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Campus Release 2028 Highlights

Activity Registration Module

The NEW Activity Registration module is available for districts that also use the School Store. The module provides districts with a tool for managing activities that require a registration process including a registration packet, payment, and a roster.

Registration and payments are completed in the School Store. Activities display in the School Store based on registration dates that the district controls. An Activity Roster displays all registered students and allows the district to identify which students have paid and completed their required forms.

To use the Activity Registration module, districts must first set up supplemental Activity Registration documents in the Custom Forms tool and create an Ad Hoc filter for selecting eligible students. For more information, see the Activity Registration documentation.


School Store

The Start Date and End Date fields on the Product Availability screen were updated to include the time. Users can now set a specific day and time for when the product is available in the School Store.Several updates were made to the School Store to improve some minor functionality. With this update, buyers will receive a message if the quantity they want purchase exceeds the number available for an inventory tracked product. Also, users will now see a message if an item's price changed after they added it to their cart.


The following Scheduling, Student General and Calendar items are part of a series of enhancements related to Blended Learning as you prepare your building for students to return to school in the fall. Look for additional enhancements in the next release.



There is new scheduling tools for Blended Learning classrooms and instruction. Schools can now create learning groups, allowing each student to be designated as a virtual learner, a physical (on-site) learner, or a learner who alternates between virtual instruction and physical instruction.

See the 
Release Notification for Blended Learning for additional information.

Student General

A Blended Learning Group Flag displays in the student header that indicates to which Blended Learning Group the student is assigned.
The Student Attendance tool now includes the blended learning group assignment for students. Users who are assigned proper tool rights also have the ability to update the group assignment.



When using Day Rotation the warning message that displays has been modified to include Blended Learning Group Assignments. 

The Calendar Days Rotation Report now includes an option to print Blended Learning Group Assignments. The report now displays an additional page for each Blended Learning Group assigned to at least one day in the selected calendar.
Calendar Days will now include indication of the Blended Learning Group assigned to the selected day. Days can be assigned to a Blended Learning Group en masse through the Scheduling > Blended Learning tools, or manually added/modified on the Days tool.
Blended Learning Group Assignment is not impacted by the Day Reset function but is removed by the Day Rotation function if the Day Rotation is used after the Groups have been assigned.



Districts can now control which fees are visible in Campus Parent and Student. When creating a fee, there are two new checkboxes on the Fee Editor: Display on Parent Portal and Display on Student Portal. These checkboxes are automatically marked when creating a new fee. 

As part of this change, existing fees will also have both checkboxes marked. To hide a fee from Campus Parent or Campus Student, clear the appropriate check box(es).

User Security

There is a New Create User Group & User Account Tool. This tool replaces the old way of creating user groups within Campus with a new streamlined process which includes updated UI and improved user experience.





System Administration-Preferences

When the Auto-pay Fees with Surplus Balance preference is set to YES. Using the Fee Wizard tool to assign new fees or change exempt fees to un-exempt these fees are now automatically paid from the Surplus Balance 

A system preference has been added, allowing district to control whether the Try New Look of Infinite Campus toggle appears for all users, only Campus Instruction users, or no users. The Try New Look toggle is now available within the User Menu (the person icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen) and will appear here depending on the preference value set.

By default, this preference is set to ‘All Users’ for Campus Cloud and Cloud Choice customers.


System Administration-Data Validations

The User Interface for Data Validation tools have been updated to be more user friendly. The Validation Rules & Groups, Data Validation Report and Stored Procedures Setup tools have been enhanced to allow more control over DIS, and Stored Procedures are now supported.

Online Payments

A new column called "Status" was added to the Payment History screen to help users identify the state of their payments. The new column displays the following statuses.

Completed - All the items in the transaction are in completed state or resolved state.

Returned - All the items in the transaction are in returned state

Partially Returned - One or more (but not all) items in the transaction are in returned state

Error - All the items in the transaction are in an error state (canceled, exception, or revoked)

Custom Forms

Users now have the ability to send a Custom Form to parent/guardians and/or students through the Portal to be electronically signed

Team Members Tabs

Several updates have been made regarding the Role field on the Team Members Tab for the Counseling, PLP, RTI and Sped Ed ModuleThe Role dropdown has been removed from the Enter New Team Member tool for all modules.

      The Role dropdown has been removed from the Enter New Team Member tool for all modules.

      The Role dropdown on the Find and Link New Team Member tool has been renamed to Caseload Role for the PLP and Special Ed modules.

      Roles that are no longer used have been removed as options from the dropdown, including View Only, Read Only, Write, and Advisor.

Ohio – EMIS

There are no Ohio EMIS updates this month.