physical checkbox has been added to the Household Address and to the Address Household editor that allows an address to be considered the household's physical location. This data can be used in an AdHoc filter.

Enrollment Status Mapping

New System Admin Tools have been added that allow districts to map local enrollment status codes to state reported enrollment status codes. 

This new functionality enables each district to create unique district-wide enrollment start and end status codes in addition to the state defined status codes.

An additional field will be displayed on each students’ enrollment record that displays the Local Start & End Status in addition to the State Start & End Status.

Districts interested in implementing additional enrollment status codes must align each new code to the state defined codes to ensure EMIS coding and funding isn’t compromised. Contact your District EMIS Coordinator and LGCA EMIS Support Team prior to implementing any changes.

Federal Chronic Absenteeism

New attendance tools have been added that make it easier to determine student's status of being considered chronically absent.

Via System Admin districts will now have access to the Attendance Aggregation Tools that will allow districts to define the aggregation method and refresh the calculations on demand.

With the 1821 update a nightly job will commence for each district that will aggregate all student attendance records in the system for the active year from the day before. 

An at a glance tally will be displayed on the Student Attendance tab for any student that meets the definition of being chronically absent (misses 10% or more of school days during the year). The views have been added to Ad hoc for additional reporting and analysis.

Access to view the Chronic Absence tally is permission based. Security tool rights must be set to grant users access to the new fields.

New Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) Setup Tool

A new Federal Reporting Module containing the Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) Setup tool has been added to Campus. The new tool allows districts and schools to begin creating CRDC category mappings for grade levels, courses and for students that belong in each of the IDEA/504/EL/EL Program subgroups for the defined reporting period (Part 1 vs Part 2).

Additional CRDC tools used for generating, viewing, and maintaining CRDC results based off the category mappings will be introduced in future releases.

Custom Forms Updates

Start & End Date fields have been added to Custom Forms. The new date fields replace the Active checkbox to allow districts to more accurately depict historical form usage.

All existing, active forms have been given a Start Date of 01/01/1901 to ensure no current forms are deactivated with this change. All existing, deactivated forms have been given a Start Date of 01/01/1901 and an End date of 01/01/1901. Forms can now be filtered on the list screen by Start and End Date to find forms quickly.


FRAM - Eligibility Import Wizard Date Logic Enhancement

The Eligibility Import Wizard now has the ability to compare a child’s new eligibility as found in the Direct or Non-Direct import file to any pre-existing eligibility records for the child and determine which eligibility is a higher rank. 

If you are importing a Direct or Non-Direct file in the current school year and the child's new eligibility is a higher rank than their pre-existing eligibility, the new eligibility will start as of the start date entered on the import file. Campus will end date the pre-existing eligibility record as of the day before the new eligibility record's start date making the dates consecutive.

If you are importing a Non-Direct file in the current school year and the child's new eligibility is a lower rank than their pre-existing eligibility, the new eligibility will not start until the day after the child's current enrollment ends unless the Non-Direct Eligibility Overwrite checkbox is marked in FRAM Preferences. If this option is selected, Campus will end date the pre-existing eligibility record as of the day before the new eligibility record's start date making the dates consecutive.

A new status called "Postponed" has also been added to the Eligibility Import Report. Campus assigns this status when there is an eligibility record that has a start date postponed to a later date.

State Seal Information added to Graduation Tab & Transcript

The State Seal Information has been added to the Graduation Tab. Districts will now be able to add the appropriate EMIS program code associated with any State Seal that the student has earned.

The State Seal entered on the Graduation Tab may be utilized for both Transcript printing and EMIS reporting.

Additionally, a new Transcript Report option, called State Seals, has been added to the Transcript Report Preferences. Districts must select the checkbox to include this information on any students that have a State Seal entry on their Graduation Tab.

Ohio - Native Language Field

The Native Language and Birth Place City fields are now required for people records with a Local Student Number and no Local Staff Number or Staff State ID.

The Birth Place City field has been updated to be stored in a new database location and the SSID Extract and Student Demographics (GI) extracts have been updated to report from this new location.

Ohio Special Ed Updates

Several updates have been made to the 2018 Ohio Evaluation, Ohio IEP and the Ohio Service Plan forms. Please be reminded, Campus has released the forms for districts to review to ensure that the updates are in accordance with district expectations.

The following forms have been updated as well:

PR-01 Prior Written Notice

            PR-02 Parent Invitation

            PR-03 Manifestation Determination Review

            PR-04 Referral for Evaluation

            PR-05 Parent Consent for Evaluation

            OP-1 Functional Behavior Assessment

            OP-2 Behavior Intervention Plan

            OP-3 Manifestation Determination

            OP-4 Agreement to Waive Reevaluation

            OP-5 Parent/Guardian Excusal

            OP-7 Assignment of a Surrogate Parent

            OP-8 Summary of Performance

            OP-9 Attempts to Obtain Parent Participation

A comprehensive list of the updates to the aforementioned forms is available via the 1821 Release Notes found on Campus Community.

During the testing phase we ask that you do not use any of the new 2018 formats to create new documents for students… unless you are in your Sandbox environment. LGCA will notify everyone when the 2018 formats are ready to be utilized in your Production environment and used to create new documents.

Ohio – EMIS Logic updates for NULL Attendance Patterns 

Both the DN extract and the FS extract have been updated to consider any Attendance Patterns that are NULL to be “ ** ”.

Most districts will not notice any impact to their reporting. This logic update only impacts any records that currently have NULL in the Attendance Pattern field on the student Enrollment (FS) record or Attendance Pattern values related to Calendar (DN) reporting.

Ohio –Student Program Record Update

The State Seals section of the Graduation tab has been created, and programs entered in the State Seal area will be included in the GQ Extract for the G reporting period.

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