Campus.2351 Release Highlights

Campus.2351 Release Notes
Ad Hoc
Learner Portfolio Fields Added to Ad Hoc
For State Edition users, “Yearly GPA” has been added within the Learner Portfolio section. New filter fields will include: personID, endYear, districtID, weightedGPA, unweightedGPA.

New Columns Added to dbo.testScore
Per Infinite Campus, the following columns have been added to the dbo.testScore:
  • modifiedByID: Populates with the personID of the individual generating the import
  • addedByVendor: Indicates if a vendor created the test record
  • imported Indicates if the import tool was utilized or a user manually created the assessment score record

Batch Queue Button Added
A Batch Queue button has been added the the Assessment Center homepage. When selected, a window opens with reports for all the assessments that have been generated through the Save & Batch Test option in Step 4 and the Save & Batch Import within Step 5.

Result Statuses Updated
The minimum value field under Results/Proficiency Statuses of the Test Detail is no longer a required field when only Results are set up. This update will allow districts to directly import result values without any calculations and have the Result Code and Result Label display on the student assessment page.

SSRS Report Enhancement
Per Infinite Campus, the SSRS report options page has been updated to display a drop-down list when a field has unmet dependencies.
DIS – Sync Raw Unweighted GPA
Raw Unweighted GPA has been updated to sync from District Editions to State Editions to allow for analysis at the state.

Messenger 2.0 Recipient Fix
A staff with a future start date on their District Employment/Assignment record will now pull in the Recipient Log.

Title Element Updated to Meet Accessibility Requirements
The title contents in Parent and Student portal will display the tool name followed by “ Infinite Campus”.
OneRoster Update
Logic has been updated for determining the expiration time of database locks.

OneRoster – Campus Learning Licenses
Per Infinite Campus, logic has been updated to cache whether a district has a Campus Learning License. The cache is updated when the status of the districts Campus Learning license is changed.

OneRoster 1.1 - Categories
Per Infinite Campus, the implementation of the OneRoster 1.1 specification has been updated to allow vendors to return assignments as already aligned to default categories, rather than requiring teachers to align assignments manually.

School Store
Button Update in General Product
In the General Product workflow, there will not be one main Save and Next button and a separate Save button, removing the Save and Close option.

Student Information
Student Information Grades Tool
Per Infinite Campus, the Grades tool has been updated to improve usability, more closely match Campus Student/Parent, and provide additional assignment and grade data. The initial view of the Grades tools shows all terms. Click a course name or grade cell to view grades for that class, with tasks and standards listed. Users now will have the option to view the assignments that contribute to a grade and click on specific assignments to view a read-only version.
GPA display changes have also been made to display in the Grades tool in Student Information and in Campus Parent/Student:
  • Previously, the Grades tool displayed Weighted Term GPA, Weighted Term GPA with Bonus Points, Rolling Cumulative GPA, Rolling Cumulative GPA with Bonus Points, and any Custom GPAs that were enabled in the Calendar GPA Calculation Setup tool. Now, Unweighted Term GPA, Unweighted Term GPA with Bonus Points, and all types of Cumulative GPAs can be displayed. A GPA must have a value calculated to display in the Grades tool. Custom GPAs must still be enabled in the Calendar GPA Calculation Setup tool. The student's class rank displays for each Custom and Cumulative GPA. Class Rank does not display on Campus Student and Campus Parent.
  • Previously, only the Weighted Term GPA and Weighted Cumulative GPA could be displayed in Campus Student and Campus Parent. Now, new options have been added to configure which GPAs display. New Portal Preferences were added for each GPA in the Portal Display Options. Also, a new Available in Portal checkbox for each Custom GPA has been added in the Calendar GPA Calculation Setup tool. Mark the Portal Preference for a GPA to display it in Campus Student/Parent. If the Portal Preference for Custom GPA is marked, the required custom GPA must also be marked to be Available in Portal in the Calendar GPA Calculation Setup tool.
Update Transcript Data Validation Rules
The Update Transcript Data Validation Rules has been updated to be run by the school and year.

Ohio IRN Override Field Update
The IRN Override drop-list on the DN tab has been updated to match the IRN drop-list on student enrollments.

Ohio Extract Updates
A StaffID drop-list has been added to the Extract Editor for the following:
  • CU
  • GQ
  • KRA PreID Teacher File
  • KRA PreID Enrollment File
Ohio Student Attributes No Date (FN) Updates
The Student Attributes No Date (FN) extract has been updated to include the new field: Count of Graduation Credits at Entry.
The following Plan Service Codes (System Admin > Special Ed > Services > PlanService Editor > PlanService Detail > State Code) have been inactivated:
  • 152755: Interventions Designed around Leveled Texts
  • 152760: Interventions Designed around the Three Cuing System.
Ohio District – General Information (DN) Updates
The District IRN Override drop-list values on the District General Information (DN) tab is now populated from Enrollment.districtList. Upon this change, the District IRN Override value is NULL. District users must update this field, if necessary.

Ohio SameGoal Update
  • SameGoal API has been updated to include data from previous years
  • When multiple year student records are provided through SameGoal, the FD report will output the necessary records in the expected format. Additionally, the report has been optimized to enable a larger number of records to report without error.
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