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Campus Release 1929 Highlights
Campus Student/Parent - Importing Provided Translations  
Campus-provided translations for Campus Student and Campus Parent have been imported for Spanish, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese. If any of these translations were enabled in the Legacy Portal, they will be automatically enabled for Campus Student and Campus Parent.  Note that these translations will not be updated as fields are added to Campus Student and Campus Parent. Future release notes will indicate new fields that districts may want to add to their translations.

Campus Student and Campus Parent Portal Preference Updates

Options have been added to the Portal Preferences to display Average Score in Campus Student and Parent.  When marked, the average of scores displays for an assignment across all students in the section.  Averages only display for assignments scored using points or marks. Be aware that displaying score averages may violate FERPA data privacy regulations in your state. Consult local guidelines before enabling this option.   Additionally, a Display in Portal option has been added to Grading Tasks and Standards.

This option is marked by default and can be used to hide tasks and their aligned scores as desired.  Assignments that are only aligned to hidden tasks and/or standards are also hidden.

Census - Verification Report with Student Pictures

Districts may now generate the PDF format of the Census Verification Report with pictures successfully.  Previously some districts were experiencing issues with student pictures printing too large which caused the Census information to print on top of the image.

Census - Demographics Summary Reports

The Student State ID, Staff State ID and Person GUID fields will be included on the Person Summary Report when generated in both PDF and DOCX formats.

All non-household relationship phone numbers will now be included on both the Person Summary Report on Census Demographics and on the Student Information Summary. 

Centralized Custom Forms Tool Added

A new Forms tab has been added to the tabs available in General Student Information.  This tab provides access to the new Custom Forms Tool which allows users to manage all Custom Forms attached to a student.

Custom Forms may added/edited via the new Forms Tool and/or the module specific Documents.

Standards Bank Improvements

The Standards Bank has been updated to improve design and usability. Improvements include:

=         Search the bank for standards or filter for easier access.

=         Archive standards that are no longer in use to prevent them from being added to courses in the future.

=         Within a group, click and drag children to easily reorder.

=         Associate standards with each other to link standards that are related.

The new Standards Replacement Wizard has also been added, which greatly simplifies the process of replacing standards aligned to courses and course masters. Use this wizard to:

=         Archive standards

=         Remove standards from courses and course masters

=         Replace aligned standards with a different one(s).

=         Archive standards and replace alignments with another.

=         Batch show or hide standards from the Campus Student and Parent portals.

Online Payments – Vanco Returns

Returned transactions from Vanco will now be automatically voided in Campus.

When a transaction is returned from Vanco, users will see the original transaction the status of “Returned”, and an additional correcting transaction will appear to actually correct the monies with the status of “Return Void”. 

Online Payments – Refunds

Districts may now use the Refund feature to refund payments and service fees.

Report Preferences Schedule Report, Schedule Batch- New Options

New options have been added to the Schedule Report in Report Preferences and to the

Schedule Batch Report. See the article below for detailed information on these options.

Mailing Label - users can now select whether to include Mailing Address information in the Report Header using one of four selections:

=         One Copy per Mailing Address - this is the default selection. The schedule prints one copy for each mailing address.

=         Student's Primary Household Only - The schedule prints a copy for the mailing address associated with the student's Primary Household.

=         No Mailing Label - The schedule prints a single copy of the schedule with no address information in the header (suitable for handing out at school)

=         Student's Primary Mailing Addresses Only - The schedule prints one copy per primary mailing address. Secondary mailing addresses do not print; Primary addresses of secondary households do not print.

Published to Portal - When marked, the schedule is available on the Portal. If a parent or student chooses to print it, the schedule is formatted without a mailing label.

Print Options was renamed to Orientation. The options of Portrait and Landscape have not changed.

Title 1, Migrant, and Behavior Updates

The following changes have been made with this case:

=         The Title 1 Programs tab has been updated to support Neglected & Delinquent programs.

=         The Services Start Date field has been added to the Migrant tab.

=         The following behavior fields have been added: IEP Manifestation Determination and Educational Services After Removal.

There currently are not any updates to the EMIS extracts.  LGCA will update districts when additional information is available.

Ohio - Student SPED Graduation Requirement (FE) Updates

Districts may now successfully extract the MATH1 graduation exemption when the exemption is coded on the student’s IEP.

Ohio - CTE Program and Cluster Code Updates

The CTE Program of Concentration code of T8 has been removed.

The code options for the Cluster field in CTE programs has also been updated with 17 new codes.