Campus. 2140 Release Highlights

Activity Registration 
A new option called "Reassign" was added to the Documents panel in the Activity Monitor. This option allows you to reassign a custom form to a user who did not have a Campus Student or Campus Parent account or the account was disabled when the student was registered for an activity

An error message displays if the users does not have an active portal account. Otherwise, a confirmation message displays and the user can go to the Documents tool in the portal and complete the form.
Blended Learning
The following modifications have been made to Blended Learning Groups tools:
  • Error messages and confirmation alerts have been reviewed and modified where needed for consistency and clarity across all Blended Learning Group tools. 
  • An issue has been corrected when using the New Blended Learning Groups tool to extend automatic groups where the group was extended but student assignment dates were not. 
  • Using the progress bar to move through steps is no longer allowed when a required field is not selected. 
  • When adjusting a Student Group Assignment, a group only displays for selection when the Group Start Date is on or after the Adjustment Start Date. 
  • On the student's Blended Learning Groups Assignments tool, when a user adds a second assignment to a group in which the student is already assigned, an error message displays indicating that concurrent group assignments is not allowed. 
When adjusting Student Group Assignments, users can now enter a Start Date AND an End Date (previously, only a Start Date could be entered) to assign to all students in the selected group.

Campus Instruction 
The following updates have been made to curriculum with this release:
  • Updated the curriculum editor and the Copier so that the "All Assigned" indicator becomes a split button if the teacher has Student Groups created, allowing the teacher to easily select a group. Teachers can click the arrow to select a group, or the "# Assigned" button to see and modify the list of assigned students.
  • Assignment comments are now correctly truncated on Campus Student/Parent and an occasional error has been resolved.
  • Changing the grading alignment of an assignment no longer clears the selected Assignment Mark.
  • Default values now correctly display on a new assignment when it includes a Scoring Rubric.
  • The Curriculum List has been updated so that if a date validation is generated for any curriculum, the folder(s) in the list will display as expanded so that the curriculum in question is visible. Also updated curriculum so that the date validation message displays correctly on small screens.
  • Improved sort logic in the Section dropdown list in the Curriculum Copier.
  • The selected Category is no longer changed if a user without proper tool rights attempts to update grading setup.
  • Addressed an issue that occurred if a user attempted to copy assignments into a section with not Tasks/Standards.
  • Addressed an issue in which an assignment with content created for a section with no teacher assignment did not display correctly in Campus Student.
  • Updated the Curriculum Copier so that if the destination term only has one grading alignment, it is selected by default. 
A message has been added that displays when posting grades if grades are being posted for any students who are not rostered into the selected term. Grades can still be posted for these students, but it may indicate a scheduling issue.

Campus Learning 
A tool for importing curriculum has been added. To be imported, curriculum must be in a cartridge that is compliant with the IMS Common Cartridge specification; other curriculum formats cannot be imported at this time.
A Curriculum Library tool has been added for curriculum directors for importing and managing this curriculum. Once imported, curriculum can be made available to teachers. A limited version of the teacher's Library has been made available. Only imported curriculum is available for teachers through this library.

The following reports now include an individual's Secondary Email when available:
  • Census Verification Report
  • Person Summary Report (Demographics)
  • Person Summary Report (New Student Summary)
  • Person Summary Report (Classic Student Summary)
  • Person Summary Report with Picture (New Student Summary)
  • Person Summary Report with Picture (Classic Student Summary
The Email and Secondary Email do NOT overwrite the Phone and Priority Data.

Course/Section Setup
An option has been added to the Section list to print a section's seating chart. Click the link to view the section's chart(s) in PDF format. The purpose of these printed charts is to assist administrators in contact tracing should students fall ill.

To display in this PDF, seating charts must be created by the teacher in Instruction. Teachers should take care to keep seating charts up to date as students enter and drop a section to increase the usefulness of this report.

Updates were made to the Custom Tool Placement Editor to allow customers to move and place custom tools within the New Look of Infinite Campus.

Note: Some custom tools may not function correctly within the New Look of Infinite Campus.

The Lock option has been removed from the Custom Tool Placement Editor.

Significant updates were made to the way users search for tools, people, and data within the new look and feel of Infinite Campus. Now, instead of using a search bar at the top middle part of the screen to search for students and tools, users can click a magnifying glass icon in the upper left-hand side of the screen to access a unified search tool. When selected, the new search tool appears on the left-hand side of the screen, allowing you search for data using any of the following contexts:
  • Address
  • All People
  • Course Master
  • Course/Section
  • Household
  • Personnel Master
  • POS Account
  • Staff
  • Student
  • Tool
  • User
  • User Group
The search panel also remembers your last search results, allowing you to quickly toggle back and forth between the list of tools within the Main Menu and search results without losing your place in either screen.

For more information about how you can access the new search and how it all functions, see the Try the New Look of Campus article in the Knowledge Base of the Campus Community.

Online Payments
Information in the Description column of the Payments Reporter can now be included when you export the report to Excel.
Districts can now export the Payments Reporter to PDF and CSV. As part of this change, the Excel file no longer includes columns hidden using the column selector and the Page Total was removed from the bottom of the report.
A new Deposit Request Report is available to help districts with bank reconciliation. The report provides the Transaction Fee total and the Merchant Flat Fee total for each Fund ID that is part of a single day's Deposit Request. Users may select the day on which they want to report. After selecting the day, Campus creates the Deposit Request Report which includes every transaction that was part of the deposit request and groups the transactions by Bank Account ID. 

The Gross Amount, Fees, and Net Amount are provided for each Fund ID at the end of the report. The Deposit Request Report is a PDF file and can be generated from the Deposit Reporter.


The Requests Satisfied Report now includes the option to include Alternate Course Requests, in addition to require and Elected Course Requests.

Alternate requests are listed in parentheses in the print of the report for each grade level.

When including alternate requests, the orientation of the report for PDF and DOCX is forced to be in Landscape.

The Teacher Schedule Batch List format now includes a Group by option that allows the report to be grouped by Course or by Days.
  • Grouping by Course lists the name of the Course first, and displays the Period Schedule and Period to the right.
  • Grouping by Day lists the name of Period Schedule first - A Day, B Day, etc.

When the Report Layout option is Table, the report can only be grouped by Days.

The email validation link provided when attempting to validate an email address for a person’s Portal account has been updated to no longer expire the first time it’s selected and instead expire after 24 hours have passed.
The Simple || Powerful logo has been added to the Infinite Campus login page.

Ohio – EMIS
The Ad hoc Filters dropdown list on state reporting extract editors has been updated to list only filters created by the current user or available via User Group memberships.
Previously, an error occurred when attempting to generate the Student SPED record (GE). This has been corrected.
The third gender option of A: Another has been deactivated pending final ODE decision.
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