Campus 2108 Release Highlights

Activity Registration 
Parents and Students can now view Activity Registration information including all forms associated with an activity in Campus Parent and Campus Student. The Activity Registration area in the portal includes a link to the School Store where users can register for activities. As part of this change, an Activity Registration section was added to the Portal Preferences > Display Options with a new option called "Enable Activity Registration Viewing tool." This option must be selected for users to see the Activity Registration area in Campus Parent and Campus Student.

The "Active" status in the Activity Monitor and Activity Builder was split into two separate statuses:
  • Active - Registration Open
  • Active - Registration Closed
This change allows users to update the "School" field when an activity is active as long as registration is still open.

In Campus, when a user locks or completes a form in the Activity Monitor, Campus now automatically returns the user to the Roster screen instead of making them click "Cancel" to exit the form.

 Blended Learning Enhancements
A new Gap and Overlap Report has been added to Scheduling Reports. This report identities a date range where the student is not assigned to a Blended Learning Group (gap) or is assigned to multiple Blended Learning Groups (overlap).

The report can be generated for both gaps and overlaps, for just gaps, or just overlaps.

The following modifications have been made to address date logic and to prepare for end of year processing for Blended Learning Groups:

  • A school year must be selected in the Campus toolbar in order to create new blended learning groups or adjust existing groups. A message displays on the landing page of the tools when a year has not been selected.
  • Changing the year in the toolbar when in the middle of creating or adjusting groups returns you to the landing page of that tool. Reopening the tool resets the dates to match the selected school year.
  • When creating a blended learning group, the end date entered in the New Blended Learning Group tool is also added to the database and displays for all student group assignment end dates associated with the group.
  • End dates can only be entered if it is the current date or in the future.
  • End dates are required when editing or adjusting groups.
  • Extending a future group end date does not update the student group assignment end date.
  • Shortening a future group end date does update or delete any group assignment or day rotation necessary.
Blended Learning Group names can only be used one time per school year. That means Blended Learning Groups in the 2019-2020 school year could match Blended Learning Groups in the 2020-2021 school year, but two Blended Learning Groups named the same in the same school year is not possible.

A new Exclude Summer School Calendars checkbox has been added to the New Blended Learning Groups tool. When marked, any summer school calendar (Summer School checkbox is marked on the Calendar Information editor) is ignored when Blended Learning Groups are created (step 2. Group Day Rotation).

Users can now remove a Blended Learning Group from a current or future date in Calendar Days. 

Campus UI
Tool rights in the New Look and Feel of Campus have been updated to match the new navigation structure. Existing tool rights between Classic Campus and the New Look of Campus should match and require no additional user intervention however, any rights changed after updating to Campus.2108 are at a user's discretion and maintenance.

The tool rights editor in the New Look of Campus has been enhanced to include a search feature, allowing you to narrow the tool rights list by search criteria. There is also a new Tag Filters area, allowing you to quickly filter out administrative tools to make adding teacher and staff tool rights easier. To view administrative tools, simply remove the Non Admin tag filter.

A Lock toggle has been added to Menu Item, Category, and Tool editors within the Custom Tool Placement Editor to allow users to lock these items and ensure they cannot to be edited or deleted by any users (including the user who set the toggle).
Note: Once locked and saved, locked items cannot be modified or deleted unless done in the backend.

On the step where applicants confirm child household members, the child checkbox next to the signer is now disabled if the signer does not have an assigned school. This change was made to help prevent parents from accidently marking themselves as children on the application. 

As part of this change, a pop-up confirmation message now displays between the Children and Gross Income steps if there are people marked as children and do not have a school listed. Users can return to the household step to fix mistakes or move forward if correct.

A new tool, Health Office Visit Cancellations, has been added to allow users to batch cancel all previously scheduled Health Office Visits when there has been canceled School Days

Professional Development
The Professional Development tool is no longer available, as was announced with the release of Campus.2032.
We recommend using the Study Guides on the Community for training purposes

A new List format and an option to include the Teacher Display Name has been added to the Teacher Schedule Batch.
  • The List format prints the courses by term and day.
  • When the Teacher Display Name option is marked, the report prints the name of the teacher as entered from the Teacher Display Name field on the Section editor.
Process Inbox messages have been added to alert SIS administrators of issues encountered with their Search Framework, as well as when these issues have been resolved. These messages include a brief description of the issue and links to the Search Framework Status tool for further investigation. Once an issue has been resolved, a message is sent indicating success and the action successfully performed.

For details about each Process Inbox message, see the Search Framework Status tool article in the Campus Community Knowledge Base.

An ‘Exclude from Multi-Factor Authentication’ checkbox has been added to the User Account tool. This preference allows administrators to exclude individual user accounts from requiring Time-based Two-Factor Authentication (when enabled).

NOTE: This option should only be used when absolutely necessary and applied to the least amount of accounts necessary.
The ‘Prohibit Passwords That Have Been Previously Disclosed in a Data Breach’ account security preference has been updated to also apply this functionality to Campus user accounts using LDAP authentication.

When enabled, users who attempt to log into Campus via LDAP using a password which matches a password found in a publicly known third-party data breach will automatically receive notification of this issue and be asked to change their password.

This feature is optional and not automatically turned on or mandated by Infinite Campus

NOTE: Notification of a breached password DOES NOT mean your Infinite Campus account has been breached. It means your password matches a password found in a global database of breached passwords from third-party systems who have had a known data breach.

The Add Rows modal now automatically populates fields based on previous selections.

Ohio – EMIS
A link to the Ohio AASCD Form on the State Department of Education website has been added to the OH 2019.2 IEP format.
The Gender field in the SAT PreID extract has been updated to allow a value of A: Another to report.
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