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Campus Release 2052 Highlights
Activity Registration
  • Changes were made to allow an activity to be purchased in Campus Parent when the student has multiple guardians and the forms have been manually updated in the Activity Roster.
  • The Post to Course section process was is now displaying the correct school calendar when more than one school was on the activity. 
  • The Ad hoc Filter Designer was updated to prevent users from deleting an Ad hoc filter if it is associated with a School Store Product or an Activity.
  • The selection (on or off) for the Registration Confirmation Process toggle is now retained when users exit and return to the screen.
Point of Sale 
To support school's COVID-19 food distribution needs, a new feature called "Multi-Day Serve" was added to the Campus Point of Sale. Multi-Day Serve allows schools to hand out meals for multiple days using a single transaction on the point of sale. This eliminates the need for manually entering daily meals. Eligibility rules are still followed and meals can still be verified using the Edit Check report. 
Students are charged for the meals on the day the meal was meant to be served to them, not necessarily on the day they received the meal. Multi-Day Serve can be run with the terminal offline or online. Multi-Day Serve does not allow deposits or cash/check payments.

To use this new feature, cashiers can select "Multi-Day Serve" on the Menu Control screen. The Multi-Day Serve screen allows cashiers to search for the patron, select the purchasable items, and select the days on which the meals should be processed.

The Tally Meal Entry version of the Edit Check report is now available for Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) schools or schools that simply need to record meals in bulk without needing to tie those transaction records to individual patrons. The Tally Meal Entry tool must be used in order to subsequently generate this type of Edit Check report. This version of the Edit Check report prints school level summaries of enrollment and total meal counts grouped by the purchasable items’ Federal Program.
Note that the Tally Meal Entry checkbox must be checked when generating the Edit Check Report in order to pull in data entered via the Tally Meal Entry tool.

A new preference called ‘Password Reset Disallowed Time’ has been added to the Account Security Preferences tool. This preference allows administrators to set the minimum amount of hours that must pass between password reset requests for a user. If left blank, this preference is disabled.
Now when a user’s session has expired due to inactivity, the contents of their screen is no longer visible.

The Survey Designer has been updated to include a simple way to add students from a course/section roster as survey respondents. Now, when adding respondents, users can select a filter option of Section Roster and filter the list of students available by Term and Section.

The Add Respondents feature of the Survey Designer tool has been updated to refresh the respondents list whenever a new calendar is selected.

Ohio IEP Update 
The Accommodations editor now allows the IEP to print when large amounts of data are entered. 
Ohio - State Seal Codes
Twenty new State Seal values have been added for Ohio, which display on the Graduation tab. The Student Program (GQ) extract has been updated to report these new codes.
Ohio - Pre-Identification File 2014 Update
The following logic in the Pre-Identification Field 2014 has been updated to address EMIS reporting requirements:
  • When the Home School IRN is populated the Home District IRN will be reported. The same applies when the Home District IRN is populated the Home School IRN will report.
  • Home District Name and Home School Name are optional. Home District Name will only be reported for JVSD students.
  • Attending District IRN is required. Home District IRN must also be reported if the score data is available to a different education agency.
  • Attending District Name is also required and will correspond with the Attending District IRN. 
  • The required Attending School Name corresponds to the reported Attending School IRN which will correspond with the District IRN.