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Campus Release 1945 Highlights

Adhoc Reporting Update

To improve performance of attendance reports, attendance views that produce a day calculation (labeled as Daily Approximation or Daily Exact) now pull attendance data directly from the Attendance Day Aggregation table (AttDayAggregation).

Because the attendance views are pulling data directly from the AttDayAggregation table, today’s information is no longer included and the results are consistent with the Chronic Absenteeism calculation. This means daily attendance information in certain reports is only current as of the previous night's attendance calculation, or the last time the Attendance Aggregation Refresh was run.

These tools are affected:

  •      Student Attendance
  •      Behavior Letter Wizard
  •            Letter Designer
  •            Report Card
  •            Message Builder
  •            Staff Messenger
  •            Behavior Messenger
  •            Attendance Messenger

This change was first announced in the Update to Attendance Views Release Notification, published in August 2019.


Assessments Update

The Test Results Report has been rewritten with new options on the report editor and new printed layouts, available in PDF, DOCX and CSV formats.   
  • State Test subjects can now be selected. This includes an option for tests with No Subjects.
  • The report can include only tests the student has taken, only tests the student has not taken, or all tests the student has taken and not taken.
  • Test results now includes options for Passed, Failing, Missing or No Results Defined.
  • Test Score has been renamed to Result Status.
  • Score Types can now be selected, and includes any score type that is not hidden in the attribute dictionary.
  • A Display Options section has been added that allows the selection of the type of test score - best score, etc

Attendance Update

The Sub Attendance Roster Report editor and the print of the report have been modified. Users now have the ability to print student pictures on the report, print for a specific course, and enable/disable the Tardy and Time In/Time Out columns. The editor has been reorganized and can be printed in DOCX and PDF format.


Campus Instruction

A new Advisory tool has been released for teachers, designed to help teachers identify areas of improvement for students during classes such as advisory, homeroom, and study hall. Teachers who have the appropriate tool rights can use this tool to view a list of students in their classes who have missing or late assignments, and who have failing posted or in-progress grades. Click on a student to view the student's Profile, which includes attendance, in-progress grades, and assignments.

Note to administrators: Teachers must have the Advisory tool right to use this tool. Access to this tool can be governed in two ways:
By course using the Advisory checkbox on course masters, courses, and section.


By teacher using the "Include Non-Advisory Sections" sub-right, which grants a teacher access to the advisory tool for all of their sections, regardless of whether the Advisory checkbox is marked.


Campus Learning

Score Analysis is now available for assignments scored using scoring rubrics. This feature helps teachers understand where the class is succeeding and struggling by totaling the number of students who met each rubric criteria.

Also a new scoring screen has been added to the Progress Monitor which allows teachers to view all assignments and all of their alignments for an entire section. Previously, views were limited to all assignments for a single alignment or all alignments for a single assignment.


Grades Reporting Update

Updates have been made to the New Grading Window: 
  •       The Existing column on the Preview has been removed.
  •       A Search field has been added to the Grading Tasks and Standards steps.
  •       Term headers are now locked on the Preview.


Health Update

Several updates have been made to Health Treatments:
  •       An Active checkbox has been added to the Treatment List Detail screen. This is marked as default. Inactive Treatments display at the bottom of the Treatment List. A field has been added to AdHoc.
  •       On the Treatment List Detail, the Code field has been expanded to allow up to 10 characters and Description field has been expanded to allow up to 50 characters.
  •       Inactive or ended treatments linked to Conditions display in red and existing future Health Office appointments with inactive or ended treatments will display a warning when selected, "This treatment is inactive. Appointments for this treatment should be cancelled."
  •       Users are able to cancel future treatments. 
  •       The Cancel Future Appointments functionality now cancels unsaved appointments on or after the date entered.
  •       If a Health Office visit is saved with an inactive or ended treatment, a warning message displays that allows the user to either remove the treatment and save the visit, cancel the save and return to the visit editor, or save the visit with the inactive or ended treatment.


Online Payment

Error messages from Vanco that display when users attempt to make an online payment have been improved to better represent the issues that are occurring. This change should help users and Campus Support troubleshoot online payment issues. When a transaction has a status of Cancelled or Exception, an error message now displays in the Payments Reporter tool in the transaction's detail panel.

Point of Sale

A new feature was added to the Deposit Report that allows users to limit report results to deposits made at specific terminals. Campus limits the POS terminals available for selection to the terminals that are available at the School selected on the report editor. If multiple schools are assigned to the same application and terminal, you can see all deposits made on the terminal regardless of where the students are enrolled by selecting District (All Schools) in the School dropdown list.

Student Schedule

A new Student Requests report has been added to the Print options. This prints a list of the courses the student requested. Settings are now available in the Schedule Term View. Users can set whether to display course and section numbers in the course grid.
The following issues have been addressed for Student Schedule and Walk-In Scheduler:
  •       Ending a student's placement in a course section (End Rosters) with a date of the last day of the term no longer displays an error indicating the entered dates were outside of the term.
  •       Performance of the schedule in a school with many terms/schedules/periods has been optimized.
  •       Performance of the Walk-In Scheduler has been optimized.
  •       The Search panel now retains the entered date when searching and adding courses for one student and then moving on to another student.
  •       Correct validation messages now display when viewing courses in Term view.
  •       The course chevron to display course sections now resets when searching for courses.
  •       Text in the information boxes that display on the Requests Panel and Search Panel are now left aligned.
  •       Walk-In Scheduler information continues to display courses for students marked as No Show.
  •       A dropped double-period course section displays as two sections in the course grid.
  •       Scroll bars display when needed in the modals when loading and unloading sections.
  •       When searching for a course section, all sections display the same information - term, period schedule, period, team, IEP count - regardless of those items being available. For example, if a calendar only has one period schedule, the name of the Period Schedule still displays for that section.
  •       You can now update roster modals, validation messages and student names in full screen view as expected.
  •       The Upload Document error message (when the same document has already been uploaded) now displays in its entirety.
  •       When a section spans multiple periods and the periods don't have start and end times entered, mass loading of courses now functions without error.
  •       When a course is dropped with an end date in the past, the Lock checkbox no longer displays in the Roster Update panel.
  •       The Calendar view now displays both courses when two sections meet in the same period.
  •       Information for a course displays the same information in Term View as in Calendar View.
  •      Section Start and End Dates message displays correctly for a student when they switch course sections midyear.
  •      Changing settings in the Schedule Term View or in the Walk-In Scheduler occurs without the user needing to refresh the browser.


Ohio - Student Truancy Extract (FT)

The Student Truancy and Excessive Absence (FT) extract has been updated so that the Parent Notified/Excessive Absence, Absence Intervention Plan, and Student becomes Habitually Truant fields now report the earliest date found for the school year.

The HB410 extract has been updated to report each instance of a threshold being met, not just the first instance. One record a month may report for the EA38 and HT42 thresholds and one record a year may report for the EA65 and HT70 thresholds. A record reports for the HT30 threshold for each instance of 30 consecutive hours.

Previously, the extract generated duplicate HT30 records. This has been corrected.

Ohio - Field Updates 

The definitions for the How Received field have been updated for the new school year. Additionally, the Retained Status field has been moved to the left side of the Enrollments tab.

Ohio - Student Graduation (GC) Update 

Logic has been updated so that if the Reporting Period selected is G, a student must have a Diploma Date entered for records to report. A Diploma Date is not required in other Reporting Periods.

Ohio Immunization Update 

The Meningococcal vaccine immunization compliance rules have been updated for Ohio.

Ohio - Medical Absences 

A State Code of M: Medical has been added to the attendance editor. Truancy calculations have been updated to ignore attendance events flagged as medical.

OH Extracts- GQ Update 

The EL State Service Type code list has been updated and the GQ extract has been updated to report based on the revised list.