Highlights of Campus Release 1813


Read-Only Calendar Rights and Removal of “All Calendars” checkbox

Administrators will have the ability to grant all schools and all calendars read-only Calendar Rights within Campus. This means users can now be granted the ability to select 'All Schools' and 'All Calendars' within the Campus Toolbar and have read-only data access within all tools for which they have tool rights assigned (including any reports within Campus). 

For more information, including screenshots and examples of tool right conversions: https://community.infinitecampus.com/kb/display/DOC/Read-Only+Calendar+Rights+Now+Available+and+All+Calendars+Checkbox+Removed+-+.1813

Campus Parent

A new Campus Parent Portal application has been released, which provides redesigned tools to simplify and clarify the parent experience. This new application improves visibility on mobile devices.

Campus Parent will continue to operate in parallel to the existing Portal as additional tools are added.

Parents can access Campus Parent by clicking the green "Try the New Campus Parent Portal" button at the top of the Portal.

Current Portal with Green Button: 


New Parent Portal View:



The Fee Statement will now properly display "All Years" when selected as selected in Filter By field. 


The Behavior Letter will now include both the Behavior Sub reports for the Discipline Summary and the Behavior Summary.

Messenger – Text Messenger

All text messaging areas within Infinite Campus have been modified to limit the length of message templates to 400 characters. 
This limitation applies to text messages only.  Any templates over the 400 character limit can no longer be saved. Users need to edit the templates to fit within the character length.
Note that any Campus Fields and Sub reports used in text message templates are not included in the total character count.
Templates created for the following areas should be reviewed for length:

=         Survey Messenger

=         Attendance Messenger

=         Behavior Messenger

=         Message Builder

=         POS Account Messenger

=         Staff Messenger

=         Emergency Messenger

=         Campus Instruction Message Center


The Form Administrator is now able to edit forms that have been deactivated.

Grading & Standards

For students who are enrolled in two calendars, the Choose a Report Card Format dropdown list on the Grades tab was not showing all report cards configured for the schools of enrollment. This has been corrected and does respect the Additional Enrollment tool right.  Duplicate Grading Tasks- Previously, an error occurred if the same grading task was added to a course twice, once marked as Post-Only and once not. This has been corrected.


All Grading Setup should now properly copy from one term/task to another during the Copying Rollup Data.


A new system preference, called Enable Default Transcript, has been added that allows districts to enable the availability of the Default Transcript Report.
This function is available via System Admin > Preferences > System Preferences:

Ohio - Percent of Time

The fields that we have been anxiously awaiting are now available! Users will now see 2 fields referencing “Percent of Time” on the Student Enrollment screen.  
The 1st field, District Percent of Time, will be used to populate the FS120 field which relates to the FTE for funding.  
The new field, Building Percent of Time, will be used for the attendance calculations that populate the FS Attendance.
Both fields have been populated with the original Percent of Time as found on the Enrollment Record at the time of the Release Update. This ensures that the reporting of the FS120 and the attendance calculations will continue to function as it was prior to the Update.
LGCA will be working with districts to take advantage of the new Building Percent of Time. This will ease the burden of “fully scheduling” students that are not on a full-day schedule.  


Ohio- Immunization Update

The Meningococcal (MCV4) and Rotavirus immunizations compliance rules have been updated for Ohio.
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