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Campus.2343 Release Highlights
Campus.2343 Release Notes
Child Test User Interface Updated
The Child Test section of the Assessment Center Test Detail has been updated to do the following:
  • Side Panel defaults as the screen focus when the “Add Existing” button is clicked
  • When navigating to the child test:
    1. Right arrow / Down Arrow can be used to navigate between child tests to focus on the next available item
    2. Left Arrow / Up Arrow can be used to navigate between child tests to put focus on the previous available item
  • When the Child Test name is selected:
    1. Use the Enter key to move to the child page
    2. Use the Tab key to navigate to the Remove button on the screen and then select the Enter key to remove that child test
    3. Use the ESC key to reload the page and the focus defaults to the Name field

Score Fields Section Updated
The Score Field section under Test Detail within the Assessment Center has been updated to display in a dual list box.

Student Assessment Proficiency Level Logic Updated
On a Student’s Assessment Screen, the Proficiency Level field has been updated to display the proficiency value related to the Result/Proficiency Statuses data tied to the assessment. The drop list is blank if proficiency levels were not set up for the assessment.

Campus Instruction
Excluded Assignments in Reports
Reports that have an assignment picker have been updated so that assignments in a category that is marked as Exclude from Calculation display with a red “Excluded” pill icon after the assignment name. Assignments that do not have “Include in Grade Calculation” also display this pill if marked in the grading calculation.

Campus Learning
Images and PDFs in Curriculum
When an image or PDF is attached, the image will display in the body of the assignment instead of being prompted to download to view it.

SSRS Report Configuration Enhancement
A WSYIWYG editor has been added to the SSRS Report Configuration.

Early Warning
Refinement of DIS Objects for Early Warning State Syncing
Per Infinite Campus, to improve the performance and integrity of syncing Early Warning data to DIS, the following updates were made:
  • Yearly Scores now only sync the current scope year
  • Monthly Scores sync all scores but the package size was changed to 400
  • Daily Scores logic was updated to only store the most recent Daily Score
Official Attendance Period Update for Sections and Class Periods Resources
The Official Attendance Period element has been added for reporting in the Sections and Class Periods resources for Core Ed-Fi.

FRAM (FYI only – not enhancements)
FRAM Meal Benefits Fix
After a parent or guardian had completed the Meal Benefits application on the Portal, the Print Letter from their Inbox message displayed a blank screen on the Mobile app. This has been corrected.

FRAM Eligibility Calendar Rights Fix
When users have calendar rights assigned to them through a user group, they would receive an "Unable to load calendar rights" error when they open the Eligibility tool. This has been corrected.

FRAM Eligibility Fix
If a student had an Eligibility with a direct type code that doesn't match a code in the Campus dictionary, the Eligibility page would not load. This has been corrected.

Events and Actions
Events and Actions Logging Fix
(Apart of Campus Workflow Suite) Per Infinite Campus, The CampusEventLog table, which stores log information from debug logging of events in Events and Actions, now has a data retention policy to prevent unrestricted growth of the table:
  • Every night, debug logging is disabled on all events in Events and Actions
  • The maximum duration log messages will be stored is now 7 days
Grading Setup
Sort Order in Grading by Task and Grading by Student
The Grading by Task and Grading by Student tools have been updated to sort standards by the same logic as the Standards Bank.

Too Many Connections to RabbitMQ Causing Site Slowness
Per Infinite Campus, users were experiencing declining system performance due to an overwhelming number of connections to the RabbitMQ server. Backend updates were made to resolve this issue.

Messenger 2.0 Recipient List Enhancement
The ability to sort/filter student and messenger contact lists by bus lists.

New Look of Infinite Campus – Contact Information Section Added to Person Information Card
A new section has been added to the Person Information card. The following will display:
  • Last Name, First Name MI
  • Cell #
  • Work #
  • Other Phone #
  • Pager #
  • Email Address
  • Secondary Email Address
For the student, the guardians will display this information with the addition of their Relationship to the student. Links to the Demographics and Student Summary are also now available, but only if the person has correct access to the tools. The Student Summary will only if the person selected is a student.

OneRoster 1.2 – Omit Legal Names
Per Infinite Campus, a new Connection Configuration section has been added for OneRoster 1.2 connections which includes an option to Omit Legal Names. When checked, this option prevents Legal Names from the Protected Identity Information section of an Identity record from being returned via OneRoster 1.2 connections.

School Scoping
A new checkbox has been added to enable school scoping when configuring a OneRoster connection. School scoping is disabled if the checkbox is not marked.

Online Payments
Split Fee Enhancement
Per Infinite Campus, districts can now allocate the cost and benefit of online payment fees to each school's bank account proportionally. Previously, all Transaction and Service Fees were deposited into a separate Fund Account. These fees will now follow the Fund Accounts of the items being purchased. This enhancement streamlines financial tracking and ensures that funds are allocated accurately.

Lunch Start and End Times
Start and End Times have been added to the Lunch Setup tool. If a start time is entered, an end time is required. These fields are also available in Ad hoc.

School Store
Public Store Security Enhancement
Per IC, Google reCAPTCHA has been added as an option to the store login and checkout to added protection against fraudulent activity.

Polio Immunization Updates
All Polio OPV doses have been end dates as of 04/01/2016 for Ohio. See the Ohio Immunization Rules article for additional information.

State Reporting Updates
  • Assessment Type “Reading Diagnostic (RD)” has been added to the Student Assessment (FA) - Assessments extract editor.
  • The Acceleration Writing field has been removed from the UI. (Student Information > Enrollments > State Reporting Fields)
    1. The Acceleration drop-list selections have been removed and codes are now Yes or No.
    2. The Acceleration Reading field is now named Acceleration Reading/Writing
  • Logic for the Student Acceleration (FB) extract has been updated.
  • Codes for the State Code (System Admin > Special Ed > Services > State Code) have been added/reactivated.
  • Record population logic has been updated for the Student Program Record (GQ Elements) Layout.
  • The Tier 2 Dyslexia Screener Result column has been added to both the Student Attributes No Date (FN) extract and the Student Assessment (FA) - Assessments extract.
  • Code Names for the Non-Participation Reason have been updated.
  • The Finance/HR Software selection field has been updated on the Organization General Information (DN) extract.
    1. Record population for this extract has been updated as well.
  • Program Code logic for the Student Program Record (GQ Elements) extract has been updated.
  • A Test Day column header has been added to all FA Attribute records.
Immunization Rules Updates
The Hepatitis A and Flu vaccine immunization compliance rules have been updated. The following vaccines have also been marked for the Live version of the vaccine:
  • MMR
  • MMRV
  • Varicella
  • Measles
  • Mumps
  • Rubella
See the Ohio Immunization Rules article for additional information