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Campus.2243 Release Highlights
Activity Registration
Post to Course Section
The Post to Course Section option has been updated to include options to auto-post, manually post, or not post. If Auto-Post is selected, students are added to the section's roster after registration is confirmed.
Ad Hoc Reporting
Test Detail Filter Field Options
Within the Assessment Category in Ad Hoc Reporting, the following test detail filter fields have neem added: Archived, Seq, Curve Value, Curve Result.

Assessment Language Updates
Language has been updated under the Test Setup Tool:
  • “Copy Assessments Tool” replaces “Assessment Copy Wizard”
  • “Select Assessments” replaces “Select Tests”

Behavior Event – Harassment Indicator for CRDC Reporting
When a Behavior Event is marked as Harassment, a new field displays that will indicate the religious affiliation of the victim.

Campus Instruction
Grade Book – Grade Totals Section
A correction has been made to the Grade Totals section of the Grade Book where the sections now stays expanded or collapsed consistently when switching between sections.
Student Number Format Preference – Updated Options
When the Student Number Format Preference is set to "Windowing start number end number sequential", users can select one of the following:
  • Use the smallest available student number (default)
  • Use the next highest student number available in the sequence
Double Quotation Marks, Parentheses in Name Fields
Double quotation marks and Parentheses are not permitted in the name fields on a student or persons identities tab. A warning message will display alerting the user of the errors.
Enrollment Cleanup Wizard – Update Copies Forward
Under the method section of the Enrollment Cleanup Wizard, a new option is available that updates the Copies Forward enrollment attributes to match a previous year’s values. This new method addition updates the attributes most often found in the State Reporting Enrollment Editor such as Homeless, Immigrant, Resident District, etc.
Learner Planning
Special Ed Documents UI Updates 
Several visual updates have been made to all Special Ed Documents updated with the new look of Campus:
  • all checkboxes now display darker to contrast them from the background color.
  • the name of the Plan Type now displays next to the Editor Home header. An info icon displays next to the Plan Type name that displays the print format.
Progress Indicator when Saving Templates
When saving a template in Messenger 2.0, all buttons except Cancel are disabled until the saving process is completed to prevent saving duplicate templates.
Point of Sale
Quick Serve
Quick Serve is a new Food Service tool that allows you to easily ring up transactions for students en masse in the back office. This tool is helpful for smaller schools that do not need to use terminals or for schools that want to quickly enter transactions where meals were distributed to students (field trip). You are able to enter transactions for more than one day at a time and search for students by grade, homeroom, PIN entry and name.
Quick Serve does not display patron messaging such as low balance, previously serves or no a la carte that display on the terminal.
As part of this change the location field on the Journal was renamed “Terminal”
POS Terminal Updates
Patron photos are now available when searching, allowing cashiers to locate the correct person. A checkmark will not also display in the search panel for any student who has been served any item in the last 60 minutes.
In addition, when the terminal cannot reach the Campus server due to an incorrect URL, the error message now reads "Unable to reach server; check Campus URL."
Logic has been added to ensure flags that have been associated with students by a third party system cannot be converted to a program using the Convert to Program tool.
Course, Course Master – NCES Codes
The NCES Code on the Course/Course Master editor now displays as either a 5-digit code when only the Subject Area and Course Identifier fields are populated, or a 12-digit code when all of the fields on the NCES Data editor are populated.
In addition, the Available Carnegie Credit field now requires a format of N.NN. A warning message displays when another format is entered. Note that existing values in this field will NOT be converted, but when other edits are made by users, they will be required to modify that value. 

Unnecessary User Account Authentication Options Removed from Parent, Student, Public Store Accounts
The Exclude from Multi-Factor Authentication, Time-Based Two-Factor Authentication w/Enhanced Security, and PIV Card Authentication settings will no longer appear as options in the User Account tool for user accounts set with a Homepage of Campus Parent, Campus Student, or School Store as these options do not apply to these types of user accounts.
Calendar Rights Summary Now Available
A Calendar Rights Summary is available in the User Account, User Group and Calendar Rights tools that explains a user’s calendar rights, including which calendars they have access to and how this access has been granted.
Failed Login Attempts Count and Last Person to Change Password Data Added to User Account
A new ‘Failed Login Attempts’ field has been added to the User Account tool. Now, administrators can view how many consecutive failed login attempts a specific user has and has the ability to reset this count if they desire. Once the user successfully logs into their account, the failed login attempts count goes back to 0.
Also, a new ‘Password last changed by:’ field has been added. This field indicates who was the last person to change a specific user’s password and the exact date and time the password change occurred.
Support Phone Number and Email Incorrectly Showing in Password Reset Emails
The System Support Phone Number and System Support Email Address appearing in the Password Reset email notifications issue has since been corrected.
Task Scheduler
Quartz Improvement – Column Added So Scheduled Jobs No Longer Skipped if Server is Off During Execution
A column was added to the database that allows for jobs to be flagged so that if the job attempts to run and the server is offline, the job will not be skipped and instead run once the server is online. This is especially important for jobs which are only run periodically that unless flagged and put back in queue, would not get run until the next scheduled date.
Ohio Specific Updates
Ohio Special Ed Field Attribute Added 
The GE Exclude checkbox on the Ohio IEP, SP, and ETR has been added as an attribute to allow users to hide or display this checkbox as needed.