Campus Release 1937 Highlights


Campus Release 1937 Notes

Academic Planning & System Administration Reports - DOCX Format   

In addition to the current PDF formats available, the following Reports can now be generated in DOCX format:

  • Academic Plan Progress
  • Academic Plan Status (also in CSV format)
  • Course Plan Batch
  • Progress Report
  • Student Academic Plan Progress
  • Student Course Plan Report
  • Data Certification Event Report (State Edition)
  • Portal Request Summary Report
  • Roster Verification Event Report

Behavior Referral Tool Rights

Users with RWAD tool rights for Behavior Referral and no tool rights to Behavior Management or Student Behavior can now add events or participants to Behavior Referrals without receiving an error message.

Great New Features & Tools Added to the New Look of Campus 

Several new features have been added to the new look of Campus.

  • You can now mark tools as favorites and have these tools populate a separate menu. This allows for easy access to those tools which you find most important and use on a day-to-day basis.
  • You can also quickly access a menu of recently visited tools. This speeds up the process of jumping back and forth between different tools when working through various workflows.
  • Navigable breadcrumbs are now displayed under each tool name. Clicking an item in the breadcrumb will send you to the category or menu item selected.
  • An intelligent student and tool search bar has been added to the top of the screen, allowing you to quickly search for and select students and tools within Campus.

The following tools are now available in the new look of Campus:

  • Control Center (Instruction > Main Tools > Control Center)
  • Message Center (Instruction > Main Tools > Message Center)
  • Account Settings (User Account Management > My Account > Account Settings)
  • Notification History (User Account Management > My Account > Notification History)

Campus Instruction Reports Updates

Report Options on the Roster have been reorganized and expanded to give teachers greater flexibility when printing their roster.

Section Summary report has been updated with an option to report the average points and percentage for selected categories.

The following reports are available in CSV format:

  • Assignment Standards
  • Attendance Change
  • Attendance Summary
  • Flagged Assignments
  • Grades Report

Campus Student & Campus Parent Updates

Various updates and cosmetic improvements have been made to the following:

  • Updated Quick Links list to include appropriate URLs.
  • Clarified Course screen for sections that meet in multiple periods on different days.
  • Fixed teacher display information for sections with multiple Primary teachers.
  • Added lunch sections to schedules.
  • Improved accessibility of the login page.
  • Made visual improvements for small mobile screens.

 “NEW” Events & Actions Tool

A new Events & Actions toolset is now available with the Premium add-on feature Campus Workflow Suite that allows districts to configure day-to-day workflows so all individuals are notified as needed of important changes that affect students and student learning.

A district (or school) can create an event, like a change to an enrollment, and then add actions to that event, like an email to building staff. Stored procedures can also be created for that event, if desired. This requires database access and SQL knowledge. Complete learning content is available on the Knowledge Base.

Homeless Tab Tool Rights Update

A sub-tool right has been added for the Homeless tab that overrides the Write and Add tool right selections for the Homeless tab. If a user has at least Read rights to this sub-tool right, the user will be able to create a new Homeless record; an open Homeless record will be given an End Date one day prior to the new Homeless record's Start Date to prevent overlapping records.

An existing Homeless record's End Date cannot be overwritten with this function regardless of tool right selection on either the sub-tool right or the Homeless tab itself.


New Options Available for Flags

New icons and new colors are now available when creating Flags, Graduation Programs and CTE Programs in Program Admin. Users can now select from 30 images and 12 colors when creating flags. These icons display in the Student header and on the Section Roster in the Campus Tools and Instruction interfaces as well as the printed Section Roster report.

Forms Copy Tool Right Added

A new Copy tool right has been added to the Forms tool. Current users with the Copy functionality, previous with the Add right, have been granted the new Copy right with this update.

Grading Window

A banner has been added to the Grading Window announcing an upcoming enhancement and replacement of the Grading Window tool.

Messenger Preferences Contact Reasons

The Behavior Referral label in the Personal Contact Information section of Demographics has been renamed to Staff. It has also been renamed in all areas within Campus that use the Contact Reasons options. This was done to better fit the usage of that checkbox. Functionality for that checkbox (used in Behavior Referrals to notify staff) has not been changed.

Online Payment Changes for Incorporating General Ledger Account Codes

The following changes were made for districts that use the Finance module with Online Payments.

  • The Bank Account panel in the Online Payments Setup tool was made read-only for Finance users. Instead, districts can use the Bank Account tool found in Finance > Cash Management > Administration > Bank and Account Setup > Bank Account.
  • A new option called "Associate Account To" was added to the Finance Bank Account tool. This option allows districts to specify the areas in Campus where the account may be used. Current options are Accounts Payable and Online Payments.
  • Two fields were added to the Settings area of the Online Payment Setup tool to identify the accounts to which Service Fees and Transaction Fees are recorded. To edit these fields, users will need to be assigned the new tool right "Payment GL Accounts" found under Payments Setup.
    • Service Fee General Ledger Account
    • Transaction Fee General Ledger Account

Various Bug fixes applied for Online Payments

  • People who use Internet Explorer can now navigate to the Food Service tool in Campus Parent.
  • Users with access to Online Registration will now see accurate account information when making payments on the Portal.
  • The Fund ID field on the Fund Account tool was updated to NOT allow spaces behind the Fund ID.
  • When Point of Sale was not enabled, the My Fees tab displays as expected.
  • When a Fee assignment is adjusted, payments for Card Present Processing and Recurring Payments in Campus Parent/Student Portal process as desired.
  • The Optional Payments tool now allows users to pay the same Optional Fee for different students in a single transaction.
  • Transactions that were returned in Vanco were incorrectly marked as completed in Campus and displayed as complete in the Payments Reporter. These transactions have been corrected. Once Campus.1937 is installed, Campus will correct the past 35 days of incorrect transactions. Contact your Campus Support if transactions still appear incorrectly in the Payments Reporter.

Payments Reporter Improvements

The following columns were added to the Payments Reporter.

  • Student/Staff Name -This column displays the person to whom the payment was applied. If the payment was made for a family account, only one student's name displays. If the payment is for a transaction or service fee, no name displays.
  • Payment Method-This column allows you to sort and filter the report by payment method; e.g., echeck, credit card.
  • Payment Source -This column allows you to see how the user made the online payment: Portal, Employee Self Service, Card Present Processing, Recurring, Refund, or Reversal.
  • Bank Account -This column displays the bank account associated with the fund ID.

A new toggle called Include School Payments was added to the report editor. When All Schools is selected in the School dropdown list and the toggle is switched on, the report results include payments from all schools in the district.

An added new feature called Select Columns allows you to select which columns to display on the screen.

Point of Sale-Deposit Slips  

New fields were added to the Deposit Report editor to allow districts to associate a Deposit Slip code and a Deposit Slip Amount to the Deposit Report. As part of this change, a new tool was added called Deposit Slip. When the Snapshot for Deposit Slip checkbox is marked on the Deposit Report editor, Campus creates a Deposit Slip record that can be retrieved in the Deposit Slip tool. Users can also reprint the Deposit Report associated with the Deposit Slip.

Student Schedule, Walk-In Scheduler Updates

The following updates have been made to Student Schedule and Walk-In Scheduler:

  • Student to Student Constraints now look at future roster dates.
  • Improved search parameter logic has been implemented, when searching for courses to add to a student's schedule.
  • Enrollments marked as No Show are not included in the Seat Count totals.
  • When searching for a course by course number, entered values are not case sensitive.
  • Search options selected by a user are now retained when navigating away from the search panel.
  • Logic for Seat count totals prior to placing a section and after placing a section have been modified. If a Max Students value has not been entered for the course, the logic treats the available seats as unlimited. The seat count for these sections only displays the seats taken (i.e., no denominator).
  • A legend has been added that identifies certain information for a section when viewing search results. Term, period schedule, period, team, and IEP count are included.
  • Information about courses without sections and inactive courses, currently displayed in a hover, now displays in an information box.
  • The alert related to incomplete calendar setup has been modified.
  • In certain situations, the Walk-In Scheduler button was not visible on smaller screens. While using the Walk-In Scheduler on smaller screens is not advised, it can still be done and the button displays when expected.
  • The Seat Count for combined courses and the Section Seat Count now displays in the Search Panel.
  • Search results for Term and Term Structure only return results for the selected values.
  • The Report button that displays the Report Side Panel is now Print.
  • In Term view, the times associated with a period correctly show the AM/PM designation.
  • An All Terms Course View Report has been added. This is only available in Term View on the Schedule and in Walk-In Scheduler. This prints on one page.

Ohio - 'Violence Directed At' Fields

The 'Violence Directed At' fields have been moved from Behavior Events to the Participants area and existing data has been converted. The Victim of Student Violence field in the GD extract has been updated to report from this new location.

Ohio - Assessment Reporting Updates

New Test Grade Level Override fields have been added to the following areas:

The Assessment Tab, State Code list in Test Setup has been updated with new assessment names and the GU option was deactivated. These updates are also reflected in assessment state reports.

The GN assessment in the FA extract. The Test Date field has also been updated for the GY and GW assessments.

Added to the logic for the Accelerated Assessment Flag field in the FB extract.

Ohio - SSID Extract Updates

A Batch File Type field has been added to the SSID extract editor with options for B: Normal Processing and V: Validate SIDs. The option selected reports at the beginning of the extract. The District Number field has been moved from column 8 to column 10. 

Ohio - Graduation and FN Updates

The following fields have been added to the Graduation tab:

  • CORE Grad Req Met
  • CORE Grad Req Exemption Date
  • Expected Graduation Date

The following updates have been made to the FN extract:

  • Added four fields: CORE Graduation Requirement Exemption Date, CORE Graduation Requirement Met Flag, Expected Graduation Date, and Admission to Current High School Date.
  • Changed Math Diagnostic Code and Writing Diagnostic Code fields to filler.
  • Updated the sequencing of the state reporting Graduation Attributes.
  • The Admission to Current HS field reports a date for the current school.

Ohio Evaluation Update

Ohio Evaluation Summary Report is now obeying the page break functionality as desired.

Ohio Gifted Batch Update Fix

The Ohio Gifted Batch Update tool was erroneously removed from the index in the Campus.1933 release. The tool is now available. Users will need to reassign tool rights to use this tool.

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