Campus.2235 Release Highlights

Campus.2335 Release Notes
Ad Hoc Reporting
Student Filtering and Report Template Options Now Available for Insights Visualizations
Templates can now be created for Insights Visualizations (Campus Analytics Suite). The Templates allow you to modify settings and filters throughout a visualization and save the selected settings as a template.

Question Label Field Added
A Question Label field has been added to the Test Information sections of the Assessment Center. The display name defaults as hidden in the Attribute Dictionary. Users are able to display the field or change the field name to better reflect district usage by updating the attribute under the Test section in the attribute dictionary.

Campus Instruction
Instruction Reports – Excluded Assignments
Per Infinite Campus, Reports that have an assignment picker have been updated to more clearly indicate assignments that have been excluded from calculation. For assignments that do not have "Include in Grade Calculations" marked in the Grading Information or are in a Category marked as "Exclude from Calculation", a red "Excluded" pill icon displays after the assignment name in the assignment picker.

Campus Learning
Campus Learning Licensing Tool
The Campus Learning Licensing Tool has been removed from District Infinite Campus Sites. You can now learn more about Campus Learning and request a quote by visiting

Campus Student/Parent
Improvements to Campus Parent and Campus Student
Per Infinite Campus, the following improvements have been made to the home screen in Campus Parent and Campus Student:
  • Districts have the option if including custom text at the top of the screen. Text is added in the new Home Screen tool in Portal Preferences and can include text, links, and images.

  • Added new items to the data listed for students, including unpaid fees and missing assignments, and notices if the student is not compliant with immunization requirements or is off-track on their graduation program.

  • On the right side of the screen, added additional sections below the Inbox:
    • Upcoming Dates - lists any Day Events in the next 7 days.
    • Contact List - a new tool that collects all of a student's teachers and lists their contact phone number and email address.
    • Quick Links and Custom Tools - more convenient shortcuts to the same links found in the More tool in the Index. Custom Tools only display in Campus Parent

  • Added a section at the bottom of the home screen for non-student users. This section includes notifications for individuals who are not currently enrolled students, such as fees for students who have graduated, or a food service account for a parent. For parents with only one student, this non-student data is shown in the same areas as student fees and food service information.
The details page when a parent clicks on a specific student in the home page has also been rearranged and improved:
  • Added missing assignments information and organized all Assignment information into an ""Assignment: To-Do"" section.
  • Recent Updates are now grouped into tabs for simpler viewing.

Other updates include:
  • Students now have the option hide their school picture by clicking the triangle icon next to the picture to collapse it.
  • In the student's Schedule, a red triangle highlights the current period.
  • Various other small bug fixes and cosmetic improvements.
Data Integrity Tools
Data Validation Group Enhancement
The ability to allow a user to run all Data Validation groups if they have the ability to create groups. All Data Validation tools are a part of the Campus Data Suite.

Default Groups for Premium Data Validation Rules
Six default groups for the Premium Rules to reduce the initial setup for districts have been added:
  • Student
  • Scheduling
  • Behavior
  • Census
  • Transcripts
  • Special Ed
All Data Validation tools are a part of the Campus Data Suite.

Active Student Validation Rules Enhancement
You can now run active student Data Validation Rules by school. All Data Validation tools are a part of the Campus Data Suite.

Validation Rules Enhancement
The current and previous year student Data Validation Rules have been updated to be run by school. All Data Validation tools are a part of the Campus Data Suite.

Grading Setup
Standards Bank – Copying Standards Groups
Copying standards groups has been updated so that “Copy of” is added at the beginning of the Group Name and not to all of the child standards or groups.

New Look of Infinite Campus – Users Unable to Tab Through Household Search Results
Self-hosted customers can now access and utilize the New Look of Infinite Campus.

OneRoster – School Scoping
Per Infinite Campus, Onscreen instructional text has been updated when scoping OneRoster connections by school. School scoping should only be used under the direction of a vendor and is not needed in other instances.

Online Payments
Multi-Factor Authentication for Bank Accounts
A multi-factor authentication step has been added to the Change Bank Account tool when users attempt to make any changes to a bank account in Campus.

Point of Sale
Point of Sale Maintenance
The following updates have been made to the POS tool according to Infinite Campus:
  • Added a new button to the search options to allow cashiers to hide previously served patrons.
  • Corrected alignment errors in terminal.
  • Added a message to alert users when the terminal will update when closed.
  • Patron number that appears on history page is now the Student ID.

Walk-In Scheduler – Notes
A Notes feature is now included within the Walk-In Scheduler to record comments while modifying student schedules. Users can now enter any information about course changes or other updates to a student’s schedule when they are made.

Scheduling Board – Primary Teacher, Teacher Selection
A Primary Teacher and Teacher assignment option is now included within the Sections side panel in the Scheduling Board.

School Store
Manual Entry and Insert/Tap for Mobile Payments
Per Infinite Campus, back-end API changes needed to support credit card manual entry, as well as Insert/Tap payment methods has been added to the Mobile Payments App.

School Store Card Header Update
The Product/Category headers have been updated on the cards to show more characters by dynamically sizing the text based on the number of characters added and allowing for up to two lines of text.

Immunization Rules Updates
The following vaccines’ compliance rules have been updated:
  • Hepatitis
  • Meningococcal MCV4
  • MMR
  • DTaP
  • Polio
Staff Reporting Updates for 2023-2024 School Year
The following updates have been made:
  • The Reading Diagnostic Code column has been removed from the Student Attributes - No Date Record (FN) extract.
  • DSTRCTSFTW was added to the District Group attribute for the Organization General Information (DN) extract.
  • The Accelerated Level Count column has been removed from the Student Acceleration Record (FB) extract.
  • On the Student Attribute Effective Date (FD) extract, the column name ForeignExchangeStudentGradPlan has been changed to ForeignExchangeStudent
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