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Campus. 2136 Release Highlights
Activity Eligibility Report-Student General
CSV has been added to the available formats the Activity Eligibility Report can be generated in.
A new Sort Name field has been added to custom Menu Item, Category, and Tool editors within the Custom Tools Placement Editor. Using this new field, users can customize the sequence of these items (alphanumerically) within Navigation Tree.

Note: The Sort Name field is only available for custom Menu Items, Categories, and Tools. You cannot sequence core tools.

Early Warning 
Early Warning Daily, Monthly, and Yearly score data is now available in State Editions of Infinite Campus (who have Campus Analytics Suite enabled).
Data from the following tables now sync to State Editions and are available for resync via the State Resync Data tool:
  • EarlyWarningScoreDaily
  • EarlyWarningScoreMonthly
  • EarlyWarningScoreYearly
The resync logic has been updated to support users with a core Ed-Fi connection that are using a vendor that has implemented a multi-tenant setup. Infinite Campus will only support one open connection at a time when a multi-tenant setup is being used.
Online Payments
Districts can now see inactive payments on the Recurring Payments Report. A recurring payment becomes inactive when it reaches its End Date or when the portal user deletes or modifies the payment. A new toggle called "Display Inactive Recurring Payments" was added to the screen. When set to ON, inactive and active recurring payments display. The inactive payments will display with the label "inactive" or "deleted."

As part of this change, the following new columns were added to the report. These new fields only display if you add them using the "Select Column" tool.
Created Date
Email Address
Low Balance
Payment Method
Recurring Payment Status
Version Date
A new feature called "Templates" was added to the Payments Reporter. Templates allow you to save a custom view of the Payments Reporter and use it again later. You can choose specific columns to display, group them in a useful way, and save your selections as a template. You can create multiple templates as well as update or delete templates at any time.

The Deposit Request Reference and Deposit Request Date were added to the Payments Reporter to help districts with bank reconciliation. The Deposit Request Reference is the ID the payment platform sends to Campus when Campus requests a disbursement. The Deposit Request Date is the date when Campus requested the payments to be disbursed to the bank accounts. A Deposit Request Reference number is attached to each request.
The Payment Method and Payment Source columns are now automatically hidden but can be displayed using the Select Columns tool.
Changes were made to the logic for the Deposit Process to ensure new deposit requests are not made on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, or on bank holidays. This change was made to make it easier for districts to reconcile transactions with their bank.
The Requests Satisfied Report editor has been modified to include a Course/Section Ad hoc filter (previously, this was an option to limit courses based on whether the course was marked as Required on the Course Editor or not). Now, users can select a Department and/or an existing Course/Section Ad hoc Filter to return desired courses.
A new tool called Student Thriving Index is used for the formative assessment of student social, emotional, academic, and physical well-being. 

Repeated participation in the Student Thriving Index allows schools and organizations to monitor student well-being topics such as sleep habits, social media use, and sense of belonging. School staff, district leaders, or organizational leaders can act on the results by identifying areas for improvement and sharing relevant resources to support their students. This input from educators and students helps to encourage student participation and create content aligned with their needs.

Ohio – EMIS
The High School Credit Earned 1, 2, 3 and Partial/Override Credit Element 1, 2, 3 fields have been updated to no longer consider the schoolID when reporting from manually entered transcript records.
Previously, the Score field of the FA extract was not reporting the Scale Score correctly if the Code for the assessment began with three alpha characters. This has been corrected so that if a Scale Score is entered, that value is reported. If Scale Score is 0, reports the Result. Otherwise reports as ***.
The Calendar Group Attribute C_CLDRTYPE has been removed from the DN extract. The Attendance in Hours checkbox has been removed from the extract editor.