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Campus.2251 Release Highlights
Ad Hoc Reporting
Early Warning Attributes Added to Pivot Designer
The following Early Warning attributes are now available for student pivots within the Pivot Designer tool:
  • Attendance Score
  • AttendanceImpactNumericValue
  • Behavior Score
  • BehaviorImpactNumericValue
  • Curriculum Score
  • CurriculumImpactNumericValue
  • Date Stamp
  • Grad Score
  • Stability Score
  • StabilityImpactNumericValue
Campus Student/Parent
Assignment Notifications for Unreleased Assignments 
If an assignment has been flagged as Missing, Turned In, or Late, a notification of the flag is sent to the Parent and Student. When assignment scores are released, a second notification is sent with the score.
Combine Person
Combine Person Tool Updated to Display All Person ID Fields
The search results window of the Combine Person tool has been updated to now display the following identifiers:
  • Name, Person ID, Local Student # (new), Student State ID, Local Staff #, Staff State ID (new), EdFi ID (new), Gender, Birth Date, %
  • NASIS Users - Name, Person ID, Local Student # (new), Student State ID, Student NASIS ID, Local Staff #, Staff State ID (new), EdFi ID (new), Gender, Birth Date, %
The labels on the screen/table displaying Person 1 and Person 2 have been updated to display the following:
  • Birthday, Grade, Person ID (new), Local Student #, Student State ID, Local Staff #, Staff State ID (new), EdFi ID
  • NASIS Users - Birthday, Grade, Person ID (new), Local Student #, Student State ID, Student NASIS ID, Local Staff #, Staff State ID (new), EdFi ID
The Pre-Audit and Post-Audit Reports have been updated to include the following identifiers:
  • Local Student #, Student State ID, Local Staff #, Staff State ID, EdFi ID
  • NASIS Users - Local Student #, Student State ID, Student NASIS ID, Local Staff #, Staff State ID, EdFi ID

Data Utilities
Data Extract Zip Tool – Student Photo Extract
A Student Photo Extract checkbox has been added to the Data Extract Zip Tool. This checkbox will create a zip file of the picture directory that includes only those students who have an enrollment record in the selected active school year. This checkbox is not available in the State Edition.
When creating the Student Photo Extract zip file:
  • The Delivery Mode of PULL is not available.
  • The Frequency options are Weekly and Monthly (not Daily).
  • The Start Time for a weekly or monthly frequency is between 10:00pm and 4:00am only.

Grading Setup
Updates to District Control of Grading Setup
Three updates have been made to the Push All Course Masters tool:
  • A Push Mode to Overwrite existing course and section level data has been added. 
    1. If there are already grades and/or scores associated with the existing grading setup at the section level, the data is not overwritten
  • Added the option to specify which data should be pushed to courses/sections in the Data to be pushed section.
  • An option to submit a push request to the Batch Queue had also been added. When the tool is run to update grading setup, the results display in the list on the tool editor, with the summary report available in the Download column.
 A new report was added to the Grading & Standards reports called Residual Data report. This report is used to track the grading setup that was not overwritten when course masters were relinked to courses/sections because of existing grade and/or score data.
Additional district-level updates are as follows:
  • The Course Audit report has been updated to improve performance and add a summary option for simplified results.
  • Added Ignore Master Push checkboxes to both the Course Info tab and at the Calendar level.
  • Add the CourseMaster ID to the to of the Course Master Information.
  • Updated the Course Grading Tasks, Standards, Categories, and Grade Calc Options tools with icons that indicate which items are locked at the Course Master level, unlocked at the Course Catalog level, no longer linked to a Course Master, or managed at the Course level.
Point of Sale
Ability to Display Multiple POS Display Flags
POS now allows cashiers to see more than one POS Display flag in their terminal.
School Store
Purchase Limit Notification
A message will now appear when an item has reached its purchase limit while shopping in the School Store.
Search in New Look of IC Updated to Reinforce Reliability
The underlying technology used for performing searches within the New Look of Infinite Campus has been changed. This change was needed to ensure users are given a consistent and reliable experience. This change also impacts the student and staff locator search tools for customers who are not self-hosted.
 The overall user experience has remained largely the same with the following differences:
  • Search results are now sorted alphanumerically instead of best match.
  • Instead of synonyms, person-related searches use strict name matching with the exception of advanced fuzzy searches which use nysiis phonetics. This applies to the new look as well as the student and staff locators in both the classic view and new look.
  • Users must now hit the search button in order for results to appear.
  • Users can no longer do opened ended/no criteria searching. You must enter search criteria when search Person, Household, Address, and Course Master.
  • Instead of unlimited search results, the number of results is based on the district-defined system preference.
Student Pre-Identification File 2014 Updates
The Student Pre-Identification File 2014 has been updated to add a checkbox to the extract editor called "Pull data from SPED product integration." If this checkbox is marked and a connection to a 3rd party application such as SameGoal is enabled, the following fields report from the documents in the 3rd party application:
  • Accommodations - ELA
  • Accommodations - Mathematics
  • Accommodations - Science
  • Accommodations - Social Studies
  • IEP
  • OST and AASCD Test Mode: ELA
  • OST and AASCD Test Mode: Mathematics
  • OST and AASCD Test Mode: Science
  • OST and AASCD Test Mode: Social Studies
  • Primary Disability Category
  • Statewide Student Identifier (SSID)
  • Test eligibility: AASC