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Campus 2044 Release Highlights
Activity Registration 
There is an update for checking calendar rights when using Activity Registration. The Activity Monitor and Builder now verifies the user has access to future calendars, associated with the activity, in order to edit activities.

Ad hoc Reporting
 A new field Test.endYear has been added to the Filter Designer and Data Viewer tools.

Blended Learning Enhancements

Attendance Office staff can now enter and modify participation for virtual students via the Classroom Monitor and the Course Section Attendance in Scheduling, as long as Virtual Attendance is enabled with Participation-Based Entry selected.

The Student Attendance tool now allows the ability to add a start date in the past for the student's blended learning group. This requires users to be assigned Read rights to the Can Backdate Blended Learning Group sub-tool right.

When a student has an assignment for another Blended Learning Group that begins in the future, an alert displays asking if that assignment should remain.

If a student moves from a virtual group to a non-virtual group for any date within the affected range of Assignment Start Date to the current date, participation records for that date are removed.

Also when the student moves from a non-virtual group to a virtual group for any date within the affected range of Assignment Start Date to the current date, participation records are added for that date for Tardy, Present, Early Release attendance events, and for days where the student does not have attendance events, unless that day is not considered an attendance day or the course is not marked for attendance.

This feature allows the backdating of a Blended Learning Group for a single student. Use the Manage Blended Learning Groups tool to backdate the start date for many students assigned to a Blended Learning Group. 

The Attendance tool has been updated to allow teachers to fill Participation Comments.

Additionally, a new Participation Type field has been added to the Attribute/Dictionary, which can be enabled and used to track Synchronous and Asynchronous attendance.

Blended Learning Group Tool
A new Manage Blended Learning Groups tool is now available. This tool allows users to change the start date of Blended Learning Groups to an earlier start date. Groups can be backdated with or without student assignments.

This new tool backdates the start date for the Blended Learning Group. Backdating a single student's start date in a particular group can be done from the Student Attendance tool. 

A new Ad hoc field called "totalDueAllYears" was added to the Student data type in the Filter Designer. This new field reports the current fee balance for all of a student's unpaid fees regardless of the year in which they were first assigned.

Users now have the ability to send a Custom Form to parent/guardian(s) and/or student(s) to the Portal to be electronically filled out.

A message has been added to the top of the Course > Grade Calc Options and Categories tools that states "Changes made here must be pushed to sections from the Course Information tool."

A survey has been created for districts to send to parents via the Campus Portal to report Daily Health Log information. The information from the survey will automatically be imported to the Daily Health Log tab when the survey has been completed.

Districts that do not want to use the Daily Health Log survey can disregard or delete the survey.

Online Payments
Before this release, districts could only change the Fee Types and School Store Products Types associated with a Fund Account. Now, districts can make any of the following modifications to an existing Fund Account including the Default Fund Account:
  • Add or remove the Food Service option.
  • Change the Fund ID name.
  • Change the Bank Account ID.
Note: When you change a Fund ID name and/or Bank Account ID, Campus creates an inactive copy of the original Fund Account and names it by appending "Archived" to the original name; e.g,"FundName_Archived." Campus reporting uses "FundName_Archived" for past transactions and uses the new Fund ID name for new transactions. My Vanco reporting will use the original Fund ID name and/or original bank account for past transactions and will use the new Fund ID name and/or new bank account for new transactions.

As part of these changes, the "Active" and "Inactive" columns were removed from the summary view of the Fund Accounts. Instead, there is a new section in the table called "Inactive Fund Accounts." Users can expand this section of the table to see all inactive Fund Accounts.

School Store 
Cosmetic updates were made to improve the appearance and usability of the School Store in Campus Parent and Campus Student. 

The Reset Account Settings button on the User Account tab has been updated to now also reset a user's two factor authentication configuration 

Updates were made to improve system performance when using the Survey Designer tool.

System Preferences
The Start School Year logic for mapping enrollment start statuses has been modified to be set as the current active school year; if an active school year is not selected, the current year is used.

Note that this only applies when the preference is set to Campus Maintained.

Users had two options available for Student Transcripts – one in Student Information > Counseling (the new Transcript) and one in Student Transcript in Student Information > General (the original Transcript). 

In this release, the original Student Transcript has been removed and replaced with the new Student Transcript available in Student Information Counseling.

  • When using the Classic View of Campus, Transcripts can be accessed from either Student Information > General > Transcript OR Student Information > Counseling > General > Transcripts.
  • When using the New Look of Campus, Transcripts are ONLY available in Student Information > General. Enter the word Transcripts in the Search bar to access student transcripts. Users must have tool rights assigned to Student Information > General > Transcripts for the Transcripts tool to display in the new navigation.
Existing tool rights to both Transcript tools is used to determine access and the highest access assigned is respected. If a user is assigned RWA to the original Transcript and RWAD to the Counseling Transcript, the user has RWAD to the Transcript in both locations.

The original Transcript included a Free Form tool right that allowed users to enter values for course name and number and school name and number that were not included in the school’s course catalog (e.g., when a student transfers and transcript records are added with the original school’s course details). This tool right is now available in the new Transcript.

Several new features have been added to the Student Transcript, as follows:
  • A loading icon displays when the Transcript is loading. Note that depending on the amount of transcript records available, the length of time for it to load may vary.
  • The Transcript displays in a read only mode. To update an existing record, click anywhere on the row to open the detail view of that record or use the Edit button to make quick edits to the fields available on the grid. To add a new record, use the New Details button. The ability to edit a Transcript record requires Read and Write tool rights.
  • Use the Add Row option to quickly add new records to the Transcript. This functions like the Batch Add feature on the original Transcript. This option is available after selecting the Edit button. When a user adds multiple rows but doesn’t populate any of the fields, those blank rows are deleted upon saving.
The following issues have also been addressed:
  • Localized fields on the Course editor that are used for state reports now remain marked on a student’s Transcript in the Additional Information editor and post properly with a student’s score for a transcript record.
  • Alert text is now aligned properly within the alert box.
  • When a user leaves a required field empty, an alert displays indicating it’s a required field when the user leaves the field. Previously, the alert displayed when first clicking into the field.
  • When adding a new transcript record or modifying an existing transcript record, the incorrect date of the record displayed, but was saved correctly in the database. This was due to the day of month not being a valid day in the month in which the record was created. This has been corrected.
  • Performance of the Transcript has been optimized when modifying or adding a record.
Ohio – EMIS

A new field called HomeSchool IRN has been added to the PreID 2014 Extract.
The CTE Program of Concentration field in the FN extract has been updated to report the CTE Program of Concentration if the program is active within the extract date range, is marked as State Reported, and has a Student Status of C: Concentrator. Otherwise reports as **.
The Meningococcal vaccine immunization requirements have been updated for Ohio.