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LGCA Update on State Software Rewrite Rollout 3-23-18
LGCA update on State Software Rewrite Rollout

I want to take this time to update you on the

  •           Treasurer Survey to gauge interest in converting to State Software Rewrite
  •           Fiscal Redesign Oversight Committee (FROC) meeting take away
  •           ITC Staff training on State Software Rewrite
  •           Next Steps

At the LGCA treasurer meeting on February 16 LGCA did a demonstration, then discussed tentative timelines to convert LGCA districts to the state software rewrite.  The goal for LGCA is to have all districts who are not on the ERP software convert by the end of first half of FY20 to encompass 3 implementation waves.  


After the treasurer meeting an email was sent to all treasurers to gauge the interest in what wave you would be interested in so LGCA could start to plan the conversion.  WOW!  Congrats to Amanda and Cami for doing such a good job in demonstrating the state software rewrite programs because we have a lot of interest in moving to the software sooner than later.  LGCA will be reviewing the districts in the next coming months.

On March 15 the Fiscal Rewrite Oversight Committee (FROC) met to discuss the status of the state software rewrite. During the meeting the committee got a status report on how the initial pilots are doing.  Currently there are only 2 ITC LIVE on the software.  There were several patches to the software that needed to be made to make it work for the districts.   Currently, the pilot districts are running their parallel with some going LIVE in April and others in May.

The pilot ITC’s and districts shared the need to run parallel, balance the data bases, the need for initial training on the software with follow-up training focused on reports.  The ITC staff training will occur during May 2018.  There will be 1–day for Accounting, 1-day for Payroll and 1-day for technical.  With the training happening in May, this will push the LGCA time lines back a couple of months for Wave 1, but still anticipate getting 2-3 districts operational the first half of FY19.  The meeting was positive, with many excited to see that the rewrite is moving forward.  

The next steps for LGCA is to attend the training, review the districts who have shown interest in Wave 1 and decide who will be in Wave 1.  We anticipate Wave 1 district training to start in August/September for Wave 1, running one month parallel and going LIVE around October.  Stay tune…  More to come.