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Campus.2239 Release Highlights
Academic Programs
Batch Assignment Tool
The ability to batch assign students who have met the requirements of an Academic Program has been added to the Batch Program Assignment Wizard.
Academic Plan Status Report
The ability to find students who are not assigned to a graduation or academic program has been added to the Academic Plan Status Report.
Course Plan Administration
A new option has been added to the Academic Program Setup within the Course Plan Administration tool where you are able to define criteria for post certifications as well as define other criteria for certification.

Ad Hoc Reporting
Security Email Address Information Field
Administrators can now filter and view user account Security Email Addresses via an Ad Hoc field “usage.securityEmail”. This is found in Campus Usage > User Account/Summary > securityEmail within the Ad Hoc field selection window.
Display Setting Options
A Mark as Restricted check box has been added to the Display Options of Test Detail within the Assessment Center. Selecting this button limits the visibility of assessment information to designated user groups: 
  1. User Groups with READ-ONLY access to this Test
  2. User Groups with READ/WRITE access to this Test
At least one user group must be selected to save the assessment when it is marked as restricted. The results of 'Restricted' tests are not visible on the Student Assessment tab.

Filter Assessments by Status/Type
A new filter feature has been added to the Assessment Center that allows users to filter assessments by Status and Type.
Publish Test Tool (State Edition users)
A new Publish Test tool has been added to the Assessment Center. The tool incorporates the New Look of Campus and allows State Edition users to:
  • Publish Test Structures and Test Scores to selected districts
  • View the publishing history of a test

Campus Instruction
Student Details
Teachers can now access the Student Detail window when you click on a student name within the gradebook. The Detail window has been updated to sort student contacts by Emergency Priority and the priority ranking of the contact.
Campus Learning
SameGoal Integration
Ohio customers who use SameGoal to manage special education documents can now integrate those documents with Campus. SameGoal connections are managed in Digital Learning Applications Configuration/Learning Interoperability, where connections to OneRoster, Vertical Reporting, and LTI 1.3 are required. Users must also create a Flag in Flags Setup that is marked as Flagged and Special Ed.
Once setup is complete, students with documents in SameGoal will have a special ed flag display in the student header and Roster. When users click this flag, a modal opens with the option to open the student's special ed document. Relevant Ohio state reports have been updated to report based on SameGoal documents. 

Enrollment Editors
The General Enrollment Information Editor now shows the Enrollment ID as well as the Rolled From Enrollment ID. The Enrollment ID is for information purposes only and the Rolled From Enrollment ID numbers tells which record was rolled forward. Users will also be able to use this ID to decipher when the enrollment was created.
Income Eligibility Guidelines
Previously known as the Income Guide Tool, this tool can now export an Excel spreadsheet of the information displayed on the Free or Reduces tab.
The Letter to the Household was updated to use the terms "Twice Per Month" and "Every Two Weeks" instead of semi-monthly and bi-weekly. The Letter needs to be re-saved in order to see this change.
Advanced User Search 
Advanced User Account Search has been added to the New Look of Infinite Campus, matching the existing advanced search capabilities found in Classic Campus.
Homepage Selector Added to Advanced User Search
A Homepage dropdown list has been added within the New Look when using the Advanced User Account search tool. This replaces the Type field that was found in the Classic look.
Tool Rights Search/Calendar Rights - Added to Advanced User Search
A Tool Rights section and Calendar has been added to the Advanced User Search within the New Look of Infinite Campus. This section allows users to search for specific user accounts based on their assigned tool rights and associated access (read, write, add, delete).
Multi-Select Added to Column Filters in Payments Reporter
Users can now add multiple filters to the following columns in the Payments Reporter: Payment Method, Fund ID, Fund Description and Bank Account. 
Scheduling Trials
The word Active in parentheses now displays behind the trial that is currently marked as active.
Search Framework Status – Unexpected Indices Status Downgraded to Blue Status
Updates were made to “One or more indices are enabled when they should be disabled” is now a blue status instead of yellow.
Scheduling Group Selector Added to Advances Course Search
A Group field has been added to the Advanced Course Section search in the New Look of Infinite Campus. This field allows users to filter course section search results based on scheduling group.

Authentication Window for Time-Based Two-Factor Authentication Increased 
Users now have 60 seconds to authenticate their account rather than 30 seconds to account for issues where a person’s device time is slightly off from the servers time.

Campus IDP to Allow Samesite Lax Cookies 
Infinite Campus was failing as an IDP for customers who had the sameSite level for Tomcat set to ‘lax’, which was causing users to be redirected to the Campus Login page when trying to log into a 3rd party app. This issue was corrected.

Ohio Updates
Ohio - Report Updates for SameGoal Integration 
The Student SPED Record (GE), Student SPED Graduation Requirement (FE), and Student Program Record (GQ) extracts have been updated to first check to if there is a Vertical Reporting connection in use by the district to a third-party system such as SameGoal. 
If a third-party connection is present, Special Ed data is reported from the third-party system. If a connection is not present, the reports function according to current report logic.