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Campus.2227 Release Highlights
Academic Programs
Course Plan Templates
Course Plan Templates can now be deleted or overwritten for students when using the Programs and/or Batch Assignment tool for Graduation Programs.   
Assessment Type
A new option has been added for Assessment Type – BIL: Biliteracy.  If selection this Assessment Type, it is recommended to do so using the new Assessment Center tool.  

Dialer Extract
The Dialer Extract has a new look to meet current technology initiatives.  The functionality of the report has not changed, and still reports the students and their contact information for when they are marked absent in a period with an unknown excuse.  

Campus Instruction
Control Center Attendance
When a student is rostered into multiple sections in the same period, the Attendance tool only displays that student once.   Previously, the Control Center showed the student multiple times, but has now been updated to match the Attendance tool logic.  

Read-Only Lockers Access
The Lockers tool has been updated to allow teachers to be assigned read-only access to the tool so they can view locker assignments without being able to edit them.  
Tools right have been updated to add a new “Edit Lockers” sub-right.

Classroom provides a new section-based paradigm for teachers, compared to the tool-based structure traditionally found in Instruction.   When enabled, Classroom collects related tools and presents them within the context of a single section.

In this view, tools are divided into four tabs.   The first tab, Classroom, provides an at-a-glance view of the current & upcoming curriculum for the section.  This tab provides easy access to assignments, resources, and folders.  The Curriculum tab allows teachers to search, filter, and view their curriculum.  The Students tab collects a variety of tools related to classroom administration – such as the Roster, Attendance, and Seating Charts.  Lastly, the Grades tab collects grading-related tools such as the Grade Book, Post Grades, and the Progress Monitor.

There are two steps to enabling the Classroom view.   First, district must enable Classroom for all student and parents via the Classroom Settings tool (System Admin > Portal > Preferences > Classroom).  When enabled here, Campus Student & Campus Parent will see the new Classroom view in place of the Course Info tab.  This also enables toggle option for teachers in Campus Instruction. 

Next, each individual teacher has the option of enabling Classroom using the toggle in the top right corner of the Teaching Center. 

Digital Repository
Digital Repository Preferences
The Digital Repository Preferences have been completely reworked to greatly improve clarity into current data usage, provide file upload preferences, and consolidate all preferences into sections within a single tool instead of individual tabs.  

Preferences that used to be individual tabs are now expandable sections within the tool where you can individually enable or disable document attachment functionality per tool.

Messenger 2.0 Updates
Several updates were made to the new Messenger 2.0 tool:
  • Special Characters, Font Size, & Line Height formatting options were added to the Messenger 2.0 WYSIWYG editor.
  • Additional security was added for downloading and accessing messenger file attachments.
  • Districts may now insert images (via URL) into the Email message body using the WYSIWYG editor in Messenger 2.0.  This update applies to Emergency & General messages.
  • Campus fields in Messenger 2.0 were briefly displaying as invalid when navigating between steps.  This issue was corrected.  
Advanced POS Account Search
Advanced POS Account Search functionality has been added to the New Look of Infinite Campus, matching the existing advanced search capabilities found in Classic Campus.

No Show Students
No Show Students will no longer appear in student search results within the New Look of Infinite Campus.
Point of Sale
POS 2.0 Enabled for All Districts
Point of Sale 2.0 is now enabled for all districts that have purchased Campus Point of Sale.  With this release, districts do not need to open a ticket with Campus Support.   POS 2.0 features are now automatically available.

POS 2.0 Offline/Online Icons
An offline/online icon was added to the upper top right corner of the Terminal next to the Cashier Actions button.  The new icon provides a visual indication as to whether the terminal is connected to the network. 

Room Usage Report
The Room Usage Report has a new look to meet current technology initiatives.  The functionality of the report has not changed, and still reports a list of Course Sections scheduled to meet in which rooms during which period.

Scheduling Center 
Minor updates have been made to the text of the Responsive Scheduling card, the Courses card, and to the Year End Card logic for reporting duplicate IDs.  

Scheduling Trials – Trial ID
The Trials tool within Scheduling (not within the Schedule Wizard) now includes the Trial ID in the side panel.

Reset Account Password Error Message
The message that appears when a staff member attempts to reset the user account password for a user who is in a calendar the staff member does not have calendar rights to, has been updated to better clarify the issue and state:
“You do not have calendar rights to reset this user’s password.”

Ohio – EMIS 
Ohio Special Ed Updates
Several updates have been made to the Ohio Special Education area.  Updates to the IEP & Evaluation include:

  • A new checkbox – checking this box excludes this student from aspects of State Reporting.  This checkbox has been added to the Evaluation & Education Plan editors.

  • When a plan is amended, the validation has been updated to NOT auto-populate the end date when the Meeting Date is changed to the Amendment Date.

The following Plan & Evaluation print formats have been archived:
  • OH IEP 2018.2 Format
  • OH SP 2018.3 Format
  • OH IEP 2018.2 Format
  • OH SP 2018.2 Format
  • OH IEP 2018 Format
  • OH SP 2018 Format
  • OH 2017 Format
  • OH 2016 Format
  • OH 2015 Revised Format
  • OH IEP 2015 Format
  • OH IEP 2011 Format
  • OH PSP 2011 Format
  • Campus Default IEP Format
  • OH ETR 2018.2 Format
  • OH ETR 2018 Format
  • OH ETR 2016 Format
  • OH ETR 2011 Format
  • Campus ESR Format
  • Campus Part B Notice of Evaluation
  • Campus Part C Notice of Evaluation