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Campus Release 2004 Highlights

Adhoc Reporting

You are now able to use the Test button on a saved filter and when creating a new filter and looking at the results, in the Export to Excel option.

Campus Instruction

There is a release notification for Campus Instruction in the New Look and Feel of Infinite Campus. Please share it with any teachers that have been having issues with the New Look.

The following enhancements were made to the New Look and Feel of Campus:

Messenger Center has been updated to provide the same functionality and experience as the current Messenger Center in Campus.

Users can now reorder the Favorites Menu.

The design of the fly out menu for Menu Items has been updated to improve user experience.

A skip navigation link has been added to improve keyboard navigation accessibility.


The DOCX print format option has been adding when printing Counseling Meetings.


The following modifications have been made to the Schedule and Walk-In Scheduler:

Users who access the Schedule within Student Information Health can now access the Schedule without needing to be assigned rights to Student Information > General > Student Schedule.

In the Chrome browser, printing a schedule in PDF format now opens the report in a new tab like other print options.

In the Edge browser, the Roster Update panel now shows complete buttons/icons.

The Course View Report now prints No Scheduled Course for periods where the student does not have any courses scheduled. Previously, this printed EMPTY.

The Calendar Day and Week View now prints the No Scheduled Courses for any period centered within the period.

Extra spacing between terms on the Load/Unload Confirmation modals has been removed.

In IE11, the Search Panel and Requests Panel no longer contains extra space when viewing the information box.

Student names now display in their entirety on the Grade Summary Page.

Special Ed

Special Ed Tool Rights has an update. Previously, the Locked tool right granted the user the ability to Unlock a document. With this update, this will now be labeled the Unlock tool right. Any user who currently has rights to Locked will automatically get Read rights to Unlock.

Previously, a user could lock a document with the Write tool right to Documents. A new tool right, Lock, was also created to separate the lock functionality. Any user who currently has the Write right to Documents will automatically get Read rights to the Lock tool right.

These tool rights have been created for each document type within the Special Ed module. No changes are to occur for any tool rights previously assigned. If a user was able to lock and not unlock then their security should be the same prior to the update. LGCA suggests checking a couple of users to ensure that the security is in fact the same.

Ohio – Adhoc Updates

The customIdentity.birthPlace Ad hoc field has been deprecated.

A new Ad hoc filed of Identity.birthCity has been added, which reports data from Census > People > Demographics > Birth City

Ohio – Student Assessment (FA) Updates

Two new values have been added to the Required Test Type field on the student Assessments tab: IDP and INP.

The FA extract has been updated for the GW assessment so that the Required Test Type field reports the Required Test Type selected if on or after 07/01/19, or as STR if not.

Ohio- Tool Rights Fix 

An issue with the Lock and Unlock tool rights for Ohio Special Ed has been resolved.