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Campus.2331 Release Highlights
Campus.2331 Release Notes
Ad Hoc Reporting
New Look of Infinite Campus – Ad Hoc Query Wizard Updated to Recognize Context Change
Users are now able to change the year or calendar and rerun an ad hoc filter without the need to reopen it. In addition, a Return to List button was added to the Filter Designer to allow users to return to the list of ad hoc filters without having to refresh or exit the tool.

Ad Hoc Behavior Response Times Update
The ad hoc fields, ‘behaviorDetail.responseStartTime and behaviorDetail.responseEndTime, have been updated to display in standard time rather than military time.

Test Type Updates
A corresponding State Code or National Code is required in order for the user to proceed when the Test Type is set to State or National Test. 

Calendar Roll Forward – Calendar ID Display
The Calendar ID value and the Parent Calendar ID value are now displayed on the Calendar Information editor. The Calendar ID is for informational purposes only. The Parent ID will only display when the enrollment was created using the Calendar Wizard. This number is from the calendar from which the calendar was rolled forward from.

Campus Instruction
Missing Assignment Report Updates
Per Infinite Campus, the following updates have been made to the Missing Assignments report:
  • Clarified the introduction text on the report editor.
  • Updated the report to consider a student's roster Start Date - assignments due prior to the Start Date are not included in the report.
  • Updated logic so that if an assignment's End Date is passed, the student does not have a score, and the assignment has not been flagged as Turned In, the assignment is included in the report even if it has not been flagged as Missing.
  • Added an option to generate the report with page breaks between students to the report editor.
  • Updated the header on the generated report.
Classroom Now Defaults to Enabled
The Classroom tool is now enabled by default. Teachers can disable the Classroom tool by using the toggle on the Teaching Center. The Classroom Settings that controlled the Classroom access at the district level has been removed and the Classroom view is now enabled for Campus Parent and Student users.

Campus Learning
Discussions Integrated with Curriculum
Discussions are now fully integrated with curriculum and the stand-alone Discussions tool has been removed for teachers and students. Teachers can now add a discussion to any assignment they wish and student can then respond via Campus Student via the assignment. 

SSRS Reporting
The ability to set up a connection to an SSRS service from Infinite Campus to run custom reports has been added.
Data Utilities
Parameter Added to Data Extract Utility to Allow for Removal of Social Security Number Values
Per Infinite Campus, a parameter (@includeSSN bit=1) was added to the 3 default Data Extract Utility extracts to allow for the removal of Social Security numbers from being reported.
Data Health Check Deprecation Banner
A banner notifying users of the Data Health Check removal happening in .2339 has been added to select pages.

NOLOCK Query Hints Removed from Codebase
Per Infinite Campus, in an effort to improve system performance and mitigate the risk of query result inconsistencies, all NOLOCK query hints have been removed from the Infinite Campus codebase.

Learner Planning
Special Ed Evaluation Verbiage Update
The verbiage when referring to Special Ed Evaluations has been updated to use a capital “E” for Evaluation. This applies to evaluations written in the New Look.

Messenger 2.0 Preview/Test Message
Users can now select a messenger recipient and preview the message for inbox, email and text messages. This offers the ability to send test emails and messages in the context of the recipients in order to see how the message will look in Infinite Campus and in a text message.

New Look of Infinite Campus – Household ID Added to Advanced Household Search and Household Title Bar
A new Household ID option has been added to the Household advanced search within the New Look of Infinite Campus.

New Look of Infinite Campus – Campus Version and Server Name Information Added to User Menu
A new About Campus SIS button has been added in the User Menu that provides information about the Campus version as well as the server name.

New Look of Infinite Campus – Start Date Added to Future Address Search Results
Future household addresses will now show their start date within household search results.

New Look of Infinite Campus – Form Focus Updated to Start at Top Banner
Tool search has been updated to now require a search term and results are now limited to 500 results.

New Look of Infinite Campus – Navigation Breadcrumbs Updated to Better Function with Screen Readers
The breadcrumbs have been updated to inform screen readers they are breadcrumbs instead of series links.

OneRoster – Error Message for Empty Put Request
Per Infinite Campus, error logic for OneRoster has been updated to return a 400 error when a put request is returned with an empty body.
OneRoster – Enrollments Endpoint Update in 1.1
The terms reference has been removed from the Enrollments endpoint in OneRoster 1.1.

Staff Planner Batch Edit Staff and Constraints
As Infinite Campus continues to make enhancements to the scheduling tools, the Staff Planner now includes the ability to add or replace the totally number of periods and courses a teacher is allowed to teach to multiple teachers at one time.
Two Batch modes are available:
  • Batch Edit Staff adds or replaces the Max Periods, Max Courses, Max Consecutive Periods and Scheduling Team.
  • Batch Edit Constraints adds, replaces and removes Course and Room Constraints, as well as restrictions for the filtered list of staff members.
Scheduling Board Updates
Per Infinite Campus, the following updates have been made to the Scheduling Board:
  • The validation for a calendar not having any terms, schedules or periods has been added to the Scheduling Board Trials interface.
  • To assist users with potential schedule loading issues, information banners have been added when there is no staff or courses.
  • Descriptions for available Load Balancing options has been added.
  • The Mark Multiple Terms/Periods Settings option now displays those terms/periods in blue (was previously orange).
  • A new View Setting has been added, called One Section Per Row. When marked, sections that span multiple period schedule (Y axis) or multiple periods (X axis) now display on one line.
  • When the browser window is small enough to trigger a horizontal scroll bar, Staff Planner information now fits into the designated card space.
  • A Feedback button has been added to Scheduling Board, Course Planner and Staff Planner. Clicking this takes the user to a Campus Community Forum where ideas, comments, questions, etc. can be posted for future improvements.
  • The Locked Trial Alert message has been modified to let users know that a trial is locked while the save process is in progress.
  • When there are no Lunch options created for the calendar, the Assign Lunch option on the Section Side Panel no longer displays.
  • The available Percentages that displayed on the left side just below the Settings has been moved into a separate Trial Statistics Side Panel, available by clicking the Stats button in the Action row.
  • Navigation information has been added to the Hover options to more clearly indicate that courses, periods, departments, etc. can be right-clicked and can be dragged onto the board.
  • An option to hide the Course Number in the Section cell has been added to the View Settings Side Panel.
  • A new Split Cell option has been added to the View Settings Side Panel. When marked for the Course, the Course Number and Course Name display in two separate cells; when marked for the Section, the Course Number-Section Number (or any of the selectable values for View Section in the Settings Panel) and the Placed/Seat Count and Locked Symbols display in separate cells.
  • When the Drag and Drop: Enable Preferred Section Placement is marked in Build > Settings, dragging a section onto the board from the course caused the section numbers to be labeled out of numeric order. This has been corrected.
  • Placement suggestions no longer show duplicate records.
  • When dragging a new section onto the board, previous sections placed are no longer moved or replaced.
School Store
School Store Button Update
A “Save & Next” button has been added in order to reflect button functionality. 

Two-Factor Authentication Security Code Updated to be More Visible in Email Message
The security code provided via email using two-factor authentication has been bolded and made larger to improve identification and scannability.

Ohio Organization General Information (DN) Extract Updates
Per Infinite Campus, updates to the logic for the Organization General Information (DN) extract have been made. These logic changes reflect the changes made to the Building General Information (DN), Building Delivery Model, District General Information (DN), District Delivery Model, and Medical Group tabs in the UI.

Ohio Student SPED Record (GE) Update
Per Infinite Campus, The Student SPED Record (GE) Extract logic was updated to report both the initial IEP and the amended IEP for a student with both types of IEP records.
Ohio Student Course Grade (FR) Logic Update
Reporting population logic has been updated to assure students who have withdrawn from a section of the course do not report a GradeStatus = F