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Campus.2307 Release Highlights
Activity Registration
Manual Entry Inventory Limit Enhancement
A new drop-list displays on the roster screen during the manual registration process to allow a customer to select an item for the student and lowering the inventory limit.

Contact Log 
Custom Module Setup
Custom Module Setup can now be used to create Custom Contact Logs.

Contact Log
The Contact Log tool has been configured to display custom contact logs that are currently scripted into Infinite Campus.

Contact Log
An Attendance Contact Log tool has been created. Attendance Letters will now appear in the Attendance Contact Log.

Contact Log
Records can now be added in the Contact Log tool for any person entered in Infinite Campus.
Digital Repository
Ability to Upload Health Documents to the Digital Repository Now Available
Users now have the ability to upload health documents to the CDR. Administrators can now enable the Documents button for the following:
  • Conditions
  • Daily Health Log
  • Health Office Visits
  • Immunizations
  • Medications
  • Screenings
Health is now included in the Digital Repository Data Usage Report and it is related tools. The Repository Clean Up Tool now includes Health when cleaning up Person Docs.

Early Warning
Early Warning – Updates to Insights Visualizations
Updates were made to simplify and streamline sub-report data within many Insights visualizations. Each visualization now provides users with the ability to easily change visualized data by a Count of Grades or Count of Students. Sub-report data has been standardized across visualizations to report the same fields, making it easier to interpret this data. These updates apply to the following visualizations and their names have been updated as follows:
  • Grade Analysis Report has been renamed to Percent Tier
  • In-Progress Grades Summary by Course has been renamed to Progress by Course
  • In-Progress Grades Summary by Student has been renamed to Progress by Student
  • In-Progress Grades Summary by Teacher has been renamed to Progress by Teacher
  • Posted Grades Summary by Course has been renamed to Posted by Course
  • Posted Grades Summary by Student has been renamed to Posted by Student
  • Posted Grades Summary by Teacher has been renamed to Posted by Teacher
eTranscript – Report Preferences, PESC XML Layout
A State Seal Preference has been added to the eTranscript Report Preferences. When marked and when the student has a State Seal Record listed on their Graduation record, the State Seal information reports on the eTranscripts in the AcademicHonors node.
Recipient Log Added to New Look
The Recipient Log tool has been added under Communication > Messenger.

Point of Sale
Allergy Slide Out Preference Added to POS 2.0
A terminal preference was added to enable the allergy slide out to automatically open in continuous serve, separating the allergy slide out behavior from the other messages in continuous serve.

Organizational General Information Updates
The following district- and school-level state reporting tabs have been added to the UI:
  • District - General Information (DN)
  • Building – General Information (DN)
  • Building Delivery Model
  • District Delivery Model
  • Medical Group