Campus Release 2020 Highlights

Admin To-Do's

The classic Grading Window (Grading and Standards > Grading Window) will be removed with the Campus.2024 Release (June 2020).


The COVID-19: Enable Attendance Assignments task has been updated to assign a Category Sequence of 99 to the Attendance Assignment in the Grade Book. Any existing Attendance Assignment categories have also been updated with this sequence.This change limits the accidental use of that category by teachers when creating new assignments for their students.


Campus Instruction

The Advisory tool has been updated so that districts that have purchased Campus Analytics will see columns for both GRAD Score and Non-Passing Grades, instead of Non-Passing Grades being replaced by GRAD Score.


Grading & Standards

The option to convert an imported group into a standard has been added to the Standards Bank. This conversion cannot be reversed, and groups that have child groups or that have been used in grading cannot be converted.

The move button, which allows users to move child groups and standards to different parent items, is not available for items imported using the Import Standards wizard. The Edit option has also been removed for these items.

Note that Step 4: Import Defaults in the Standards Import Wizard, which allows to user to indicate how each item type should be categorized in Campus. Source frameworks may include a wide variety of item types, but Campus supports only two: groups and standards. By default, parent items are imported as groups and child items are imported as standards.



A new field ‘Recipient Person ID’ has been added to the Mailgun Message Log for easier identification of who an invalid email address belongs to.
For districts using the Mailgun API, an enhancement has been made allowing the Mailgun Message Log to update more frequently throughout the hour.


Scheduling Wizard

The Schedule Builder has a new request conflict matrix interface built into the manual builder. By dragging a course onto the schedule grid, the builder algorithm ranks the three best placements for the new section based off the period slots with the fewest conflicts without sections and courses. Those best placements are highlighted, letting the user know the best place to schedule the section. The first ranked position is the same location the Auto-Build logic would choose if a single section were placed.



As an increased layer of protection for your Infinite Campus account, device-based two-factor authentication functionality has been added.

Districts can now enable this functionality for all Staff and non-Campus Portal accounts via the Login Security Settings tool


or for individual staff accounts via the User Account tab.


Staff members themselves can also enable this functionality via the Account Settings tool.

When enabled, users will be provided with a time-based QR code and Text Code which requires the user authenticate their account using a device and an Authenticator application (such as Google Authenticator, Authy, LastPass, etc) where you must scan the QR code or enter the Text Code provided in order to finish logging into Campus.

For more information about this process, see the Account SettingsLogin Security Settings, and User Account articles in the Knowledge Base.



All States – Back end Enrollment Roll Forward Update 



A new field called Test Grade Override has been added to the Score Import Wizard for Ohio. Additionally, the names of the following assessments have been updated: GA, GB, GD, BE, GF, GM, GN, GO, GW, GX, GY, IB, and WK. This update is reflected in the Student Assessment (FA) extract editor.

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