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Campus.2311 Release Highlights
Campus.2311 Release Notes
Ad Hoc Reporting
Pivot Designer Security Enhancements
The Pivot Designer has been updated to now reflect the data security similarly to the Query Wizard. Also, users will now receive an error message explaining the reason why they cannot view the pivot created and the necessary tool rights.

Campus Instruction 
Blank Spreadsheet Update
The Blank Spreadsheets Report now will include the period, term and schedule structure in the report header.

Campus Learning
Submitting Assignments on Behalf of Students
Within Instruction, teachers now have the option to submit assignments on behalf of students. There will be indication at the bottom of the submission stating when the teacher submitted the assignment for the student. There is a button in the top right corner called “View As Student” that will allow teachers to do this. 
For Digital Repository users, after clicking Upload File on the submission screen, teachers have the ability to take or select a photo to attach to the assignment. The option to take a photo is also available to students in Campus Student.

Campus Student & Parent
Display Options and Campus Student/Parent Updates
The following updates have been made to the Display Options tool:
  • Minor improvements to the Display Options report.
  • Cosmetic adjustments.
  • Added a Display Options Summary at the end of the Calendar and Term Settings information in the Display Options tool that shows the enabled display options for the calendar (see screenshot).
  • When copying a template using Batch Edit, options were added to Step 3 to "Fill & Append School Name" and "Fill & Prepend School Name."
  • When using Batch Edit to edit Calendar and Term Settings, an option was added to show only updated options in steps 4 and 5.
  • Logic has been updated so that Campus Student & Parent follow the related portal preferences for the Document tools in future school years. This change allows upcoming students, those with enrollments in the future school year only, to see documents and custom forms
Contact Log
Custom Module Contact Log
Users are now able to select the location of a custom contact log when it is being created using the Custom Module Setup tool.
Data Integrity Tools
Limited Data Validations Tool
Infinite Campus has created a limited version of the Data Health Check report to allow users to access information since this report was removed previously.
Online Application Update Banners
In preparation for a FRAM update in June, a banner has been added to the following FRAM pages:
  • FRAM > Letter Editor
  • FRAM > Online Application
  • FRAM > Preferences
Vaccines – Pneumococcal PCV Code Added
The PCV code has been added for the Pneumococcal vaccine rules for all states.

Messenger 2.0 Performance Enhancement
A legacy process from the Messenger 2.0 workflow was removed, reducing message processing time and improving performance.

Messenger 2.0 – Priority Messages 
Within Messenger 2.0, there is now the option to schedule Priority messages as well as new tool rights for this feature. Under the Create New Message section, the new Priority button lives here between the General and Emergency buttons. The workflow is the same as the other message workflow and additionally these messages can:
  • Respect the dial window
  • Can be scheduled as recurring
  • Include additional fields and sub-reports beyond what is available for Emergency messages
A new Priority column has been added to Census Messenger Contacts, a new Messenger 2.0 Priority phone number has been added to CalledID Preferences, and Messenger 2.0 – Priority options for Default Delivery Devices in Messenger Settings.
New Look of Infinite Campus – Inactive Staff Indicator in Search Results
Staff Search in the New Look of Campus was updated to better indicate inactive staff members in the results by showing “inactive” next to their staff ID as well as a red box icon next to the staff member picture.
New Look of Infinite Campus – Student Search Updated to Match on Student Number
The basic Student Search in the New look of Campus has been updated to allow for students to be searched based on their student number without needing to utilize the Advanced Search.

Online Payments
Mobile Payments Bug Fixes and Improvements
The following updates have been made to the Campus Mobile Payments app:
  • A grey background has been added within the app to improve its look and feel, as well make buttons appear more prominent.
  • If a device is logged into an Event and it sits idle for an extended period, the card swipe reader was disconnecting, causing card swipes to be declined. This has been corrected.
  • If an optional student number was entered while items were being purchased, the quantity of items was not always calculated correctly. This has been fixed.
  • On some devices, if logging out of Campus Mobile Payments prior to connecting to a card reader, the app was freezing, thus requiring the app to be restarted. This has been corrected.
  • Messages have been added when inventory of an item runs out before an event begins, during the event, or when it is in the cart.
  • The plus sign (+) and X buttons have been made larger to make it easier to select.
  • An authentication error was occurring when attempting to log into an event. This has been corrected.
Point of Sale
POS Homeroom and PIN Search
Homeroom and PIN searches have been added to the POS 2.0 terminal Search Side Panel.
The homeroom teacher name/section numbers and student roster information will update on the terminal at night. The first time the terminal updates, the new homeroom tables will be added, but not populated until after the nightly job is run or a data reload is performed, whichever comes first. Because of this, the first time the cashier sees the HR droplist, it will not be populated until the next day.
POS 1.0 Deprecation Banners
A banner notifying users of the Point of Sale 1.0 deprecation happening later this year has been added to select Food Service pages.
User Account Maintenance Updates
To improve the user experience and better clarify login settings, the following updates were made to the Login Security Settings tool:
  • A new section titled ‘New Device Notification Settings’ has been added. This section contains the following two fields used to control login notifications for new devices:
    • Do not send login alerts
      • When selected, staff users will not receive a login notification when logging into Infinite Campus using a new, unregistered device.
    • Send an alert when logging in with a new device. (This option requires email messenger to be configured in order to function.)
      • When selected, staff users will be required to enter and confirm a security email before accessing Infinite Campus and the user will receive an email notification each time a new device is used to log in.
  • A new section titled ‘Two-Factor Authentication Options’ has been added. This section contains the following three fields:
    • Do not require a verification code to log in
      • When selected, staff users will not be required to use two-factor authentication when logging into Infinite Campus.
    • Require a Two-Factor Authentication code (Email-Based) This option requires email messenger to be configured in order to function.
      • When selected, staff users will be required to enter and confirm a security email before accessing Infinite Campus and will be required to enter and confirm a security code emailed to them each time they attempt to access Infinite Campus.
    • Require a Time-Based Two-Factor Authentication code (Third party authentication application required)
      • When selected, staff users will be required to use an Authentication app in order to login and access Infinite Campus.
    • Both two-factor authentication options allow for the administrator to determine the interval of requiring reauthentication (New Device, 30 minutes, Day, Week, Month).
To better clarify two-factor authentication options on the User Account page, the following updates were made:
  • The ‘Time-based Two-factor Authentication w/ Enhanced Security’ field was renamed to ‘Time-Based Two-Factor Authentication’..
  • The ‘Exclude From Multi-Factor Authentication’ field was renamed to ‘Exclude From Multi-Factor Authentication and new device notifications’.

Organizational General Information (DN) Updates
H-Financial has been added to the Reporting Period drop-list. Count Week Days and Calamity Group Attribute Codes have been removed from the Group drop-list. The following Groups have been added:
  • Assessment
  • College Credit Plus
  • District
  • Financial
  • Initial Eye Exam
  • Physical Education
  • Student