Working for the Excellence of our School Districts

As a consortium of school districts, we are an extention of LGCA member districts.  
Our Vision, Mission & Objectives are driven by the following committees:  Executive, Finance and Personnel, in addition to the LGCA General Assembly. 
Each committee is comprised of member district Superintendents and Treasurers which meet multiple times a year.   
Upcoming meeting dates are posted on our website via the Event Calendar.

History of LGCA


LGCA was founded in 1980 as one of 27 A-sites in the Ohio Education Computer Network (OECN) authorized pursuant to Section 3301.075 of the Revised Code, serving Ohio Schools in Lake, Geauga and eastern Cuyahoga counties.  LGCA is a consortia of schools under ORC 3313.92.  LGCA's Fiscal Agent is Geauga County Educational Service Center, and we are located in the Auburn Career Center.


The OECN was created by the legislators to deliver a statewide comprehensive Uniform State Accounting System (USAS).   Schools were connected with 1200 and 2400 baud modems with 2-4 terminals and printers connected to the A-Site mainframe.  The accounting software is supported by the ODE through the State Software Support Team (SSDT). Approximately ninety five percent of A-sites funding came from ODE.


In the early 80's LGCA services expanded to deliver the Uniform State Payroll system (USPS) and Equipment Inventory System (EIS).  In the mid 80's LGCA purchased a student software package (SIS/SAS) to provide HS with student grade cards, schedule cards and transcripts.  This expanded out network to the districts going to speeds of 4800 - 9600 baud modems with up to 16 different terminals connecting to the LGCA mainframe. 


In the mid 80’s the legislators changed the name of the A-site to DA-Sites (Data Acquisition Sites.) The number of DA-sites dropped to 24 and the ODE funding for the DA-Sites kept getting reduced. The DA-Site directors formed an organization to lobby on behalf of the DA-Sites called the Management Council of the Ohio Education Computer Network (MCOECN).


In early 90's the legislators mandated that ODE collect the district data electronically versus the paper OCCD-6 forms, which was the beginning of the Education Management System (EMIS).   EMIS continued to grow as legislators required more and more data. LGCA also offered a new statewide service for library automation through INFOhio. By the mid 90’s, districts started implementing networks, the introduction to PC’s and Apple computers, along with a new thing called the internet. The world started changing.


In the late 90’s came the concern of Y2K and applications that were developed did not take into account the 4 digit year. LGCA joined a pilot program to standardize student software across Ohio with eSIS a software developed by AAL.  Through 2012 LGCA utilized the eSIS student software expanded to all school buildings and services providing elementary reporting, testing, fees, special education, grade books and student/parent portals reaching more people than ever imagined. Other services like email, internet, firewall, hosting, backup, document management, technology support, VoIP services became part of the LGCA services.


Today, LGCA is now called an Information Technology Center (ITC) serving Public/Private School Districts, Charter Schools, iSTEM Schools, ESC’s, Boards of DD, and Metro Park systems. We provide Services, Professional Development and Support for these entities. Our state funding has flip flopped to < 5%, relying on local support through the services provided. We strive to be the technology leaders for districts.



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