Campus.2215 Release Highlights

Behavior Detail Report
The Behavior Detail Report has been modified for a font spacing issue to correct the overlapping of letters.
Behavior Updates for Gender Identity
The Behavior Preference for ‘Display Gender option on reports setup’ has been renamed to ‘Display Gender Identity Options on reports setup’.   The logic of the preference has not changed.  

The Gender field on the Behavior Event, Behavior Resolution and Behavior Removal report is now Gender Identity.
Campus Student/Parent
Batch Edit Tools – Portal Display Options
Three tools to make batch edits have been added to the Portal Display Options:
  • Copy Templates:  This tool allows users to copy a template from the source school to the destination school.  The copied template can either be a new template in the destination school or overwrite an existing template.  

  • Edit Templates:  This tool allows users to update display options templates for multiple schools en masse, such as turning on the Grades tool for all school buildings.

  • Edit Calendar & Term Settings:  This tool allows users to update Calendar and Term Settings for multiple schools en masse.

Enrollment Status Report 
The Enrollment Status Report now includes a Gender Identity checkbox.  When marked, a student’s gender is included in the generated print of the report for all report formats.  When not marked, a student’s gender is NOT included in the generated print of the report.

Lunch Count Report
Lunch Count Report Update
The Lunch Count Report has a new look to meet current technology initiatives – the functionality of this report has not changed.   Users still have the ability to use the classic look through the ‘Classic Report Editor’ option.

Grading & Standards
Course Credit Report – DOCX Format 
The Course Credit Report can now be generated in DOCX format.
Navigation (New Look)
Advanced Household Search
The Advanced Household Search functionality has been added to the New Look of Infinite Campus, matching the existing advanced search capabilities found in Classic Campus with the addition of Fuzzy searching which allows users to find household name matches based on similar sounding names or synonyms.

Advanced Address Search
The Advanced Address Search functionality has been added to the New Look, matching the existing advanced search capabilities found in Classic Campus.  

Section Information 
Section information displayed in the Course/Section search of the New Look has been updated to lead with the section number, making this information more prominent and improving the user experience.

Improved Accessibility for Menu Navigation
Menu navigation throughout the New Look of Infinite Campus has been updated to better meet the accessibility needs of Campus users.
Online Payments
Deposit Request Report Timing
The Deposit Request Report can now provide a summary of the deposit requests for a specific month, week, and date range.

Daily Deposit Request Report Updates
Several fixes and improvements were made to the Daily Deposit Request Report:
  • The page orientation was changed from Portrait to Landscape
  • A Deposit Request Summary was added as the first page and provides the bank account, the Deposit Request Date, and the amount of the deposit.
  • The Payment Method column was removed and the following columns were added:  Recipient and Payment Reference Number.
    • The Payment Reference Number was added to help users manually calculate the payment from which the fees originated and verify the fee allocation.
  • The columns on the report were rearranged to the following order:   Fund ID, Fund Description, Payer Name, Recipient, Payment Reference Number and Amount.
  • The Fund ID column was added to the Fund Totals section and will display in ascending order.  
  • The Transaction Fee column was renamed ‘Transaction Flat Fee’.
    • The Transaction Flat Fee calculation was updated.  Previously, the report was splitting the transaction fees evenly between the funds.  Now, the column reports the actual fund allocation from the database for the Transaction Fees within the report.
  • The Merchant Flat Fee column was renamed ‘Merchant Fees’.
    • The calculation for the Merchant Fees column was updated to pull the actual fund allocation from the database for the merchant fees within the report.  This column now shows 5 decimal places to more accurately reflect the amount from the database.  Previously, the report was using the gross amount from the report to calculate the Merchant Fees.
  • The Adjust In Total and Adjust Out Total now display below the Merchant Fee column.
Point of Sale 
POS 2.0 – Performance Improvements
POS 2.0 performance was improved so that patrons load faster and cashiers can quickly add items to the patron’s purchase.

POS 2.0 – Terminal Authorization
To prevent users from using a URL from another district to load district data on the terminal, a new ‘District Secret’ was added.  

During the initial setup of a terminal, districts must copy the District Secret from Point of Sale > Administration > Terminals > Get District Secret and paste it into the District Secret field on the POS Terminal Admin screen’s Configurations section.  This authorizes the terminal to pull data from Campus. 

If your district is currently using POS 2.0, you do not need to immediately enter the District Secret.  However, you will need to enter the District Secret the next time you change the terminal configuration in the POS Terminal Admin.

Schedule Conflicts Report
A new Gender Identity checkbox has been added to the Schedule Conflicts Report.  When marked, the student’s gender identity from their current Identity record prints.  When not marked, gender information does not display. 

Section Rosters Report
A new Gender Identity checkbox has also been added to the Section Rosters Report.
School Store
New School Store Summary Report & Notification
The School Store Summary Report is now available for districts to review the items that were purchased on a specific day.

Districts can also set up a School Store Notification for the new School Store Summary Report.  The notification is a daily email that includes a PDF version of the report.  The process for sending the daily email starts at 12:00 AM (local time) each day and reports all purchases from the previous day.

Search Framework Status Refresh
An update was made to ensure all data is refreshed when accessing the Search Framework Status tool or anytime the Refresh button is selected.  This ensures users are seeing the latest status when they first select the tool.
SSO Service Provider Configuration Tool Updated
The SOO Service Provider Configuration tool has been updated to now allow for multiple, concurrent IDPs/configurations.

This is especially useful for districts with a need to enable more than one SSO configuration, such as those where one IDP is used for staff logins and another IDP is user for student & parent logins.   When two or more SSO configurations are enabled, the SSO Login button on the Infinite Campus login screen changes, allowing the person to select which IDP to use before logging in.  

To lessen confusion, the following new settings were added to the SSO Service Provider Configuration tool to allow you to hide specific SSO configurations from specific login screens:
  • Turn off this SSO configuration for the Parent Portal
  • Turn off this SSO configuration for the Student Portal
  • Turn off this SSO configuration for the Main Login Page

Transcript Post Update
In an effort to clarify what is posted when using the Transcript Post tool, options have been added and/or renamed.   Users now have three options to choose from:
  • Post Courses, Scores, & Credits by Term:  This option posts course information, the score received and the credit amount received to the transcript record.  It can also add credit information to existing records on the transcript that were posted with only the scores.
  • Post One-Time Grading Tasks/Standards:  This option posts the course, score and credit received for any grading task or standard that is scored one time.
  • Post Courses and Scores Only for All Terms:  This option posts courses and scores only.  Credit information is NOT posted.

Ohio – EMIS 
Organization General Information (DN) Update
The DN extract has been updated to report a record for each day with a Day Event, for each state grade.  Duplicates are not reported for days with multiple events.
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