Campus.2231 Release Highlights

Test Detail Updates
The following features have been added to the Test Detail section of the Assessment Center:
  • Consistent display of drop lists
  • Autofill search functionality
Reset Order Button
A Reset Order button has been added to the Children section of Test Detail within the Assessment Center.  Selecting this button reverts the list of children tests back to alphabetical order.

Campus Instruction
Student Profile
Teachers can now access the Student Profile from the Teaching Center by clicking on a student’s name to view details.  The Profile includes contact information, schedule, grades, attendance, in-progress grades, behavior, and a To Do list.  

Attendance Register Report
The Attendance Register Report in Campus Instruction has been updated to include an option to hide dropped students. 

Classroom Updates
A new Feedback option has been added to the Classroom tool.
A Calendar icon has been added to the Campus Student/Parent view of Classroom, which will route the user to the calendar tool.
Campus Learning
Release Scores 
A new option has been added to Assignments that allows teachers to schedule when scores are released to students and parents.   This option allows teachers to score assignments over time and make all of those scores available at the same time.   

Score release settings are established on individual assignments – the default setting is to release scores on Save, making them available to students & parents immediately.  Otherwise, teachers can select a date and time at which scores will be released.

Progress Monitor Improvements
Significant improvements have been made to the Progress Monitor, which now displays assignments aligned to Grading Tasks as well as Standards.  Other updates include:
  • Added eye icon that hides all other students for easy conference view.
  • Upgraded student search to allow teachers to page through individual students in the search results.
  • Moved the Unscored, Missing, and Submissions filters to a unified filter menu where teachers can create their own custom filters as well.
  • Added access to the Multi-Post tool to post grades right from the Progress Monitor.
  • Added a Score button which opens a Grade Book side panel to simplify scoring multiple assignments.

Summary Tab Display of Student State ID
The student’s State ID now displays on the Counseling, Health, and PLP Summary Tabs in the Classic View, matching other Summary Tabs of General, Response to Intervention, & Special Education.

Note that this correction only applies to the Classic View.  In the New Look of Campus, there is only one location for the Summary tool.

Data Utilities
Data Health Check Tool
For districts utilizing the report, an ‘end of life banner’ has been added to the Data Health Check Report.  The Data Health Check tool will be retired and replaced with the Data Validation Report after Summer 2023.
Enrollment Cleanup Wizard
In addition to deleting enrollments in future calendars for students who are no longer attending a school, the Enrollment Cleanup Wizard now includes an option to update the start dates of enrollment records, as well as start dates tied to enrollment start dates in future calendars (transportation dates, 9th grade entry dates, etc.).

Comment Details on Hover
Since the latest Fees updated, users could no longer see fee comments when hovering over the fee.  This issue has been corrected.
Locator Identity Fields in District Edition, State Edition
When using the Student Locator to select an existing student to enroll in a district, or when using the Staff Locator to assign to a school in a district, the following Identity fields can no longer be modified:
  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Suffix
  • Gender
  • Birth Date
  • Social Security Number
Messenger 2.0 – Expand All Option
An Expand All button is now available when viewing Templates. 

Advanced Course Section Search 
The Advanced Course Section Search functionality has been added to the New Look of Infinite Campus.  This new functionality matches the existing advanced search capabilities found in Classic Campus.  

Program – Flags
Users are now able to designate a flag for a student as Special Ed.  These Flags will also display in the IEP column on section rosters and related tools.

Only users with the new Student Information > General > Flags > Special Ed tool right can view flags marked as Special Ed within the student header.  

Course Section Search Discrepancies Corrected
Updates were made to ensure all proper course sections are included in search results and course section search result counts are correct. 
Ohio – EMIS
Student SPED Record (GE) Updates
The GE extract has been updated so that ETR events (CNST, IETR, RETR, RFRL, TETR) do not report a record for an ETR if GE Exclude is marked on the ETR or if the Effective Date of the extract is more than three years from the ETR Meeting Date.  
The extract has also been updated so that IEP events (AIEP, CIEP, IIEP, IISP, RIEP, RISP, and TIEP) do not report a record for an IEP if GE Exclude is marked on the IEP or if the Effective Date of the extract is after the IEP End Date.  

New CORE Area for Credit Code
A new CORE Area for Credit code of FIN:   Financial Literacy has been added.

New Follow Up Data (FW) Tab
A new Follow Up Data (FW) tab has been added to the State Programs for Ohio.  This tab allows districts to collect follow up data for graduates, students with disabilities, and CTE students.

Extract Updates
A new code has been added to the State Service Type dropdown list in EL Service Types of 235100: Preschool Student Identified as an English Learner.
Additionally, the Student Attribute Effective Date (FD) extract has been updated so that the Limited English Proficiency field reports as * for students with a State Grade of PS: Preschool.

GE & GQ Extract Updates
The Student SPED Record (GE) extract has been updated to include a new Extended School Year (ESY) Services field, which reports the Extended School Year Services entered on the student’s IEP.
Additionally, the ESY tab has been added to the State Programs area for tracking Extended School Year data.  The Student Program Record (GQ) extract has been updated to report for ESY programs marked as State Reported. 

Student Attributes No Date (FN) Extract Update
The logic for calculating Majority of Attendance has been updated for the FN extract to require students to have an enrollment with a Service Type of P or N.  District Percent of Time on enrollments with a Service Type of S are not included in calculations. 
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