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Campus.2339 Release Highlights
Campus.2339 Release Notes
Proficiency Levels Added to Assessment Center
The Result Statuses section under the Test Information of the Assessment Center now includes Proficiency fields.

Within the Attribute Dictionary, Proficiency Status and Proficiency EL Status has been added so users can modify the list or add more values.

Proficiency Statuses and EL checkboxes have been added under Test Information. Section headings have also been modified from Result Statuses to Result/Proficiency Statuses and Label has been changed to Result Label.

A new column of Proficiency Status has been added and is required when Proficiency Statuses is marked.

End of Life Messages Added to Proficiency Levels and Achievement Standards
The Proficiency Levels and Achievement Standards tools will not be available after the Fall of 2023. This End of Life Message has been added to each tool. The Result/Proficiency Statuses section now includes Proficiency Fields.

Test Detail Date Fields Updated
The full date is now required under the test Detail of the Assessment Center. An error message will display when the complete date is not entered.

Test Detail User Interface Updated
Per Infinite Campus, the Test Detail section of the Assessment Center has been updated to enhance the user experience:
  • Users can navigate backward/forward on the screen and expand/collapse the page dividers using the Tab button on the keyboard.

Campus Instruction
Instruction Reports – Multi-Select Dropdown Lists
The section drop down lists in reports now stays open once clicked to allow users to select multiple sections.

Campus Student/Parent
Campus Parent & Student Updates
Per Infinite Campus, the following updates have been made:
  • Updates to improve the accessibility of the home screen in Campus Parent and Campus Student
  • Students with multiple enrollments now see tabs for each enrollment in Today’s Schedule
  • Rearranged the Day Even alert in the individual student card
Additionally, the following issues were addressed:
  • Some language translations caused Campus Student and Campus Parent to lock up when selected
  • Students were unable to see their Academic Plan under certain enrollment scenarios
  • Parents with only one student encountered errors when generating the Academic Plan Progress Report
  • Clicking an email address in Campus Student/Parent to open an email with that recipient did not work if using a Chromebook
  • If Academic Planning was enabled only for students, the Graduation Progress field still displayed in Campus Parent. If Academic Planning was enabled only for parents, the Graduation Progress field did not display in either Campus Student or Parent.
Enhancements to Custom Tool Management
The Custom Tool Setup has replaced the Custom Outline Link and Custom Tab. This new tool now restructures both the outline link and custom tab tool by providing one place to create and manage these items. 
All Existing Custom Links and tools are displayed in this view with each items Classic and New Look locations and the type of tool they are.
Delete Custom Tool Instructions Added to Custom Tool Setup
In order to delete a published custom tool, users must unpublish the tool before the system will allow for deletion.

Data Integrity Tools
Data Validation Rules Update
Per Infinite Campus, Data Validation Rules for students that were converted from the Data Health Check are now able to be run by school plus end year.

School Data Validation Update
Per Infinite Campus, Data Validation Rules for Special Education and Behavior that were converted from the Data Health Check are now able to be run by school plus end year.
Data Utilities
Data Health Check Removed
The Data Health Check report has been removed. Existing rules were converted into Data Validation rules and Validation Groups will need to be manually added to the Data Validation Tool.

SIF v2.7 Certification Updates
Per Infinite Campus, The SIF functionality has been updated to use data base triggers and a queue for processing in order to process data more efficiently. 
The following have been updated to use the new functionality:
  • Assessment
  • AssessmentAdministration
  • AssessmentForm
  • AssessmentRegistration
  • AssessmentSubTest
  • StudentScoreSet
SIF – StudentParticipation Object Update
Add and delete triggers have been added to the StudentParticipation object for EL and FRAM start and end dates.

FRAM Eligibility Interface Enhancement
The FRAM Eligibility tool has received a new user interface.

Messenger 2.0 Recipient Report
Messenger 2.0 now has the capability to generate a CSV to view:
  • Total and Distinct Recipient counts
  • Full recipient list and the delivery modes they are eligible to be contacted at
  • List of excluded recipients

New Look of Infinite Campus – Staff Number Added to All Person Search Results
Staff members will now appear in the All Person search to help determine staff from non-staff people in the New Look of IC.

Person Title Bar Updated to Account for Person, Student, and Staff Information
Per Infinite Campus, the Person Title bar has been updated to allow for person, student and/or staff information (i.e. Staff Number, Student Number, etc). This title is available and shown for all person, staff and student tools which utilize this bar and will include any combination of person, staff and student information as needed per person.

New Look of Infinite Campus – Person Search Updated to Indicate Inactive People
The Person search has been updated to show “(Inactive)” after the names of inactive people within the New Look of Campus.

Last Synced Timestamp Added to Transportation Table
A last synced timestamp table has been added on the transportation table to allow for troubleshooting of records. (Only for Districts who use Tyler Technologies to manage their Transportation data)
Improvements to Transportation Sync
Per Infinite Campus, the following changes will be made:
  • If the bus does not exist within the IC system, it will not be created
  • The initial Pickup record and final Drop-off record will be used in the Transportation reporting when multiple pickup and drop-off times are recorded in a day
  • When creating a new record, custom fields and parking information will be copied over from previous records
  • The Stop Address will now be included in the Stop Description
(Only for Districts who use Tyler Technologies to manage their Transportation data)
State Reporting Updates
Per Infinite Campus, the following updates in order to support OH state reporting:
  • Added a new Updated Exit Status field to Enrollments and updated the Student Standing (FS) extract to report this new field.
  • Updated the code lists for Student Information > General > Assessment > Non-Participation Reason and Assessment > Test Setup > State Test > State Code
  • The following text fields were added to System Admin > Resources > District Information > District - General Information (DN) > Student Group:
  • The following fields were added to System Admin > Resources > School > Building General Information (DN) > Student Group:
  • The following attributes have been added to the Organization General Information (DN) extract:
  • The following Graduation Seal Codes have been renamed:
    1. Code 608044 is now named: Panjabi; Punjabi
    2. Code 608047 is now named: Pushto; Pashto
  • English Learners State Service Type Code M: Trial Mainstream has been inactivated
    1. 48: Expelled on the Enrollment Local End Status is inactivated
  • This code has been added to the Sent Reason 1 and Sent Reason 2 lists:
    1. X: Expelled
  • The District Testing Record (DT) extract has been inactivated
  • This code has been removed from the How Received droplist in Student Info > General > State Reporting Fields:
    1. F: Student Receiving Career-Technical Services Only
  • State Reporting Field Name Foreign Exchange Grad Plan has been changed to: Foreign Exchange Student
  • Only these two codes are available for selection in the Post Secondary Enrollment Plans drop-list:
    1. *: Not Applicable (not a foreign exchange student
    2. Y: Student is a foreign exchange student
  • The following codes were added to the TestScore.accommodation dictionary (Student Info > General > Assessment > Type of Accommodation):
    1. Y5: 504 Plan and IEP Accommodations
    2. Y6: IEP and EL Accommodations
    3. Y7: 504 Plan, IEP, and EL Accommodations
  • The following Type of Accommodation Codes have been updated/renamed:
    1. Y4: 504 Plan and EL Accommodations
    2. Y3: EL Accommodations
  • These Course Curriculum and Course Curriculum Override codes have been updated:
    1. VN: Career Tech Ed Non-Workforce Development Anchor
    2. VP: Career Tech Ed Workforce Dev Placement Anchor
    3. VT: Career Tech Ed Workforce Development Based Anchor
  • The following Student Course (GN) extract logic updates have been made:
    1. A record will now include a single course rather than up to three courses per record
    2. Each record's last populated column is "CourseEndDate". A filler occupies the final column in the record.
      • Update the header fields that end in "1". Remove the "1" since there will only ever be 1 course reporting per record:
        • LocalClassroomCode1
        • HighSchoolCreditEarned1
        • Partial/Override Credit Element1
        • CourseStartDate1
        • CourseEndDate1
    3. Populate a report record for each qualifying course.
Ohio Updates to the PreID Extract for the 2023-24 School Year
The PreID 2014 Extract has been renamed to PreID Extract.
Changes to the Extract Editor and Extract have been made and include:
  • Additional selection criteria when generating the report
  • Reorganized of reporting fields
  • Updates to reporting logic
Ohio Updates for the 23-24 School Year
An Updated Exit Status field has been added to the Ohio Enrollments tab. Student Group fields have been added to the DN (District General Information, Building General Information).
Ohio Updated School Field
A District IRN Override field has been added to the School tab.