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Highlights of Campus Release 1801 & 1805


Fee Billing Batch Update

The Fee Billing Batch report has been updated to include both the current year's fees and past due fees from previous years.

Health Module Updates

An import tool has been added that allows districts to import student immunization information from an external file into Campus. 

Several logic updates have been added to the Student Medications Tab for Dose Measurements.

The Medication Summary Report has been modified to display the date and the number of doses for the original submission and any refills.

Report Comments for Report Cards

Districts now have the ability to add Report Comments to Report Cards for students.  This feature was previously only available for Transcripts.

The following process may be utilized to add the Report Comments:

  • 1 – Create the Comment

 Via System Admin > Preferences > Report Comments

  • 2 – Mark the Show Report Comments option

Via System Admin > Preferences > Reports

  • 3 - Assign the comment to the student

Via Student Information > General > Report Comments Tab to assign individually or via System Admin > Student > Report Comments Batch Wizard to mass assign


Report Card Preferences

The System Admin Preferences Report Options have been modified and updated to include some new functionality such as Weighted and Unweighted Term GPA and the ability to print Homeroom teacher as a Header Option. 

The entire list of updates may be viewed via Campus Community Release Notes.

Roll Forward Reports

The Reports Roll Forward tool has been modified to allow the copying of reports (report cards, schedules, transcripts) from one school to another school in the district.

Please note:  This functionality will only work if the Term Schedule Name, Schedule Structure Name and the number of Terms match.

Learner Planning - IEP Sync Error Fix

The Guardian Information is now syncing properly on IEPs. Some districts experienced issues previously when Guardian information was modified.

Campus OneRoster API

The OneRoster API feature has been a topic of discussion among districts during the past year and is now certified in the 1.1 version of the IMS Global Specification. 

Districts that have opted in to Campus Learning have access to the Grading Services connection management tool in System Administration. This feature includes the ability to receive grades, assignments, and scores into teachers' grade books from third-party vendors who are certified by IMS and Campus.

Search Engine

The Campus tool search bar is back that allows users to search for Campus functions based on keyword entry. The feature was updated to return results for users in multi-app environments.

Ohio - HB410 Student Truancy Report

The HB410 Student Truancy Report has been updated so that non-instructional periods are not included in threshold counts.

Ohio - Student Course (GN) Extract

High School Credit Earned and Partial/Override Credit will extract based upon transcript information for each student.

Districts will need to ensure student courses are transcripted in a timely manner after the school year ends to ensure the current year credit earned.

Ohio - Student Attribute Effective Date (FD) Extract

LEP logic for split records has been updated so that prior records report the Effective End Date as the end date and current records report as 00000000.

Ohio - Student Truancy (FT) Extract

The FT extract has been updated to no longer report enrollments marked as No Show or State Exclude or those in calendar or grade levels marked as Exclude.

Ohio - Student Standing (FS) Extract

The Withdrawal Reason field has been updated to only report as ** for split records, with the prior enrollment reporting the End Status.

Ohio - Student SPED Record (GE) Extract

The logic for the AIEP event has been updated to report Outcome IDs per the GE section of the EMIS Manual.

New logic has been added to report a record if there is a change in the Subject Exemption.

The default Start Date field on the extract editor has been updated to 7/1 instead of 6/1.

Ohio - KRA PreID Extract

A grade level selector has been added to the KRA PreID extract editor.

Results generate based on the grade level(s) selected.

Ohio - ACT PreID Extract

Fields in the ACT PreID extract have been reorganized. A new field called Contract-ID-Enterprise has been added to the end of the extract, which currently reports as blank.

The Reporting High School Code field has been updated.

Options in the Test Code field on the extract editor have been updated.

Ohio - SAT PreID Extract

A new SAT PreID extract has been added which reports PreIDs for students taking the SAT.

A new field called SAT Attending Institution Code has been added to the School tab