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NEW Update to Grading Window!

These improvements ensure the accuracy of posted grades and provide an automatic process for opening and closing the grading window at individual schools and at the district level.


This is a two-phased release: Phase 1 (Campus .1941) includes the general availability of the New Grading Window. The classic Grading Window remains but has restricted functionality and can only be used to close any open Grading Windows that were previously created. This allows you the luxury of getting used to the new tool and provides time for learner content to be reviewed and staff to be trained on the new tool. Phase 2 (future release in 2020) removes the classic Grading Window. All management of Grading Windows occurs in the new (and now only) Grading Window. Appropriate learning content will be available with Phase 1. Additional enhancements may be made between Phase 1 and Phase 2.

What's Changing?

This enhancement provides a brand new user interface and new back end logic. The following is a high level list of the improvements:

Visualize the Grading Tasks, Standards and Terms for ease in configuring a Grading Window

Filter Grading Tasks and Standards to see only the ones necessary

Select all parent/child Grading Tasks and Standards

Configure Grading Windows for multiple calendars at once 

Schedule Grading Windows in advance

Update existing Grading Windows Open and close Grading Windows easily

And much more!!

In addition, a new Grading Window table (GradingWindow) and view (v_GradingTaskTermPostActive) has been added. For future updates to this table, refer to the Technical Information article that is published with each Release Pack.

What do I need to do?

There is no immediate action to take.

If you have open grading windows, they can remain open. It is not recommended to use both the Classic Grading Window and the new Grading Window at the same time.

When your district takes the Campus.1941 Release:

Any existing open Grading Windows need to be closed using the classic Grading Window tool.

All future management of Grading Windows needs to be done in the new Grading Window.