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Campus 2036 Release Highlights
Activity Registration 

Below is list of Activity Registration updates:

           The ability to manually add students to an Activity Roster if they are enrolled in the school associated with the activity.

           Users can now remove students that were manually added from an Activity Roster.

           An option to remove an activity from the Activity Monitor by deleting or cancelling the activity.

          Product Description and Special Instructions fields can now be updated until registration is closed.

         The Activity Image on "Step 4 - Link to Portal" on the Activity Builder can be updated through the Registration status.

         The Activity Primary and Secondary Owners can now be updated until the activity is in a closed status.

         Miscellaneous cosmetic and performance improvements were made for an improved user experience.

Blended Learning Enhancements


The Virtual Attendance Preferences can now be copied to other calendars using the Virtual Attendance Preferences Copier Wizard.

All selected virtual attendance preferences in the Source Calendar are copied to the Destination Calendar. If the Destination Calendar already has preferences selected, they are overwritten with this process.

For students who are not currently assigned to a Blended Learning Group but are assigned to a group with a futures start date, that start date displays when hovering over the Blended Learning Group icon.

Blended Learning Groups can now be archived. This can be only be done for groups that have an end date in the past; active groups cannot be archived. Groups marked as Archived display at the end of the list of groups with a red Archived label in the Status column. 

Other Updates to Blended Learning:
When the Campus toolbar has All Years selection, a delay in the selection of a group and a selection of a calendar no longer occurs.

The Group Start Date now displays on the Preview page when adjusting groups.

The error message for a missing value in the Number of Days in Rotation in New Learning Groups is the same message that displays in Adjust Learning Groups.

Multiple calendars can now be selected, instead of just one calendar, when adding students to groups automatically, adjusting a student's group assignment and adjusting a group day assignment. Instead of All Calendars, a Select All button is available. This multi-select option displays as open, allowing users to choose a few calendars at one time without having to open the field after each selection.

A message now displays when the Automatic Group Assignment process is running indicating that changes cannot be made until the process is complete.

The suffix field (Jr., III, etc. ) has been added to the Adjust Group Assignment student selection.

The Group Name field is limited to 100 characters.

When adjusting student groups, the start date for students must be on or after the start date of the group.

Automatic Group and Membership Assignment 

If your district was using the original COVID-19 Attendance Process for recording attendance for students in the 2020-21 school year BUT Blended Learning Groups have NOT been created, one Blended Learning Group will be created automatically and all students enrolled in a calendar with Enable Covid-19 assignment insert marked will be assigned to that new group.

In addition, that automatic group, COVID-19 Attendance, is also associated with every attendance day in the affected calendar, accounting for all dates prior to taking this update. Students in calendars that do not have the COVID-19 Attendance assignments enabled will not be placed in the group.

Future Group Display
For students who do not have a current Blended Learning Group assignment but are assigned to a group with a future start date, the Blended Learning Group icon now displays in the student header. Hovering over the icon displays the start date for that group.

This applies to the classic navigation of Campus only.

Students without Households
Students who have no assigned household or are in a primary household without an address are now included in the automatic group creation process.


In Adhoc Reporting- there is New Blended Learning views have been added to the Query Wizard for the Student Data Type and the Course/Section Data Type.

For the Student Data Type, the *Blended Learning Term Summary* is available in the Student > Attendance folder. Use this view to find the total count of days a student is attending classes virtually and physically for a term.

For the Course/Section Data Type, the *Blended Learning Summary view* and *Blended Learning Summary (Overall)* are available in the Course > Section Information folder. Use these views to find the total count of students associated with particular Blended Learning groups.

A Blended Learning Participation Detail view has been added to the Student > Attendance folder in the Filter Designer. This option includes fields to create reports using the participation records of students, whether added by a student check in, a parent check in or a teacher entry of participation.

Campus Instruction 

Blended Learning - Instruction Updates 

Class Serve and the Planner have been updated so that when viewing a roster of students, those whose group is Virtual on the selected day display with an indicator. The following tools and reports have been updated to include Blended Learning Group information: Attendance list, Roster, Roster Report, Student details, Seating Chart, Student Groups, Message Center, and Planner.
Additionally, teachers can now enter dates in the future in the Attendance tab to see which students will be physical or virtual on a given day.

Campus Student and Campus Parent to show how students responded to Attendance check-ins on the Calendar > Attendance view.

Grades Reporting

The Grading Window now includes the ability to send notifications to teachers alerting them that they have not posted scores for the Grading Window.

Notifications are customizable and can be sent to teachers (staff marked as Primary Teachers and Teachers on Staff History), to teacher's supervisors (marked on the District Assignment record), or both, and can include a report that lists missing grades (the same format that's included in the Grades Report).

The Select Date & Time editor has been updated for readability on smaller screens.


A stored procedure has been created to automatically set the status on the Daily Health Log tool and add a program flag for a student based on the student’s symptoms.

The stored procedure has the following parameters:

1. Status HS1: Sick - No Learning Advised
  • Student has a fever of 100.4 or higher or the student has more than one symptom.

2. Status HS2: Quarantine - Safe for Online Learning
  • Student has 14 calendar days or less since exposure or student has three days or less of no symptoms since HS1 status or student has ten days or less since positive test.

3. Status HS3: Approved for Classroom
  • Student has four days or more of no fever since HS1 status and ten or more days since last HS1 status with multiple symptoms or two negative tests at least a day apart.

Learner Planning 

A new tool, Goal Monitoring, has been added to the Special Ed module. This tool is designed to document the student's progress toward their special education goals.

Point of Sale 

Student's Food Service PINs are now available as a barcode in Campus Student/Campus Parent. Students/Parents can use the barcode to make Food Service purchases. Parents can use their student(s) barcode to make Food Service purchases by using the student selector then going to the Today page for each student.

As part of this new feature, a new checkbox called "Display Food Service PIN Barcode on Today screen" was added to the Display Options tool in the Portal Preferences. The new checkbox is not automatically selected. To make the barcode display in Campus Student/Parent, mark the new checkbox. Turning this preference on also makes student's barcodes available in Campus Student/Parent. Campus only displays a barcode if the student is enrolled in a school that has the preference turned on.

School Store

The Orders report now includes the option to generate large labels in PDF format that can be used for labeling boxed/bagged food. To create the Large Label PDF, users must select "Labels - Large" in the Report Type dropdown list on the Orders Report editor. This report is designed to be printed on Avery 8395 Adhesive Name Badges. Eight labels print on each page. PIN and barcode information is included on the label if Point of Sale is enabled.
The following two new columns were added to the Pick List: 
Student Number and Payment Reference Number. 
The Payment Reference Number can be used for cross-checking in the Payments Reporter. 
These fields are also available in Ad Hoc.
A new checkbox called "Restrict to Associated School Enrollments" was added to "Step 3 - Availability" in the Product setup area of the School Store. When this checkbox is marked, the Recipient dropdown list in the School Store will only display students who have an enrollment in the active school year. This includes primary, secondary, and end dated enrollments.


Two-Factor Authentication Updates  

An update was made to ensure the TOTP code can only be used once during the valid time window. 

The issue with QR codes on iOS devices in certain apps stating the barcode was invalid because of spaces in the URL is now corrected.

Ohio – EMIS

Several updates have been made to the Ohio Individual Education Plan:

Additional validation has been added to the Exemptions editor.

A bug where a person completing an amendment would override all previous people who made amendment modifications has been fixed. The name of the person who last modified each editor displays regardless of who completes the amendment.

Previously, the Start Date populated on the OH Extracts editor reverted to the default date if the user changed the print format of the extract. The Extract Editor has been update where the Start Date populates based on the Reporting Period selected.

The GY assessment in the FA extract has been updated so that if Score Not Reported is X, the Scale Score reports the default value.

Field logic for the Score Not Reported field in the FA extract has been updated to report as follows for the GY assessment:
If Score Not Reported is a value other than * or X, reports as ***.
Otherwise, logic looks at the Assessment Code. If it begins with 3 alphabetic characters, the field reports differently based on when the student took the test. If that student's result is A, N, or P and the Test Date is on or after 4/1/2020, the Result reports. If the student's result is not A, N, or P and the Test Date is before 4/1/2020, the Scale Score reports. If the Assessment Code ends with two alphabetic characters, field logic is unchanged.