Campus.2303 Release Highlights

Campus Student/Parent
Campus Parent & Campus Student – New Home Page
A new home page has been created for Campus Parent users which replaces the former Today screen. This home page collects the most important items needing parents’ and guardians’ attention for all of their students. The new home page displays a card for each student and summarizes information including:
  • Food Service Balance
  • Items needing attention such as documents, surveys and course registration
  • Assignments due today and tomorrow
  • Recent grades, scores, attendance events and behavior events.

Data Integrity Tools
Data Health Check Household and Transcript Rules Converted to Data Validation Rules
Household and Transcript Data Health Check rules have been converted to Data Validation Rules. Users who have purchased the Campus Analytics Suite can now generate and view data about these rules by including them in validation groups and then generating these groups via the Data Validation Report.
Early Warning
Insights Reporting and Analysis Functionality Added for Campus Analytics Customers 
A new module called Insights has been added to Infinite Campus for users who have purchased the Campus Analytics Suite. This new module contains 12 data visualization reports for better understanding and dissemination of information surrounding student assessments, attendance, classroom performance, and stability.
The following is a list of these new visualization reports:
Each report presents users with a graphical representation of data (in a pivot table) pertaining to the report’s focus which allows users to analyze and interpret this data without the need to create complex pivot queries. These reports also allow you to export the data visualization (and accompanying data) into various formats including PDF, HTML, CSV, Excel, and PNG.

Learner Planning
Special Ed Documents View Complete Editors Update
Users can now use certain functions and buttons to view all of the content within and editor up completion of a document. Previously, users were unable to expand rows of a table to see more information, click on icons, open side panels, etc.

Message Scheduling for Messenger 2.0
Enhanced scheduling tools have been added to the capability of Messenger 2.0. These enhancements will allow the district’s ability to communicate with staff and students by:
  • Scheduling one-time or recurring messages for one or more calendars with daily, weekly, or custom intervals.
  • Generating a recipient list at the time of delivery.
  • Sending confirmation emails when a scheduled message is sent.
  • Viewing and editing scheduled messages in new Scheduled Messages section of Messenger 2.0.
  • Quickly locating scheduled messages via three new search filters.

New Look of IC – Advanced Course Section Search Not Correctly Filtering on Schedule Group/Team
The ability to search within Filter Designer in the New Look of Infinite Campus has been fixed and now functions the same as it does in Classic Campus.

Point of Sale
POS 2.0 – Edit Item Quantity
A virtual key pad has been added that gives users the ability to change the quantity of an item in a transaction list.

NEW Staff Planner
A new stand-alone Staff Planner tool that functions outside of the Schedule Wizard is now available as part of new scheduling initiative that provides new features for easy assignment of courses, rooms and period assignments.
The Staff Planner lists active teachers in the selected school and the total count of periods they can teach, their percentage of FTE, the courses currently assigned to them, the amount of sections for the courses assigned, and in which rooms they are assigned to teach. New features include filtering by teacher or department.
This is the first release of the Staff Planner; additional features will be released in future updates.
The current Staff Planner (accessible through the Schedule Wizard Whiteboard) is still available and can be used interchangeably with this new Staff Planner.

Period Schedule Sequence Number
Validations have been added to the Calendar Period Schedule to prohibit the entry of a Period Sequence value that exists for another Period Sequence Value.
The value of the Sequence fields must not be zero (0) and must be unique. Entering a zero or a duplicate sequence number in these fields results in an error message, as does entering a sequence that is the same as another sequence. Validation messages display after selecting Save Period Schedules in the Action Bar.

Evaluation Ad Hoc Update
The Transition from Part C field on the Evaluation editor has been added to Ad hoc (Student > Learner Planning > Evaluations > partctransition).

CORE Area for Credit Options
The list of options for CORE Area of Credit in the Attribute/Dictionary under TranscriptCourse has been deprecated and merged with the list of options for CORE Area of Credit under Course.

ESY Update
A new ESY field has been added to the Special Ed Dates tab. The GE extract has been updated for the NIEP report type to report the Extended School Year Services field from this new location.

Ohio - CTE Program of Concentration 
The CTE Program of Concentration field has been added to the Student Follow Up Data (FW) tab. The FW extract has been updated to report this field and the three IRN fields from the FW tab instead of from Academic Programs.

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