Campus.2411 Release Highlights

Campus.2411 Release Notes
Character Limit Increased for Test Score Fields
Character limit for Test Score Fields has been increased to 50 characters. This update is reflected in the following areas: Database, Attributes, Assessment Center, Student Assessment.
Fuzzy Matching Logic Updated for Data Mapping
Fuzzy logic in the Assessment Center has been updated in order to enhance functionality. Fuzzy Matching applies automatically only when Step 3 – Map Data has NOT been saved. 
Text has been added about Mapping Data:
  • Apply Fuzzy Matching Logic: Fuzzy Matching logic is applied to unmapped columns. This logic looks at the column heading and compares it to all score fields available. This only displays when Step 2 has “Source File Includes Header” checked.
  • “Apply Fuzzy Matching” button added under the “Data Columns for Import” section in Step 3. It displays when “Source File Includes Header” is marked for Step 2.

Banners for Assessment Tools Updated
The following tool deprecation banners have been updated to a indicate removal in a future release:
  • Achievement Standards, Copy Assessments, Proficiency Levels, Score Import Wizard, Test Setup

Campus Student/Parent
My Cart Accessibility Enhancements
My cart accessibility enhancements have been made.
School Store Accessibility Enhancements
Accessibility enhancements were made in the Parent and Student Portal for the School Store.

FRAM Communication Default Letter Signatures
Within Preferences, FRAM Admins now have the ability to attach a default signature to canned/default letters.

Vaccine Setup Kindergarten Code Update
The KG Code options have been removed from the Vaccine Setup tool.

Messenger Recipient Address
The Messenger Recipient report address fields in multiple tools were not pulling the correct address information when a person had been end-dated from a household and added to a new household. This has been corrected.

Ability to Send to non-Campus Recipients in Messenger 2.0
Messenger 2.0 now has the ability to enter email addresses and phone numbers of non-campus/external recipients to messages. These addresses and phone numbers will be contacts via the delivery mode selected between email, voice, and text. Email and phone numbers will be saved to messenger templates and scheduled messages, as well as recorded in the Sent Message Log.

Include Address Data Option
Per Infinite Campus, an option has been added to the Connection Configuration section of OneRoster 1.2 connections allowing users to control whether the connection should Include Address Data in the demographics date made available via the OneRoster API.
Combine Person Triggers Cache Refresh
Per Infinite Campus, logic has been updated so that a cache refresh is triggered when the Combine Person tool is used to ensure accurate data.

Limits and Offsets
Per Infinite Campus, logic has been updated so that the paging algorithms for new OneRosterURLs allow Limit and Offset combinations that are not multiples of each other.

Records Transfer
Student Records Transfer Document Types Added
Users can now send Health, Counseling and PLP related docs using the Student Records Transfer tool. (This tool is only applicable to districts that are part of an Infinite Campus State Edition instance or registered for the National Records Exchange.)

NEW – Requests and Rosters
Continuing with enhancing the Scheduling Tools within Infinite Campus, a new tool called Requests and Rosters is now available. This tool combines the functionality of the following tools to now be one: 
  • Manual Roster Builder
  • Section Roster Batch Edit
  • Request Wizard
  • Roster Copy
  • Section Roster Setup
Users can now use the Requests and Rosters tool to copy section rosters, add and remove students from a section, modify course requests, update roster start and end date and more!

Notice of Scheduling Tools Being Removed
The following tools are being removed from Infinite Campus with the .2435 Release (Aug, 26th 2024).
  • Schedule Wizard
  • Scheduling Build Constraints Wizard
  • Course Build Constraints Wizard
  • Section Roster Batch Edit
  • Roster Copy
  • Section Roster Setup
Banners have been added to each tool to indicate which new tool to use instead as well as the removal date.

School Store
School Store Displayed Text Options in Parent and Student Portal
Within School Store Settings, users now have added options to display general announcements about School Store Items within the Parent and Student Portals.
Public Store Accessibility Enhancements
Accessibility Enhancements have been made in the Public Store.
Previous Search Framework Dependencies Removed from IC
Per Infinite Campus, the following dependencies were removed from Infinite Campus:
  • The Search Framework Status tool has been removed as it is no longer relevant
  • Underlying view and stored procedures have been removed
  • Microsoft Change Tracking has been disabled for underlying tables
  • Quartz jobs and triggers responsible for syncing data have been removed
  • Start-up processes for ensuring Search Framework functionality have been removed
NOTE: In-district and self-hosted customers can now remove any firewall rules associated with

Tool Search Framework Update
Per Infinite Campus, the framework for tool search has been rewritten to no longer utilize a previous search framework. Although there has been a change, Tool Search behavior remains the same and users should see no discernable difference.

A test connection button has been added to the UI allowing users to verify that information will sync to Traversa.

sp_OH_TruancyAttendance Efficiency Improvement
The nightly process that updates the Student Truancy Tab has been updated to run more efficiently. 

IMPORTANT DISTRICT ACTION REQUIRED: To implement this update, all users will need to run the Attendance Aggregation Refresh manually. This refresh will only need to be completed one time.
Student Standing (FS) Updates

Logic for the Student Admission Reason column in the FS extract has been updated to exlude State Exclude enrollments.

PreID Extract Update
The Pre-ID Extract has been updated to pull from the SPED Product Integration for any valid date range, for all extract formations.
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