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Campus Release 2001 Highlights

Campus Instruction

There are several enhancements to Reports in Campus Instruction. Here a couple of those enhancements:

The option to generate a report for a Student Group has been added to all reports that include a student selector:

Blank Spreadsheet

Flagged Assignments

Grade Book Export

Grades Report

Missing Assignments

Report Card

Roster Labels

Scored Rubrics

Section Summary

Student Assessment Summary

Student Summary

Users now have the option of saving the options selected in a report editor as a template to use later. Click the Save Options button to save the currently selected editor options as a template and give this template a name. Click the Manage Options button to view a list of your saved templates and select one to use.

A dropdown list has been added to the top of report editors to let users switch between reports without leaving the report editor.

The Roster report, previously available only in the Roster tool itself, has been added as a stand-alone report in the Campus Instruction Reports. Additionally, the report can be generated for multiple sections at a time.

The following reports have been updated to allow teachers to report data from multiple sections in the same report:

Section Summary

Student Summary


Portal Usage

Multiple sections can be selected in the Context section, updating the student and assignment lists to include data from all selected sections.

Campus Student/Parent Updates

Campus Student and Campus Parent have been updated to allow graduated students and their parents to view custom tools that they have access to. Logic for creating new accounts has also been updated so that accounts created using a GUID are assigned a home page of Campus Parent by default, unless the user has an active or future enrollment.


A Cancel button has been added to the Custom Forms interface to navigate the user back to the Documents tool.


Online Payments

When users delete a payment method, a notification now displays explaining that any recurring payments that use the payment method will also be deleted.

Districts can now use the Payments Reporter to resolve transactions that processed in Vanco but still appear to be in an Exception, Cancelled, or Pending Status. To manually resolve a transaction in Campus Payments, districts must request the transaction's Payment Reference Number from Vanco.

A new Feedback tool was added to the checkout screen in Campus Parent and Campus Student. Now, people can share their opinion about the My Cart and My Wallet tools.


The Search Limit system preference has been updated to include 3000 and 5000 search limit options.

Ohio - ACT PreID - Filler Fields

Two filler fields have been added to the ACT PreID extract.

Ohio - Student SPED Record (GE) Updates

The GE extract has been updated so that when Pull Prior IEPs/Evals is selected, the Meeting Date is the only date considered when determining whether IEPs existed prior to the extract Start Date.

Ohio Special Ed Updates

The Amount of Time (minutes) and Service Frequency fields on the IEP and SP Assistive Technology editors are no longer required.

The following fields have been added to Ad hoc:

personID (Student > Learner Planning > Progress Report > personID)

districtID (Student > Learner Planning > Progress Report > districtID)

progressReportID (Student > Learner Planning > Progress Report > progressReportID)

planID (Student > Learner Planning > Progress Report > planID)

locked (Student > Learner Planning > Progress Report > locked)

reportDate (Student > Learner Planning > Progress Report > reportDate)

reportingPeriod (Student > Learner Planning > Progress Report > reportingPeriod)

createdDate (Student > Learner Planning > Progress Report > createdDate)

createdByID (Student > Learner Planning > Progress Report > createdByID)

createdBy (Student > Learner Planning > Progress Report > createdBy)

modifiedDate (Student > Learner Planning > Progress Report > modifiedDate)

modifiedByID (Student > Learner Planning > Progress Report > modifiedByID)

modifiedBy (Student > Learner Planning > Progress Report > modifiedBy)

Ohio – PreID 2014 Updates

The PreID 2014 extract has been updated to change the default report value for AASCD assessments from N to O.

Ohio - SAT PreID Updates

The following updates have been made to the SAT PreID extract:

Social Security Number field removed.

Student ID Number field renamed to State Student ID Number.

Type of Student ID field renamed to District Student ID Number, now reports the Local Student Number.

Added a new field following District Student ID Number called School Student ID Number, which currently reports as blank.

Ohio – HB410 Student Truancy Report 

The HB410 Truancy report has been updated to compare calculated truancy data with existing truancy records for the student. Users have the option of comparing All Records or looking for Differences Only, which reports instances where a threshold was met but no record exists. Two new fields were added to the HB410 extract called Truancy Record Type and Truancy Record Date. Courses marked as State Exclude are no longer included in the truancy calculation. The truancy calculation will now delete truancy records if the record no longer meets the calculated threshold and there is been no user entered data stored on the record.

Ohio - Language Code List

The list of Language codes for Ohio has been updated to add 7 new codes and update 15 existing codes.