Campus.2152 Release Highlights

Campus Analytics
Early Warning
For those who have purchased the Campus Analytics Suite, a new Early Warning tool has been added to State Editions of Infinite Campus.  Within this new tool, users can access, view & filter student Early Warning scores by district, school and/or grade levels.   
Student Early Warning score data is then displayed in a sortable table, where users can add specific students to their watchlist.

Campus Instruction
Grade Book – Posting Grades for Unrostered Students
The warning icon that displays on the Post Grade popup in the Grade Book if a student is not rostered into the section has been changed from gray to yellow.
Campus Learning
Quiz Updates
Updates have been made to quizzes in Instruction, including available library sharing and enhanced feedback options.
When creating a quiz, teachers now have the option to share it to a quiz library making it available to other teachers in the district.  To share quizzes, teachers must be given the new ‘Curriculum Library District Share’ tool right.

When adding a quiz, teachers can start from scratch, search for complete quizzes within the library, or search for individual questions to add to their own quiz.  When a teacher uses a quiz or question from the library, a copy is created, leaving the original in the library intact and allowing the teacher to modify their copy as needed.

This update also includes enhanced feedback options.   Teachers now have the option of whether or not answers and feedback are displayed to students when they finish the quiz or not, which helps keep answers secret.  Teachers can edit this feedback setting after the quiz has already been taken. 

New Centralized Contact Log
A new Contact Log tool has been added to act as a centralized hub for all other Contact Log records available in the product.  All Contact Logs have been updated with a new interface that allows for easier entry of contact log records.

When assigned proper tool rights, users can view and create Contact Log records from this new location or any other Contact Log tools.  These new rights have been automatically assigned upon taking this release – users who were assigned tool rights to Contact Logs prior to the release have been assigned those same rights.  

The Contact Log is available in the following locations:   Counseling, Health, PLP, RTI & Special Education.
The following FRAM updates were made:
Column headers on the Household Application were updated to display correctly and consistently across different browsers.

The Income in Household Applications was not displaying in the proper position – this issue has been corrected.

When using the pre-built letters for FRAM verification, the state code was not generating in the mailing address at the end of the letter – this issue has been corrected.
User Account Messenger/Scheduler URL Expiration
The unique URL generated within Recurring User Account Messages will now automatically expire 5 days after the message is delivered as opposed to the previous 2 day expiration.  This change will give parents & students more time to utilize the URL link.

New Look Notifications
In the New Look interface, links within Notifications were incorrectly redirecting users back to the Messenger Center instead of the linked tool – this issue has been corrected.

Online Payments
Updates for Scheduling Refunds
Refunds for echecks are now processed 12 days after the transaction’s Payment Date.  This change ensures funds have cleared before the refund is processed.

All refunds that are requested between 5:45 PM and 6:00 PM will not process until 12:00 AM the following day (with the exception of echecks).
Survey Response Summary Download
A Download PDF option has been added to the Response Summary table in the Survey Response Extract.  This enhancement will allow users to easily print, email and share this data with other users.

Ohio – EMIS
OH Special Ed Updates
The following Ohio Special Ed Document updates have been made:
Two additional Meeting Participants signature lines have been added to the printed version of the OH IEP 2019.2 format.

The Date & Signature lines on the printed version of the OH ETR 2019.2 have been moved to allow additional room for signatures.

Student Attributes – Effective Date (FD) Update
The FD extract has been updated to no longer report extra records for students if the dates of the school year or the calendar’s Day schedule are changed.

Staff Course Record (CU) Update
The CU extract has been updated to no longer report teacher records if their Staff History record ends before the Term Start Date.

State Seals on Transcripts
Logic has been updated so that a student’s State Seals no longer display on transcripts if they do not have a Status of Complete.
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