Campus Release Update 1825.3 Highlights

Attendance Letters - New Absentee Level Type 

The Attendance Letter Wizard has a new option available in the “Type” dropdown list called “Absenteeism Level”. This new type uses the Chronic Absenteeism tools released in Campus.1821. 

Upon selection of the “Absenteeism Level” option, additional fields will appear that allow the user to further define the report as follows:

Mode (federal, exact, exact minute or approximate)

Criteria of Percent Absent or Days Absent

Minimum percent absent or minimum days absent


Campus Instruction Reports

Reports in Campus Instruction have been consolidated into a single tool, simplifying the previous model of multiple report tools. Report functionality is unchanged and duplicate reports have been removed.


Curriculum/Assignment Copier and List

The Curriculum Copier and Curriculum List have been renamed for users who have not enabled the Campus Learning premium offering.

The tools are still accessible in the Grade Book. See the Assignment Copier and Assignment List.



Individual Campus Learning Licenses

The Campus Learning Licensing tool has been updated to allow Admins to grant Campus Learning licenses to individual teachers in addition to school and district licenses.

Consult your District Campus Administrator LGCA for additional information.


Campus Student and Campus Parent Apps - Preparation 

In the future, the current Mobile Portal app for iOS and Android will be replaced by apps for Campus Student and Campus Parent.

These apps have not yet been released on app stores, but the underlying architecture has been added to Campus to support the apps. The apps will be available on app stores once enough districts have taken the release of Campus.1825.

The following link will provide answers to frequently asked questions: App FAQ


Chronic Absenteeism Ad hoc Summary Views  

Summary views for calculating chronic absenteeism values are now available in Ad hoc Reporting.


New Timestamp Added to FRAM Application Preferences Tab  

The bottom of the Application Preferences tab now displays the date, time and username of the person who last made a change to the preferences.

The tab also displays a new message at the top to remind users to check the USDA regulations and Campus Community for FRAM changes.


FRAM Income Guide Update 

The FRAM Income Guide was updated for the 2018-2019 school year.


NEW Walk-In Scheduler

A new Walk-In Scheduler is now available in the Student Information Counseling toolset.

The new Schedule with the new Walk-in Scheduler will be made available in the Student Information General Toolset at a future date. The delay will allow districts time to update their training materials and train their staff without disrupting day to day operations. This new Walk-In Scheduler has an updated look and enhanced functionality.

For details and a video on all of the updates please visit the Release Notes in Campus Community via the following link: Walk-in Scheduler Release Notes.


System Preferences - Enrollment Start and End Status Mappings

New System Preferences have been added that are used with the Enrollment Status Mapping tools added in the Campus.1821 Release Pack.


Districts can choose if the enrollment mappings are maintained by the user (district) or by Campus (default selection).

=  When set to User Maintained, the mappings are the responsibility of the district, and any modifications made to enrollmentstart and end statuses are done by the district.

=  When set to Campus Maintained, the mappings are maintained by Campus. Anytime changes are made to the state start and end codes, Campus is responsible for the modifications.


Districts interested in implementing additional enrollment status codes must align each new code to the state defined codes to ensure EMIS coding and funding isn’t compromised. 

Contact your District EMIS Coordinator and LGCA EMIS Support Team prior to implementing any changes.


Ohio - Progress Report Updates 

Two print formats of the Ohio Progress Report are now available, Progress Report and Transition Progress Report.


Ohio - HB410 Student Truancy Extract Updates 

The Truancy Extract editor has been updated to include an Absence Threshold field, which allows users to select which absence threshold(s) to include in the extract. 

This will allow users to separate the reports by threshold and permit the report to process quicker.


Ohio - Student Program (GQ) Update 

The State Seals program codes from the Graduation tab will now be included on the GQ extract.

Report logic has been also been updated to include only courses with a Program Code for roster records to report in the extract.


Ohio - Student Assessment (FA) Update

The Score field for the GW assessment type of the FA extract has been updated to report the Result entered for the assessment, or as N if null.


Ohio - Student Demographics (GI) Update

The Birth Place City field in the GI extract now reports as zero padded to maintain the length of the extract.

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