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Campus. 2112 Release Highlights
Blended Learning
A new Blended Learning Group Assignments tool is available in Student Information. This new tool provides a visual list of the student's membership in Blended Learning Groups, including current group membership and previous group membership. Users can also print a report of a student's Blended Learning Group Assignments.

At this time, this tool is read only. Any changes to Blended Learning Groups need to be made using the Blended Learning Group tools or modifying the assignment on the student Attendance tool.

Campus Learning
A new tool has been added to the Control Center called Engagement Check-In. This tool allows teachers to send their students check-ins through Campus Student, which can measure their well-being and engagement in class and with curriculum.
To access the tool, click the smiley face icon in the Control Center. Teachers then choose which question(s) to ask students from a provided set of questions, who respond through the Campus Student app. 

Teachers can then view and filter responses.

An administrator version of the tool has also been added to System Administration > Campus Learning which allows users with rights to view check-ins for all sections in the selected calendar.
Note: The new look of the Control Center must be enabled to use this tool. This tool is only available in districts with a Campus Learning license.

Campus Instruction
The following updates have been made to assignments:
  • Resolved an error some teachers encountered when selecting a Google Drive File with the file option set to Copy.
  • Added Sequence to the assignment summary that displays in the grading tool tip in the Copier and Edit mode.
  • Assignments in aligned to more than one section have been updated so that if a user clicks the name of another section in the Other Sections area, it opens the assignment in the context of that section, as shown in the breadcrumbs at the top of the assignment.

A new Student State ID tool right and a new Staff State ID tool right is now available. Previously, the ability to modify a state ID, whether for staff or students, was tied to the State ID tool right.

Conversion was done to assign any user who was previously assigned tool rights to the State ID tool right the same rights to both the Student State ID tool right and the Staff State ID tool right.

When users have these rights assigned, the IDs can be included in Ad hoc Reports. Full access to these tool rights require Read, Write and Add rights. Delete rights are not necessary.
The Mailing Labels Report interface has been modified for a new look and added functionality that includes the following options:
  • Save Options. This option saves the options selected in the report editor as a template for ease in generating the report using the same options selected the next time.
  • Apply Options. This applies any modified selections on the report interface to the selected saved templates, available in the side panel.
Mailing Labels can still be generated for students, guardians, teachers, or staff, and templates can be saved for each.

The Override Reason field on the FRAM application was updated to allow 75 characters.

Districts are no longer required to use the E-Signature functionality in order to use online meal benefit applications. As a result of this change, the "Meal Benefits" Online Application Preference can be selected without activating E-Signatures on the portal.
If you choose not to activate E-Signature functionality, keep the following items in mind.
  • It is ultimately the responsibility of each CNPSA (Child Nutrition Program State Agency) and local agency to review their state’s statutes and policies regarding what is required for the electronic transfer of information in state-administered Federal programs. Know the requirements prior to activating or deactivating E-Signature.
  • The standard application instructions (found in FRAM > Letter Editor > Online Application Instructions) lists information on PIN use in several places. If you are turning off or not using E-Signatures, update the instructions to remove reference to the PIN requirements.
  • There is language in the Terms of Use section of the E-Signature which mentions the electronic signature. Consider moving the information from this section to the Authorization Statement section of the Application Instructions if you are not using E-signature.

Learner Planning
The CSV report option has been added to the Caseload Summary Report.

A new option, Use Aim Dates, has been added to the report portion of the Special Ed Goal Monitoring tool. When marked, the Aim date range displays on the report graph.

The contactMode field from the Contact Log has been added as a field to view in Ad hoc.

In the process of identifying and correcting an issue that prevented the Messenger Maintenance Scheduled Task from deleting expired messages, an enhancement was made to the Messenger Maintenance tool. 

Maintenance Start Time: The time at which messenger maintenance will run a daily check to find expired messages. Expired messages will be removed during weekend hours when system activity is lowest. Maintenance includes deleting old inbox, email, voice, text messages and preview messages from the message queue and message log. Messenger maintenance tasks are built into the system and executed through the Task Scheduler. Users do not have access to messenger maintenance tasks via the user interface, except for the purpose of scheduling the maintenance through this field.
 The default value for this field is 12:00 AM.
Message Expiration: The age at which old messages (as determined by the district) should be cleared from the Sent Message Log, Recipient Log, and database tables.

The default value for this field is Never. Options for this field include 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, 4 years, 5 years and 10 years.
It is recommended to review your district's Message Expiration field in Messenger Settings. Consider the following Infinite Campus recommendations before making a selection.

Unless necessary, refrain from using the ‘Never’ option. Future messenger performance may be impacted as messages accumulate to high levels over time.

Select an expiration date time frame that considers instances where proof of contact may be needed (Ex: court).

Online Payments
With this release of Campus Payments, districts can begin migrating to our new payment platform. Campus is using a new payment platform in order to provide districts with a better user experience. After migrating, you do not have to call a third-party for support. Instead, you can call Campus Support. The new payment platform eliminates problems with syncing two different systems. Everything you need to do is now within Infinite Campus.

To begin the migration process, use the Payments Migration Checklist and review the Frequently Asked Questions available in Community

Product Information: Payments Migration Checklist; Payment Migration Resources

Article(s): Payments Migration Checklist; Payments Migration Resources; Merchant Signup Public; Merchant Signup Private

The Requests Satisfied Report has been updated for the following:

The Report Editor has been reorganized for organization purposes.
  • Students can now be selected for inclusion in the report by choosing All Students, a Filter, or manually selecting students.
  • When selecting All Students, No Show students can also be included when the Include Students Marked as No Show is marked. This is the only option that allows No Show students to be included in the report.
  • When selecting a Filter, students can be selected by Grade Level, by an Ad hoc Filter, or by a Scheduling Group/Team.
  • When manually selecting students, use the Quick Search to locate students or choose students from the list.
The report can be generated in PDF, DOCX (new option) or CSV formats.
These changes have also been made to the Requests Satisfied Report available in the Schedule Wizard.

The Response Extract has been updated to provide hyperlinks to files tied to questions within the survey. Selecting the hyperlink allows you to view and download the file.

The Add Respondents feature of the Survey Designer tool has been updated to no longer allow users to see or select invalid ad hoc filters.

A Save & Next option has been added on the Transcript details for quick edits of a field that is not visible on the Transcript Summary view to add several records in a row.

An Original Value label displays next to the original values populated for the Course Number and Course Name on the Transcript. Re-selecting the original value does not populate the additional fields throughout the Transcript details that are dependent on the Course (these fields vary by state).
 The Transcript has also been optimized for performance.

Ohio – EMIS
The following updates have been made to the FR extract:
  • The F: All Grades Final Reporting Period has been removed and new one has been added of L: Staff/Course.
  • The Data Set field has been renamed Reporting Period.
  • The Term field has been updated to report the length of time in weeks or semesters the course is taught.
  • The Course Grade field has been updated so that Honors and Grade Quality Points (+/-) are no longer reported.