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Campus.2403 Release Highlights
Campus.2403 Release Notes
Activity Registration
Roster Repayment Processing
A new feature called Roster Activity Processing will now allow for cash, check and credit card transactions to be taken for an Activity from within the Activity Registration roster screen.

Feedback Button Added to Assessment Center
The feedback button link will take users to a forum thread related to feedback on the new assessment setup and score import functionality.

Attendance Wizard logic has now been updated to consider Lunch Setup table values for calculating a student’s attendance minutes when using the Check-In and Check-Out features.

Custom Tool Setup – Updates Made to Allow Searching and Filtering of Editor Columns
To improve the usability of the Custom Tool Setup, a search bar has now been added to allow for filtering and to more closely narrow tools/URL’s within Campus.

Classic Look Placement and URL Fields in Custom Tool Setup Updated to Prevented Truncation
The Custom Tool Setup look has been adjusted to take up more screen area to prevent the Classic Look Menu Placement and URL fields from truncating when viewing field data.

FRAM Communication
The FRAM Letter Editor has been renamed to FRAM Communication as well as an enhancement to the UI.

Redesign Step 1 of Messenger 2.0
To enhance keyboard navigation, Step 1 of Messenger 2.0 has been updated to improve accessibility, especially filtering options and Recipient Types.

New Look of Infinite Campus – Accessibility Updates for Person Info Card
Per Infinite Campus, the following updates have been made to the Person Information card:
  • The icon used to access the Person Information card is now labeled as “Information Card”
  • A tool tip was added to the Person Information card button
  • Flag buttons are now a list
  • Details after the Person Information card button is selected are now in a list
  • Shift-tabbing no longer takes you out of the card
New Look of Infinite Campus – Alert Icons Updated to be Ignored by Screen Readers
Updates were made to ensure alert icons which do not need to be read by screen reader software are no longer identified and read.

OneRoster Cache Refresh
Per Infinite Campus, the button to trigger a refresh of the OneRoster cache has been moved to the Settings section of the Digital Learning Application Configuration tool. The date and time of the last successful full refresh is shown above the Refresh button. The Settings button has been renamed Settings and Management and the options have been rearranged to clarify the distinction between LTI and OneRoster settings.

OneRoster Connection using OAuth 1.0
Per Infinite Campus, as a result of 1EdTech no longer supporting OAuth 1.0, new connections using that API framework can no longer be created. Connections can be created using OneRoster 1.1 with OAuth 2.0, or using OneRoster 1.2. See the OneRoster Migration Instructions article for more information.

Ohio Exiting Student Follow Up Extract Updates (FW)
The following fields on the FW Extract will now pull data from the Enrollment District List:
  • Graduate IRN Override
  • CTE IRN Override
  • SWD IRN Override
Ohio Student Attribute Effect Date Update (FD)
The “Students being served by 504 Plan” column has been updated to include logic that accounts for the SameGoal value of “@”.

Ohio Student Attributes No Date (FN) and Student SPED Record (GE) Extract Updates
A 2-space filler has been added to the FN extract. This space filler was added between the militaryStudentIdentifier and Tier2DyslexiaScreenerResults columns.