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Campus.2407 Release Highlights
Campus.2407 Release Notes
Activity Registration
Activity Form Cleanup
The Activity Form Cleanup tool has now been added to Activity Registration. This tools allows districts to mass-delete incomplete registrations, as well as an automated deletion option within the Activity Builder and side panel to delete incomplete registrations individually in the Activity Roster.

Campus Learning
New Curriculum Library and Reflections
Per Infinite Campus, a Curriculum Library has been released for Campus Learning Customers. Using the Library, teachers can share folder of curriculum as well as easily add curriculum created by other teachers to their sections using the Curriculum Copier.
Currently, curriculum is shared by folder. Teachers can add metadata Details to their curriculum prior to sharing it, such as Subject and Grade Level, to help other teachers find it. Teachers may remove curriculum they've shared to the library, and users with the Curriculum Library District Manager tool right can remove any curriculum from the library.
When searching the library, enter search terms, or filter the library by Grade Level, Subject, or Standards. Click View to look at the items within a folder and add to section. Curriculum can be added by folder, or as individual pieces. When adding curriculum, teachers can set up grading details as part of the add process or save that task for later.
This release also includes a new tab in Assignments and Resources called Reflections. Reflections allow teachers to record how a piece of curriculum performed in their class via a short survey. Over time, as teachers can build up a record of how effective curriculum is and how well it works in their classes. To add a Reflection, click the Reflections tab on an assignment or resource and answer the questions that display. The questions vary from reflection to reflection to collect a variety of data about the curriculum, but some questions are included in every reflection.

When searching for an address, house numbers were sorting differently in the New Look vs the Classic Look. This has been resolved.

FRAM Communication
Minor enhancements have been made to Portal Inbox, e-Signature and letter editors within FRAM Communication.

Student Information > Grades Tab Improvements
Due to recent feedback Infinite Campus received about the redesign of the Grades tool, additional updates and improvements have been made. The Grades tool has been redesigned to lessen empty space and display more data at a time. The height of headers for courses and the rows for grades have been reduced and icons such as assignments and comments display next to the grades instead of below them. Cells for Posted Grades display as blue and cells for In-Progress grades display as yellow. A setting has been added to hide the words “In-Progress” if the color coding is enough of an indicator.
Additionally, the Grades tool has been updated to display with all courses in the Terms view and Categories in the course view as expanded by default. The Setting to collapse all is still available and the Settings the user selects are remembered the next time they come to the tool.
New tools rights have also been added to more closely control which users can see GPAs. Rights have been added for GPA with sub rights for Term GPA, Rolling Cumulative GPA, and Cumulative/Custom GPA with additional sub rights for Class Rank. Only the Read level of rights apply for these new tool rights.

Learner Planning
Special Ed Template Banks Multi-Select Function Added
Users can now select multiple Template Banks when entering data into a SPED Document.

OneRoster – Home Primary Language 
Include Primary Home Language has been added to the Connection Configuration options for OneRoster. This option, when marked, will include Primary Home Language in the metadata of the Users endpoint.

OneRoster – Assigned and Due Dates
Per Infinite Campus, date logic has been updated for the implementation of OneRoster 1.2 and OneRoster 1.1 with OAuth 2.0 so that when a line item is returned with an identical Assigned and Due Date and Time, one minute is subtracted from the assigned time to accommodate the fact that assignments in Campus cannot be Assigned and Due at the same date and time.

OneRoster – Score Comments
A checkbox “Accept Incoming Score Comments” has been added to the Connection Configuration sections of OneRoster connections that use OneRoster 1.2. When marked, the score comments are included in the data received via OneRoster and comments entered into Infinite Campus are overwritten. If left unmarked, the comments are not received and any comments entered in Campus remain the same.
OneRoster – Legal Name Setting
The “Omit Legal Name” checkbox in Settings has been changed to “Include Legal Name” and now is marked by default. Logic has been unchanged.

Online Payments
Minimum Payment Amount
The minimum amount for purchases set up within the Payments Setup tool has been reduced to $0.01. Districts with previously placed minimums that differs from $0.01 will remain the same until changed.

Programs – Foster Care, Homeless and Early Learning – UI and Print Summary Updates
Per Infinite Campus, the user interface and print summaries for Foster Care and Homeless have been updated as follows:
  • The list view for the program now indicates the District were the record was created.
  • The program details include the start date, end date and the Program Status at the top.
  • The program details display “Last Modified By” information
  • The default print summary now returns both the code and descriptions for fields that have been filled out in the program record.
  • The default print summary indicates the Created by District
School Store
Public Store Email Confirmation
Users who create Public School Store accounts will be required to confirm their email address via email. If an email address is not confirmed, then the user will be required to pass a captcha/recaptcha when checking out.

Ohio IRN Override Field Updates
The IRN Override fields on the FW extract has been updated to use the Enrollment District list on the Federal/State Program Updater.

Ohio Student Acceleration Record (FB) Update
One space has been added to the filler field immediately prior to the Accelerated Status Flag field so that the total length of each report is 44 characters.