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Fall 2018 Edition

What’s Happening at LGCA

Providing you with a summary of activities LGCA has been doing during the first quarter of FY18.

New Web Site

LGCA has a new look to our web site that offers better communication on our services and professional development.

The home page centers on a Shared Professional Development Calendar with Geauga ESC, Lake ESC, SST4 and LGCA. From that calendar you will be able to view the PD offerings and register by clicking on that event. The LGCA services are listed on the left side providing resources to assist you in our service areas. When you enter the service page you will see professional development and events for that service only.

New feature is the “Members" web page. Each district has a page dedicated to your district containing links to the applications that are available for LGCA. We hope you like our new web page. This was an effort to better communicate with our districts.

New “Check In” meetings with your district staff

Starting in October LGCA began scheduling 1 hour sessions with each District using LGCA Student Services. These sessions are conducted using WebEx. Doing these meetings through WebEx allows the LGCA Support Team and the district staff to meet virtually to review specific needs districts have with Infinite Campus. These sessions have been interactive providing good feedback to help design training opportunities and assisting your staff. LGCA plans to offer these sessions a couple of times a year, to assist your schools in better utilizing Infinite Campus.

New “Attendance Review Workshops”

With HB410 new attendance regulations the LGCA Student Support Team is scheduling sessions with each District using LGCA Student Services. These are in person sessions, that review HB410, how the district has their attendance information setup, and make any necessary changes to insure that the schools are properly setup to report HB410.

Technology Integration and Library Services

Jim Martin joined LGCA this summer along with Jeremy Hunter to expand our support to be more than just Infohio. The goal is to provide support to classroom instruction, digital content, and PD. With Jeremy being in the schools, this service enhances the Student Support Service to assist administrators/teachers in utilizing features of infinite Campus. Keep an eye out for PD to include Google, Apple and other trainings.

EMIS Coordinator Support Services

LGCA is acting as the EMIS Coordinator for 3 of our members. Contact Jim Turk if you interested in learning more about this service.

Fiscal Software (e-Finance and State Software Rewrite)

Beachwood will be operational with the ERP software e-Finance on January 2018. LGCA plans to convert Euclid City Schools to e-Finance for Round 4 which begins January 2018. If you’re interested in converting you need to have your End User Agreements signed and submitted by November 2018.

At the September 26, Treasurer/Business UG meeting the LGCA Fiscal Support Team provided a demonstration of the latest version of the State Software Rewrite for Accounting and Payroll. Many present were impressed with the progress that has been made. In September and October 4 pilot districts are testing the software. This allows SSDT to make modifications prior to having 4 ITC’s and 12 districts go live with the state software rewrite starting January 2018.

Virtual Hosting through LGCA

If you’re thinking of purchasing servers in your district talk to LGCA first. LGCA offers a cost effective solution that provides, a secure environment, grow as you need resources, UPS, and remote backup. Contact Brian Ruffner to find out more.

Cyber Security “New Service”

LGCA is offering Cyber Security Awareness Training that is comprised of online, self-paced security related modules, combined with varying degrees of engineered Phishing campaigns, designed to test and train your personnel to recognize and properly handle cyber threats. LGCA will be able to continually “test and train” your staff, based on a frequency that meets your needs.

For more information click here.

Watch for MCOECN Survey November

In November you will receive an email requesting that you provide feedback on LGCA services letting them know how LGCA is doing. This is a statewide survey sent to all ITC districts, so please let them know how LGCA is doing.

Next General Assembly Meeting

The next LGCA General Assembly will be Friday December 8 at 10:30am. At this meeting the Assembly will be voting to approve Euclid City Schools as a member of LGCA. Also, we will have Geoff Andrews, CEO of the MCOECN provide an update and LGCA will provide an update on our services.

Look forward to seeing you.

Any questions please contact me.


James C. Turk

Executive Director, LGCA

440-357-9383 ext 100