Campus Release 1909.1 is now installed

Career Technical Program within Graduation Program

The Graduation Program has a new requirement available called Career Tech Requirements.

Users can require Career Tech Program completion as part of the Graduation Program Requirements in the Multi-Year Academic Program (MYAP).

Career Tech Programs can also be included in Compound Requirements, where a student could complete a course or take an assessment, and now also complete a Career Tech Program.

The Career Tech Programs assigned to a Graduation Program or as part of a Compound Requirement display on the student's Progress tab.


Behavior Incident Completion without Participant

New Behavior Preferences have been added that allow behavior incidents to be marked complete without a participant being associated with it.

When the Require participant before behavior incident can be set to complete is set to No (default setting), behavior incidents can be set to complete without a participant being assigned. When set to Yes, a participant is needed to mark the incident complete.

When the Require participant before behavior referral can be submitted is set to No (default setting), referrals without a participant being assigned can be submitted. When set to Yes, a participant is needed to submit the referral.

To take advantage of this feature the System Admin must activate the option in the Behavior Admin Preferences.


Campus Learning Pricing Updates for 2019

The Campus Learning Licensing tool has been updated to reflect current pricing.


Campus Student & Campus Parent Updates

More updates and enhancements have been made to various areas in Campus Student & Campus Parent which will eventually replace the portal.

Refer to the Campus Community 1909 Release Notes to review a comprehensive list of items included in this release.


Special Ed Preference Added 

A new preference has been added to the Preferences for Special Ed, Auto End Date the previous locked Plan when a new Plan is locked with overlapping dates.

When this preference is marked as Yes, another preference, Auto End Date any Services with an End Date that overlaps the new Plan, is also available.


Special Ed Amend Updates 

The Amend process has been updated to warn the user if they attempt to navigate away from the Plan Amendment without selecting the “Complete Amendment” button.


New Food Service Messenger Preference

A new preference called "Food Service" was added to the Messenger Preferences Contact Reasons on the Demographics tab. 

To receive Point of Sale messages, contacts must have the new Food Service checkbox selected. Previously, Point of Sale messages were tied to the "General" preference.


To help migrate existing users, the new Food Service preference will be automatically selected for users who have the General preference marked. If the General preference is not marked, the Food Service preference must be assigned manually.

To assign the new Food Service Preference, Campus recommends using the Contact Preferences Batch tool (System Administration > Messenger > Contact Preferences Batch).

Otherwise, people can use the Contact Preferences tool in the Campus Parent Portal to turn on Food Service (Point of Sale) messages.

As part of this case, Behavior was also added as a Contact Preference in the Campus Parent Portal.


Student Profile 


The Student Profile tab now includes the ability to print the displayed information in PDF format by choosing the View as PDF button.


Report Card Preference Options and Print Modifications


Several updates and enhancements have been made to the Report Card Preferences and Report Card print display options for both Standards Based & Conventional Report Cards.

Refer to the Campus Community 1909 Release Notes to review a comprehensive list of items included in this release.


Schedule Wizard - IEP Count


The Schedule Wizard now includes a count of special education students in the future calendar in which courses are being planned when the following is true:

=         Students who have an IEP in the current calendar and have an enrollment record in a future calendar but no IEP in the future calendar.

=         Students who have an active IEP as of today.


Ohio - Student SPED Record (GE) Extract Editor Update 


The GE extract editor has been updated to include an option called 'Pull Prior IEPs/Evals' which reports students with plan and evaluation events prior to the start date entered. 

The GE extract has been updated to add the ohIEP19 print format to list of reported formats.


Ohio Immunization Updates 


The Polio and Meningococcal (MCV4) vaccine immunization compliance rules have been updated for Ohio.


Ohio - Student SPED Graduation Requirement (FE) Updates 

The FE extract has been updated so that the IIEP, RIEP, TIEP, and AIEP event types consider documents with a format of ohIEP19.


Ohio - Staff Course (CU) Update


The extract editor for the CU extract has been updated to require Start and End Dates.


Ohio - Student Standing (FS) Update 


The FS extract has been updated so that the District Percent of Time Multiplier is no longer considered in the attendance calculation, only the Enrollment Multiplier.


This will return the calculation to operate as expected.


Ohio - Student Program (GQ) Update


The GQ extract has been updated to no longer report the IEP Transportation Services.

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