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Campus Release 2012 Highlights

Adhoc Reporting

Today’s Date Student Ad Hoc Fields Added  

The following ad hoc fields were added to the student view to allow for reporting today’s date values in ad hoc and messenger tools:

  • student.currentDate
  • student.currentdatePrintFormat
  • student.currentTimestamp


Ability to Delete Unwanted Calendars

With proper assigned tool rights, users can now delete calendars that were created in error or as part of the scheduling process and are no longer needed using the new Mark for Deletion option on Calendar Details and the new Delete Calendar tool.

This process is two-fold.

Marking a for deletion (Calendar Details). This means a user can select a particular calendar to be deleted and add a comment as to why it's being deleted. The calendar can also be unmarked for deletion.

Removal of calendars that are marked for deletion (Delete Calendar). This involves viewing a list of calendars that have been marked for deletion, validating those calendars, previewing the calendars, deleting those calendars, and printing a report of those deleted calendars.


A user who marks a calendar for deletion may not be the same person who performs the deletion of calendars. Those responsible for scheduling may have the ability to mark unwanted calendars for deletion, but the Campus Administrator may be the one who performs the removal of calendars. Tool rights are required for both the Mark Calendar for Deletion process and Delete Calendars process. See the articles in campus community for information on tool rights.


Campus Instruction

All reports that include standards have been updated with to display in a new font that includes a wider selection of symbols, special characters, and languages.

NOTE: Users should review all reports that include standards, such as report cards and transcripts, prior to distributing them to parents and students to ensure printed reports are formatted as exp

Campus Learning

The Score Analysis tool is now available in the Multi-Score editor and the scoring screen in the Progress Monitor.

Campus Student/Parent

Infinite Campus has integrated with Amazon Alexa to provide parents with access to select Campus Parent information via Alexa. This functionality is available as of this release, with the Infinite Campus Alexa Skill available in the Alexa Store.

Parents in districts with both Campus Learning and Campus Messenger licenses have the option of enabling this Alexa skill if they so choose. The same district-managed Portal Preferences and other settings that determine what displays in Campus Parent also apply to data accessed through the Infinite Campus Alexa Skill. Parents in districts with licenses to both products will see a notification in Campus Parent that the Infinite Campus Alexa Skill is available. Parents may then choose to configure the connection to Alexa by following the instructions in Campus Parent.


An enhancement has been made to increase the size of the Address ‘Tract’ field from a 5 character limit to 10.


Custom Forms can now be set up to display on Campus Parent and/or Campus Student as well as Section’s Roster. 


When reviewing a sent message report and an icon is displayed next to a phone number or email, a legend has been added to the bottom of each page of the report.

Performance improvements have been made to messenger email where in rare cases message send times took longer than expected.

Online Payments

Users may now update an existing Fund Account to add the Food Service and/or Fee Types fund account types. *Note that you cannot remove or re-assign Food Service and/or Fee Types after they are assigned to a Fund Account.

The column on the Payments Reporter called "Student/Staff Name" was changed to "Recipient."

Fields on the My Cart Checkout screen were re-ordered to improve the user's experience.

Point of Sale

Employee Self Service users can now see a list Food Service items that they have purchased. The My Food Service tool now displays all of their account details including deposits and adjustments.

Ohio - Protected Identity Information

Three fields to report Last Name, First Name, and Middle Name have been added to the reports listed below. An Identity Information checkbox has also been added to the extract editor of these reports. When that checkbox is marked, the new Name fields report from the Protected Identity Info section of the Identity tab; if not marked, the standard Identity data reports.

Updated OH Extracts include: FA, FD, FE, FF, FG, FN, FS, FT, GC, GD, GE, GG, GJ, GN, and GQ