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Campus.2219 Release Highlights
Attendance Reason Report
The Attendance Reason Report has been updated to be generated in CSV format – in addition to the existing PDF and DOCX formats.
Additional enhancements have been made to the Attendance Reason Report:

  • Text announcing what the report does and how to use it has been updated.
  • Student Day Minutes are now included in the Report Header when generating in PDF or DOCX format.  This value is determined by the Student Day Minutes entered in the Calendar Information.

Address Change Report
The Address Change Report has a new look to meet current technology initiatives.  The functionality of this report has not changed.

Gender Identity Report Options
The Demographics Data Report and the Person Summary Report (generated from the Demographics tool) now include a Display Gender Identity on Report checkbox.  

Contact Log
Contact Log Updates
Several small enhancements have been made to the Contact Log:

  • The Contact Type column now displays on the list screen and the records can be filtered by Contact Type.
  • The Contact Log Detail side panel has increased in size for more work space.
Learner Planning
Process Alert Rules – Event Options
The following Event Options have been added to the Process Alerts Rules:

  • Age 17 Birthday
  • Age 5 Birthday
  • Annual or Initial Plan Meeting + 1 Year

Special Ed Goal Monitoring
Several updates have been made to the Special Ed Goal Monitoring tool:

  • A validation is now in place so the Aim Date cannot exceed the End Date of the IEP.
  • Up to two places after the decimal may now be entered on the Data, Baseline, and Aim fields.
  • Two new date fields, Objective Start Date and Objective End Date, have been added to the Data Entry screen.  These fields auto-populate with the Plan Start and End Dates and are read only.   

Navigation (New Look)
Student Information Card Added to Student Header
A Student Information Card has been added to the student header – this card is displayed at the top of any tools related to modifying a specific student’s information.

This card displays as a small address book icon and can be found next to the student’s name.  The card appears as a pop-up, allowing users to view a detailed summary of the student’s information without having to navigate away from the tool they’re working in.  

Counselor & Team Information – Student Header
The student header in the New Look has been updated to include a student’s assigned counselor and/or team.

Counselor information will only display if the district has enabled the "Show Counselor in Student Header" system preference.

Student Search Results
Student search result logic in the New Look has been updated to take global context information (such as the year, district, school, calendar) into consideration when calculating and returning the Grade and Inactive status of each student.

Student Information Card – Student Enrollments
In the New Look, the Information Card available within the Enrollments tool has been updated to better display a student’s enrollment records and clearly indicate which enrollment records are inactive.

Online Payments
Online Payments Notifications
Districts can now set up weekly and monthly Payments Notifications for the Deposit Request Report.  Previously, the only option was a daily notification.

The Weekly Payments Notifications email is sent on Mondays, and the Monthly Payments Notification email is sent on the first day of the month.

New Scheduling Center
A new Scheduling Center tool is now available to provide an overview of a school’s progress towards completion of scheduling related tasks.  Scheduling tools are still located through the product – the Scheduling Center now displays all of them in one location.

Each scheduling milestone has its own section within the Scheduling Center and includes a progress bar towards completion, as well as a list of items that may need additional focus.

Users can select an item from the Scheduling Center to be taken to a particular tool to complete the task.  Tools available within the Scheduling Center will be dependent on the user’s tool rights.  

Schedule Reports – Legal Name Option
An option to print student Legal Names on Schedule Reports has been added to the Display Options.

When marked, the student’s legal first name, middle name, last name and legal suffix prints if entered in the Protected Identity Information section of the Demographics tab. 
Default Login Security Settings/Account Security Preferences
In an effort to strengthen customer security, the following updates were made to Login Security Settings:

  • The “Send an alert when logging into a new device” setting is now the default value.   All customers who currently have this setting set to “Do not send login alerts” have been set to the Send an Alert default value.  Customers must manually change the setting back to “Do not send login alerts” if they wish to not utilize this setting.
  • The “Enable Suspicious Login Attempts Mitigation” field is now set to a default value of Yes.   All customers now have this field set to Yes and must manually set it back to No if they wish to not utilize this setting.

The “Prohibit passwords that have been previously disclosed in a data breach” Account Security Preference is now set to a default value of Yes.  Customers will now have this field set to Yes and must manually set this preference to No if they wish to utilize this setting.

It is HIGHLY recommended to keep these settings turned on as they provide a valuable defense against security-related attacks and breaches.
Login Security Settings – Enhanced Security Update
The “Send an alert and require verification token from an authentication application when logging into a new device” Login Security Setting has been renamed to “Send an alert and require a Time-Based Two Factor authentication w/enhanced security (Third party authentication application required)”.  Originally, if enabled, the frequency in which the user has to reauthenticate their user account was defined per user on their account via a “Require authentication every” dropdown list.  This process was tedious and to improve the experience, the “Require authentication every” value is now set within Login Security Settings and the value selected is applied to all impacted user accounts.

The “Send an alert and require a verification code when logging into a new device” setting has been renamed to “Send an alert and require a Two Factor Authentication (Email-Based)” to better clarify how this setting functions.
User Session Manager
The User Session Manager has been updated now to show active administrative and helper user account sessions.  Users can choose to end a session for one of these accounts but they cannot disable them.
Gender Identity
An option to print Gender Identity on Transcripts has been added to the Transcript Display Options.

When the Gender preference is marked, the student’s Gender Identity can b selected to print on the Transcript, or the student’s Legal Gender can be selected to print on the Transcript.  

Ohio – EMIS 
State Program (GQ) Update
Logic for reporting State Seal information has been updated to report a record if a student is enrolled in the selected calendar for at least one day in the extract Date Range with a Service Type of P or N on their most recent enrollment.  If Seal Status is IP, reports the Student Plans to Earn value code; if Seal Status is C, reports the Seal Earned code.  If Seal Status is NC or blank, a record does not report.